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    Cemetery Gates Podcast #2 - Elves (1989) and Home Sweet Home (1981)

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    This week on the Cemetery Gates Podcast, AndroidVirus and Xander Kane return to discuss more horror classics! We start off with the 1989 Christmas Holiday Horror Elves starring Dan Haggarty. We also discuss the 1981 slasher 'Home Sweet Home' starring body by Jake star Jake Steinfeld! 

    Tune in because it is always a fun discussion with a whole bunch more!

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    Talking Terror Presents: Talking Turkie!

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    Gobble, Gobble Motherf@#$ers! Thanksgiving Is Once Again Upon Us, And We Here At Talking Terror Are Ready To Jump Into That Coma That Comes From Eating Great Food And Watching Bad Movies! First Up, We'll Be Talking About "Home Sweet Home" (1981), A Film Featuring A PCP Driven, Muscle Bound Killer, That You May Recognize As The Former "Body By Jake" Star, Jake Steinfeld! After That, We Shall Bring To You Screamlings A Tale Of A Homicidal Turkey, Some Boobs, And Puppets! That's Right People, We're Talking About "Thankskilling 3" (2012)! The Movie So Good, It Skipped It's Own Sequel! We Just Know That This Feature Will Be The "Citizen Kane" Of Horror Films! Yeah Right! And A Pilgrim Invented The Rusty Trombone! Either Way, The Crew Will Do What They Do Best, And Discuss The Good And Bad Of These Films! Also The King And Ghoul Will Talk About Their Wild Weekend Of Independent Film Watching, And Acting Together In Ryan Scott Weber's "Pretty Fine Things" AND Chris Eilenstine's "The Soulless"! So Get Into Your Recliner, Pop A Beer, And Get Ready To Spew The Gravy! Stay Scared!

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    Beyond The Finish Line with City Gym KC Owner and Founder Hailee Bland Walsh

    in Entrepreneur

    Joining Host Kelly Scanlon on this episode of Smart Companies KC is  the Owner and General Manager of City Gym 
    and Former professional soccer player, Hailee Bland-Walsh who says she's passionate about connecting people to their bodies. She says she's one part trainer, one part best friend, one part sensei, one part street fighter, and final part cheerleader. 

    Bland explains her reasoning behind the tremendous growth and success of City Gym KC  and how dedication and passion has grown what could have been just a neighborhood gym into a community movement. 

    Learn more about today's guest at http://www.citygymkc.com  and at http://citygymkc.com

    to learn more about the host or to listen to past shows visit http://www.ithinkbigger.com/radio

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    Across the Nation Presented by eDraft Sports

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    Check out co-hosts Hailee Miguel and Vincent Frank as they review the first two games of the 2014 World Series between the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals before moving on to full preview mode for the games set to take place in San Francisco over the weekend. 

    They will then be joined by CSN California insider Scott Bair to talk about the state of affairs in Oakland with the Raiders. 

    What's going on with the Raiders head coaching situation? Is Tony Sparano even being considered a full-time replacement? In what direction might the Raiders look for a new head coach. They will also chat about what has been an impressive rookie season for Derek Carr and what that might mean moving forward. 

    Hailee and Vincent then preview Week 8 of the NFL season before wrapping up. 

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    Across the Nation, Presented by eDraft.com

    in Sports

    Check out an all-new Across the Nation with co-hosts Hailee Miguel and Vincent Frank. 

    The two eDraft scribes dissect and discuess the NLCS and ALCS matchups and look back at the divisional series matchups for each team. 

    Hailee and Vincent then turn their attention to the NFL, where they discuss the Jim Harbaugh drama in San Francisco as well as the possibility that the Oakland Raiders could relocate to the NFC West as well as the city of Los Angeles. 


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    The Real Believers Radio Show: Friday Night Jam: Show #1

    in Entertainment

    It's the debut of a brand new show. Hosted by Edgar Alexander Jr. and Keke G. Featuring Kween Southernqueen.  (Entertainment Reporter)  Our first guest aspiring singer 15 year-old Hailee Lewis.Plus our first live skit, including movies, topics issues and much more. And have a chance to win our first prize of the month. And much more. You don't wanna miss this. So, tune in. (c) Copyright 2014 Real Believers Entertainment. All rights reserved.

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    Across the Nation Presented by eDraft Sports

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    Host Hailee Miguel is joined by special co-host Vincent Frank, who is filling in for fellow eDraft writer Mark Hallman once again. 

    The scribes discuss the final week of the MLB season prior to turning their focus to the NFL. 

    Hailee and Vincent will look at the Dolphins-Raiders game in London, whether NFL games should continue to be played in Europe and the short-term job status of Raiders head coach Dennis Allen. 

    The two then look at the undefeated and winless teams around the league before checking in on other teams who should be concerned, such as the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers. 


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    Across the Nation, Presneted by eDraft Sports

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    Check out host Hailee Miguel as she welcomes in special co-host Vincent Frank with Mark Hallman under the weather. 

    The two will look at key MLB series this upcoming weekend and check in those who have clinched their divisions as the regular season comes to a close. 

    They will then look at surprise teams around the NFL, including the Buffalo Bills and Arizona Cardinals before turning their attention to all the drama taking place around the league. 

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    Across the Nation with Hailee Miguel and Mark Hallman

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    Check out an all-new episode of Across the Nation with Hailee Miguel and Mark Hallman presented by eDraft Sports. 

    The co-hosts check in on news around both the MLB and NFL worlds, focusing first on injuries and playoff races during the final month of the Major League Baseball season. 

    They then turn their attention to Week 2 of the NFL season, starting with the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers matchup tonight. Obviously, the co-hosts will give their take on the Ray Rice scandal as well. 


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    Across the Nation Presented by eDraft Sports

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    Co-hosts Hailee Miguel and Mark Hallman are back at it with another one-hour episode focusing on both MLB and the NFL. They will be speaking with Elias Trejo of Bleacher Report and The Raider Nation Times about the Oakland Raiders and AFC West. 

    Check the show out at 8:30 pm et every Thursday night. 


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    Across the Nation with Hailee Miguel and Mark Hallman

    in Sports

    eDraft's Hailee Miguel and Mark Hallman are back at it with another live one-hour episode of 'Across the Nation" presented by eDraft.com. The co-hosts will focus on the 2014 fantasy football season throughout the show. 

    They will chat with Ryan Hodge of ProjectRoto.com about strategies every fantasy football owner should follow, who the top sleepers are heading into the season and who the most overrated fantasy football players are. 

    Hailee and Mark also give you tips on how to prepare for your drafts this summer. 


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