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    Jobs Shipped Over Seas? H1B Visas?

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    Shipping US Jobs over seas to other countries is killing the American workforce. America's 2% is thriving. America's 98% are not all starving, but the number of people living with less is growing. The 47% identified by Mitt and the GOP, will do a lot worst before doing better. BeeSays this because when jobs (as said by Ross Perot) are sucked out of America, Americans are left to fight the battle with little or nothing while foreigners are reaping rewards.
    Food insecurity (hunger) is manufactured through legislative schemes and hustles designed by business owners and enacted by the GOP. Shipping US jobs overseas means that's where the heart of our leaders are, overseas.
    We have high unemployment because US companies are legally outsourcing American jobs to other countries
    We have high unemployment because US companies are listing US occupations on work shortage list and then  leagally bringing in foreign workers to do jobs they don't want US workers to have.
    Job seekers, ask questions of elected officials, GOP and Dems alike. Ask questions of the companies who are participating in outsourcing US jobs over seas.
    Job seekers, ask questions of companies who are participating in H1B Visa employment of foreigners. 
    Poverty in political!
    You want good paying jobs fight for them. 
    You want Affordable health care, fight for it.
    You want Safe Communities, fight for it..
    You want to be at peace, self sufficient, fight for it.
    These are the things that keeps Americans struggling. And I don't know about you guys, but the stock market crash crashed my way of life and I haven't heard anyone apologize. I'm angry about it. Seeing GOP/ALEC/SCOTUS making decisions to make things better for them and worse for 98% means it is time for the fight. I choose prosperity. 

  • Jobs in Toronto | Job Search Site

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    If you need a job and are tired of the out-dated listings you find on Monster.com try Jobtelligent. Jobtelligent is the best job site in Toronto offering a full range of employment services. It's free to use and has some of the highest paying job listings online.




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    ALEC, F500, H1B Visa, DOW30 = US JOBs

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    For the change we need we have to focus on solutions Always ranting about already identified challenges of today without working on solutions is a waste that will come back to haunt us. Get out the charm. Use that charm to get a job for you or to open up job prospects for others. Make use of social networks to get jobs. Organize your efforts and put America back to work. Boycotts won't make a dent in the money members of ALEC have. We all must do more to make America better for all Americans. Find your niche and take a stand to help others.
    You can use Boycotts, Strikes, OWS protest, Meet with business owners and managers in your community. Contact your elected officials and befriend them or their staff. Contact CEOs. Persuade ALEC members to give Americans jobs. Persuade F500 companies to give Americans jobs. Persuade DOW30 companies to hire Americans. Show H1B employers that hiring Americans is better than importing foreign workers. Convince outsourcing companies to hire Americans to do those manufacturing and service industry jobs in America. All Americans must get back to work, or we all will witness the decay of this land of opportunity. 
    We are our brothers keeper. We are to help according to our means. Maybe you cannot see any good reason for CEOs to hire Americans. You have a right to your opinion. I have a right to mine. 
    If you care beyond yourself, use those arguments for why Americans need to be working. Get some good arguments for why American Companies benefits from more people working than not. Contact Elected officials, CEOs and Managers and ask for jobs for you or for the millions of jobless Americans .
    We have to decide if we want to live with poverty or if we want to organize and create a better America for all Americans.

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    H1B Jobs Keep US Jobless

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    Are government officials allowing CEOs to dictate rules governing employment of American citizens vs bringing workers from other countries to work. 
    H1B jobs are classified as jobs that CEOs are attesting to US government that Americans are not available, willing, or able to do.
    There are several categories of Jobs. H1B H2B H1A etc. These list include Construction jobs. Manufacturing jobs. Physical therapist. Meat Cutters. Fish cutters. Accountants. Lawyers. 
    The conclusion is if you are seeking work and these are  occupations you want to get hired in, you haven't found work because US workers are not available, willing, or able to do these jobs? Can you believe this?
    CEOs tells US government in writing that there is a shortage of available Americans to do identified jobs. Thereby, lots of America companies are by law, permitted to solicit and hire workers from other countries to come to do jobs in America. Meanwhile Americans way of life is being changed daily for lack of jobs with livable wages. And be sure, most of these jobs pay well above minimum wages.

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    No Jobs

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    There are no jobs out here

  • Politicians Focus= 2016! Not jobs!? Not wages!? Not Healthcare!?

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    General elections favors people resulting in angry republicans. Midterm elections favors Republicans resulting in republicans saying the people want us to rule. Republicans rule is to favors the top 1% of wealthies of Americans. There are 80% of Americans sharing 7% of the entire wealth of the nation. Surely this is not enough for you and your children? With no jobs, no increase in wages, no healthcare, will you be able to leave to your children more than or at least as much as your parents left to you? Are you content to live with less than what is required to retire and live comfortably? Hold people in leadership roles accountable. Work to gain the best of America for self and family. Fail to require more get less. Immigrants come to America expecting more. They leave their homeland and come and gain rewards from jump street. Immigrants get jobs with good pay and Americans remain jobless. Immigrants claim more for themselves and their families. Politicians and CEOs reap monetary rewards, and Americans sulk and complain and settlle for whatever crumbs thrown from the tables of politicians. Demand more gain more. Politicians focus is on 2016 elections. Not on Americans jobs, not wages, not healthcare!

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    Where, OH WHERE, Are ALL The Jobs!?!?!?

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    Hillary Clinton said, "Don’t let anybody tell you that, you know, it's corporations and businesses that create jobs." Does anyone believe her? It really didn't even sound like SHE believed it. Do you? She is, after all, Wall Street's pet politician. 

    Splash talks about jobs (Are there enough?) the economy (Who does it serve?) and the recovery (is it real?). What jobs bills are out there? What works? What doesn't? ~~~~

    And what of the minimum wage? Will increasing it help? Will it hurt? Should we have one at all? What has happened in places where the minimum wage has already been raised? ~~~~

    In the 80s Reagan created 18+ million jobs that many say didn't stop with his presidency. In the 90s, Clinton created 22 million jobs with the help of the internet age. Can these eras be duplicated? Why or why not? ~~~~

    Splash Jumps Right In to all these questions and more .... along with YOUR phone calls, tonight on Jump Right In.

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    Transit Industry Careers – Getting Your Job Seekers Connected to In-Demand Jobs

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    Transit Industry Careers – Getting Your Job Seekers Connected to In-Demand Jobs

    Tuesday, December 16, 2014

    1:00 PM – 1:30 PM

    How can workforce professionals connect their job seekers to jobs in the high-demand transit industry? What trends are driving this growth, and what skills are required to get a good job? Join Ron Painter on Tuesday, December 16 for an interview with APTA Board Member and Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority Director Lydia Grose. Lydia will share insights on job growth in the transit industry and explain why engaging veterans, millennials, and even K-12 youth is critical to building the workforce pipeline as more and more baby boomers enter retirement.  In this Workforce Central interview, access the tools and information you need to engage your own transit agency and get your job seekers excited about the array of careers available in this dynamic, green-friendly, fast paced industry.


    Resources and Links

    Transit Virtual Career Network

    Get Moving: Public Transportation Occupational Guidebook (Heldrich Center)

    APTA Youth Summit – June 28 – July 2, 2015

    Resources for Workforce Professionals on the APTA website

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    Best Jobs In Healthcare

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    WSJ's Mathew Passy looks at healthcare costs in the U.S. and the best jobs in the healthcare industry.

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    BGU: How To Leverage Fast Food Industry Jobs Into Another Career Field

    in Goals

    Join the Bougie Girl as she offers up tips for leveraging your fast food industry job into another career field.

    Read the Examiner article: How To Leverage Fast Food Industry Jobs Into Another Career Field

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    Inventing Jobs - Solar Village Development

    in Real Estate

    Today on "It's My House" we shall talk about "solar village development".  The most important element of any community would be PEOPLE !  You do not need alot of people, but U do need people............so today we shall discuss how to populate a community by meeting the needs of the community via "creating" products and services that the communityy is in need of.

    Feel free to call in to ask any questions and give your comments and do not forget to have pen and paper to take notes. 

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