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    Lacrosse Talk

    in Sports

    Hosted by Dan Matthews and Max Freter, "Lacrosse Talk, is North Americas first and most comprehensive show dedicated to the sport of Lacrosse.  This week's guests include:John Jiloty (Former Editor In-Chief @ Inside Lacrose) & Halley Quillinan (ILWomen)

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    Conversations That Make A Difference: Shift Your Beliefs To Get What You Want

    in Lifestyle

    Stories by Sharon Lechter, Burge Smith-Lyons, Rita Davenport, Alexandra Figuerid, Amani Jackson, Ariel Albani, Candi Parker, Christine Gregory Campos, Cindy Halley, Dame DC Cordova, Deborah Respress, Deidre Trudeau, Dianne Reilly, Dina Proctor, Don Milton, Doreen DeJesus, Dr. Annie Lim,Jim T. Chong, Joe DiChiara,Judee Light, Karen Mayfield, Lee Beard, Linda “Satya” Tsai, Lorane Gordon, MarBeth Dunn, Melodee Meyer, Michael Jacobs, Michele Penn, Patricia Giankas, Paula Fellingham, Paula Hopwood, Rachael J Avery, Rev. Dr. David Laughray, Rosie Aiello, Sandra Champlain, Shawneen Rubay, Steven E. Schmitt, and Teresa Velardi.

    Whether you live in a basement with the income of a lemonade stand entrepreneur or in the South of Wales on a vineyard surrounded by the finest grapes and beautiful views, your belief will limit you or set you free. Belief is the strongest force in the universe yet it exists only in the mind. Look at your life— are you physically fit and on top of your game? Financially do you struggle to make ends meet? Emotionally are you prone to breakdowns, depression and feel like a failure? Spiritually are you numbed by the world, empty and void
    of the connections that feed your soul? Are you doing what you love, fueling your passions and fulfilling your purpose? Are you happy in your relationships with others?

    This compelling page turner is filled with wisdom that may trigger a shift in you and create the momentum needed to shift your beliefs and get what you want. It all begins and ends with the conversation you have with yourself that will make the difference. 

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    Halley DeVestern, Steve Dawson, Kyle Henderson & NEW MUSIC from Mark T Small

    in Music

    Halley DeVestern has been playing guitar since before her teens and her voice is a powerful instrument.

    She has toured with Big Brother & the Holding Company and the comparisons to Janis have been made.

    Halley will join me and talk about her life and career and we will check out tunes from the new album Fabbo! Boffo! Smasho!

    Steve Dawson does it all.  He writes lyrics and music and performs his works. He is also a successful producer who has worked with folks like Old Man Luedecke, The Sojourners and more.

    His new project is Rattlesnake Cage and it is a collection of 12 originals.

    I will chat with Steve about his career and his working with so many others.

    Kyle Henderson has been around since his band Whiteface was signed to Mercury Records in the late 70's.  Though that effort never panned out, Kyle was a part of The Producer's who signed with Portrait Records and acheived some success during the MTV era.

    That band has recorded an album produced by Tab Benoit due out at some point.

    Kyle has released Brand New Chance with his quartet based out of Madison, Wisconsin and he will take a Seat On the Couch and discuss his career and the new music.

    Finally, "Couch Kid", Mark T Small returns with his new album, Smokin' Blues. a collection of Mark's favorite "guitar grooves played using both fingerpicking and flat picking techniques."




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    My Name is Halley Luyah Luv!

    in Youth

    Meet Miss Halley Luyah LUV!

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    Corey Poirer/Brooklyn Halley/JOE PEPITONE/Arnold Harvey/Napone

    in Entertainment

    Corey is an award winning high demand speaker trainer having presented to over 50,000 attendees since 2002. Founder of a media company that now includes audio, video and print media, writer whose educational articles have appeared more than 900 times in publications. .    Brooklyn can be seen making red carpet appearances at such high profile events as the Grammys and Teen Choice Awards and on Magazines such as Kidz Bop, J-14, Bop, Twist, Tiger Beat and Elle Girl. You may have heard her song on Rock the cut (iHeart Radio). She has been featured on Ryan Seacrest.com, Popstar, Kidzbop, fanlala, truth or Sarah, Vevo. She‘s scheduled to appear in several cities both in the US and abroad in 2013.    Naponé’s own sound is an amalgamation of pop/rock and an upbeat sound with his addition of keyboard piano which only enhances and moreover, reigns supreme on his first EP. Naponé’s lyrics are predominately based on his own life experiences and reflect upon specific periods of elation and loss. The EP

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    Atlas Shrugged Out Loud Episode 31

    in Books

    In episode 31 I'm starting with the summary of part one, chapter four - The Immovable Movers.
    Here is a brief outline of the events that took place in the chapter.
    Dagny learned of McNamara quiting.
    Dagny through the streets of NY observing the decline of a culture.
    Dagny in her apartment.
    Richard Halley's Fourth Concerto.
    James Taggart and Betty Pope in his apartment.
    James in front of the board of directors.
    James and Oren Boyle in James' office.
    The Anti-Dog-Eat-Dog Rule
    Dagny and Dan Conway
    Dagny and Ellis Wyatt
    Dagny and Hank

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    Atlas Shrugged Out Loud Episode 23

    in Books

    Episode 23 moves onto the scene where Dagny is listening to the Fourth Concerto by Richard Halley and reaches out to get the newspaper and read it. 
    If you are new to this podcast the material covered is on pages 68 and 69 in the 35th large print anniversary edition of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.

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    Atlas Shrugged Out Loud Episode 22

    in Books

    Episode 22 continues the study of chapter four - The Immovable Movers. 
    Tonight, Richard Halley is the focal point of my study. 

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    The Child Of Gospel

    in Entertainment

    Giving you all that you want to hear about your favorite singers,actors and movies.  Today we will be talking about Halley BerryPregnant ? How we feel about Chris Brown. Should gospel be kept traditional?
    Call in and tell us what you think about each topic.

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    "Navigating 2013 with Your Innate Abilities"

    in Spirituality

    "Navigating 2013 with Your Innate Abilities" with guest author Halley Elise, Empowerment Psychic www.HalleyElise.com
    Without a doubt, we have transitioned into a new energetic reality. Resembling its predecessor can make recognizing the subtle yet potent changes in charge now, easy to miss. Yet, you were born with abilities designed to successfully support your navigation of this unprecedented Earthly realm.Remembering and utilizing your innate capabilities creates an opening to perceive differently and joyously thrive.I have invited expert Halley Elise to assist you in launching that inner dialog, accessing your authentic power.  Show sponsors: www.petalpusherfancies.com tinyurl.com/az5jzzr

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    TalkingShoppingZ at WoodField Shopping Center DealZ N StealZ

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    ReallaTv Presents: DealZ & StealZ
    "TalkingShopping" LIVE! @ Woodfield Shopping Center The Worlds" LARGEST Indoor MALL in Schaumburg, Illinois UnPlugged!
    Join Steve Tomaszewski as he goes undercover to find DEALZ & StrealZ!
    #1 Car Dealz 2013 Civic $129mo see detailz www.SchaumburgHondaAutos.com ask for Ryan Rohrman 1-847-884-6632 
    #1.2 DealZ www.ArlingtonNissan.com $12,000 OFF 2012 Nissan Pathfinder see detailZ ask for JR Rohrman 888-364-3798
    #1.3 DealZ 2013 Acura ILX $179.Mo detailz www.ArlingtonAcura.com ask 4 Marcin Call 1-877-725-0518 Tell em:  Steve Tomaszewski from TalkingCarZ is a friend of mine!
    ClotheZ-ShoeZ-WatcheZ-RingZ-Food-ArtZ-Cell PhoneZ-KnickKnackZ-ToyZ-TVZ-WasherZ-BootZ you name it we will find it!

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