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    Halifax Art Festival 2012

    in Entertainment

    Daytona Beach's Beach Street is the location for the 50th edition of the Halifax Art Festival on 3 & 4 November 2012.

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    AHR As It Happens: MacKinnon, Halifax Claim The Cup

    in Hockey

    Today on AHR radio paul shaheen takes a look at Halifax's thrilling 6-4 Memorial Cup championship game victory over Portland on Sunday in Saskatoon.

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    NBA, Year in review

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    I will be conducting an interview with Abdul Kazak about his thoughts on the NBA season and what he sees going forward.

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    The BS show 34

    in MMA

    On tonight's episode of The BS Show,
    Boyd and Rick will be joined by Joel
    Jacquard, Nate O'Brien and David Reynolds, 3 grappler who hone their skills
    in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Each of them will be travelling to New York and
    Boston to compete in IBJJF Open competitions in the near future. We will
    also be joined by Submission Series Pro promoter Cat Clarke. It has been a
    busy few months for Sub Series and Cat has big news to drop about upcoming
    events, in Nova Scotia, Ontario and abroad. "We rollin' baby!"

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed into the French Alps after leaving Spain headed for Germany. Did the Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz have a "Mental Breakdown" or did he join the Islamic Faith or was his mind scrambled by CERN? Also Air Canda Flight 624 lands "Hard" and slides off the Runway in Halifax, Canada and leaves 22 people hurt. Also Islamic State of Iraq and Syria beheads 8 Shiites in Syria for not following "Shira Law". Also Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu says the Iran Nuke Deal is "Worse Than He Thought" and puts the entire Middle East at risk. Also Former UN Ambassador of America John Bolton says the only way to prevent Nuclear disaster in the Middle East is to "Bomb Iran Now". Also Yemeni President Adb-Rabbu Mansour Hadi has fled Yemen as the Houthi Rebels take over and the Saudi Arabian Air Force bombs Yemen. Also Saudi Arabia led Air Force sktrikes on Yemen and kills 35 people and wounds 88 last night. Also The Temple Institute coducts unprecedented Passover Offering Practice Drill in Israel. Also earthquakes, sinkholes, mass aniamal deaths and the incoming Planet X and much more current news events and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Speaking Purposely with Stacy Y Whyte host Diana Lidstone

    in Motivation

    Diana Lidstone has been a successful entrepreneur for more than 20 years.  She has built a success work-from-home business while her children were young; and then later a highly profitable retail business.

    After selling her retail store, Diana retired for a short time but then quickly realized that she could put her skills to use again. After working as marketing coordinator in the financial field, her entrepreneurial-side soon cried out again.  For the past two years, it has been Diana’s passion (and mission) to ensure that every entrepreneur has the opportunity to create & build a business to fit around the life they imagined!  She has the unique ability to make large overwhelming projects seem achievable and offers step-by-step marketing strategies to success-minded service professionals so that they can realize both their professional and personal goals.

    When she is not working, Diana can be found gardening or boating with her husband.  Her grown children currently live in Halifax and Costa Rica – both living the life they love!



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    Tim Parham & Carlan Gays Last Episode!

    in Sports

    The newly acquired Tim Parham hops on the NBL Canada podcast with Carlan Gay and The Audman to talk about his new life with the Windsor Express. The long time Halifax Rainmen was a fan fave and hated to go but also understands that its a business.  Another person saying good bye is Carlan Gay as he records his final podcast episode before he leaves North America and re-locates to Australia.

    Carlan has been a member of the NBL-C since day one and was the original announcer of the Power when they were located in Oshawa and the league will miss him for his contributions and passion for the growth of basketball in Canada!

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    WWE NXT, Monday Night Raw and Wrestlecentre's One Year Anniversary show

    in Wrestling

    Just when the Internet thought they couldn't handle the Psychologist and Mr. Super Dynamic anymore, "The Psychologist" Jay Llewellyn and "Mr. Super Dynamic" Lewis Carlan return after a two week hiatus to talk the world of professional wrestling. This week's episode will talk about one of the fastest rising independent wrestling companies in North America right now named Wrestlecentre located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada who had a one year anniversary show last night with hardcore legend Mick Foley, Colt Cabana, Christopher Daniels and the surprise unadvertised appearance of Samoa Joe. The Psychologist and Mr. Super Dynamic will talk other indy promotion events, as well as WWE NXT, Monday Night Raw and the Road to Wrestlemania 31 that culminates on March 29th, 2015 from Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

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    The BS Show 29

    in MMA

    We are less than a week away from ECC 22 followed by the after party and UFC viewing party at The Oasis Pub & Eatery in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Who's ready to shake of the winter blues with some red hot MMA action? Joining the The BS Show tomorrow night will be Dee Logue and Gavin Tucker. Bring it on, come on!

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    Author Speaker Khalilah Brooks at the LizyT show

    in Blogs

    Khalilah was born in Halifax Nova Scotia on September 10, 1977. Like most singers Khalilah grew up in the church, singing with her family. Khalilah learned through song, there was joy, tears and praise. At the tender age of 16 Khalilah really began to flourish when recognized by David Woods, the Artistic Director of the Black Artists Network of Nova Scotia. David Woods gave Khalilah her first break to dance for his production group” Voices”. It was here where she discovered the need to perform. In 2002 Khalilah took the lead vocalist in the band “faith in the making where she performed steady throughout Ontario until 2004. After the band parted Khalilah continued to preserver and joined a Hip hop group called “DaMovemeant” where she joined forces with two male artists to create a new Canadian sound. copy of your choice. This is an example of paragraph text. You can delete it and enter copy of your Khalilah was recognized by American Modeling Talent of paragraph text. You can delete it and enter copy of your choice. This is an Convention (AMTC) in 2005 where she traveled to Kansas City Kansas and ranked top 10 out of thousands of competitors for her unique style and vocal skill. Khalilah also did a short film where she made an appearance playing the character of “Sadie” the rebel biker in the film called “Sitting Kills". and enter copy of your choice. This is an Her journey to Toronto since September 2009 has already been successful. She’s performed at local Toronto hotspots such as Sydney’s and Jo Mamas, Placed 2nd in the Istars Zack Warner competition for singer / song writer in April 2011, and 2nd place for her vocals in the “La Musique Circle” competition in May 2011.


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    Getting The Right Mortgage for You and Understand Your Options on Foreclosures

    in Business

    Getting The Right Mortgage for You and Understand Your Options for Foreclosures with Chris Cabanillas is our guest on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. The same group that was all but shut out from owning a home right after the housing crash - could be the same group that saves it! The latest stats from Halifax show there were more first-time buyers taking out loans in 2014 than at any time since 2007 - and the reason may be banks are back to taking smaller down payments. The question is - is this good for housing or do smaller down payments mean we are creating another housing bubble?  "I think it's a trend and I don't think it will lead to another housing crash. In fact the president's efforts to loosen lending standards may be the best thing to happen to the real estate market - and specifically young first time home buyers - in a very long time", says mortgage and foreclosure specialist Chris Cabanillas of Cabanillas & Associates. So who is right? Are we headed down the same path that contributed to the financial meltdown - or spurring a slowly healing real estate market?

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