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    It'sRainingMeng #2 : It'sRainingMeng The Podcast: The IPPV

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    With Chikara's first IPPV on Sunday, Fitz invites Ben and Bryan to go over some of their favorite Chikara moments and memories. The show is all over the place and the guys immediatly break from a format to instead discuss the little things Chikara does great in honor of the IPPV. Plus, if Chikara reenacted ECW moments, Beat the Geeks, Combat Zoo Wrestling, Hakushi scaring Ben Pasco, and so much more all on this week's episode.

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    The Programme w/ Matt and Ben: The king of mock drafting!

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    This Week on The Programme w/ Matt & Ben, Tuesdays 7pm - 9pm only on cstcnetwork.com/

    *WWE Raw.. R-Truth smokes thus he is evil.

    *WWE DONE BE DRAFTIN! So will the Programme as Matt Kiper Jr and Ben McShay predict who switches brands.

    *CHIKARA KING OF TRIOS: A multitude of the guys attended Chikara's annual tournament and will be talking the amazing three day event tonight... 123 Kid vs. Hakushi in 2011..... That happened.

    * All of this plus the Dungeon of Doom, the SMD of the Week, Programme Championship Wrestling Control Center, and more!

    As always, Matt & Ben welcome your input to The Programme. You can do so via the Shaska Whatley Hotline at 646-727-2364 as well as our instant feedback Big Cat chatroom live on cstcnetwork.com/ during the show.

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