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  • 01:22

    Interview with Karen Straughn (aka Girl Writes What)

    in Blogs

    This week on AVFM Radio, you are invited to join host Paul Elam for a special interview with AVFM Contributing Editor Karen Straughn, also known as Girl Writes What.
    Karen continues to shake up the world of sexual politics and was even called on to address the New York State convention of the Libertarian Party, where she delivered a paradigm busting overview of gynocentrism and feminist governance to a very open audience.
    Paul will be getting the behind the scenes account of that fantastic event as well as discussing the upcoming NCFM college men’s issues groups, the general state of the men’s movement, sex and modern relationships.
    The program starts on BlogTalk Radio at 8:00 Central Time. Those who have questions for Karen can call in at 310-388-9709.

  • 02:28

    Understanding the Opposition: different camps, same doctrine

    in Politics

    In the MRM – we're long accustomed to attacks from feminists, as well as their complete absence of focus on any point of argument, and a tendency to engage in personal attacks against MRAs. The dialling up of of attacks on the MRM from traditional conservatives of the return-to-benevolent patriarchy leave it to beaver variety – is a newer phenomenon some MRAs may not yet have experienced. However, conventional wisdom, especially feminist wisdom holds that trad-cons and feminists are of oppositional world views.
    But on closer and deeper examination, this turns out to be not just false, it's the opposition of the truth. Feminism is the natural outgrowth and the amplification and magnification of patriarchy. The ramping up of attacks of the MRM from “both” of these camps indicates not just that the MRM is gaining growing rapidly, but also that trad cons and feminists cleave to fundamentally the sale world view.

  • 01:44

    AVFM News and Activism Show 2

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    On this, the second edition of A Voice for Men News and Activism, we will be featuring as our guest you tuber Krazie316.  Krazie316 has been an active Youtuber since 2006 and has made over 200 videos many of which, but not all, covering Men’s Rights topics.  He is noted as being one of the most measured speakers on the subject of Feminism and Misandry.  James Huff will be conducting what is sure to be a very engaging interview.

    Both Robert O’Hara and James will be giving you the MRM news of the week to and to be sure it was a good news week indeed!  As always, after the news is covered and the interview is conducted we will then turn our attention to you, the caller.  Remember AVFM News and Activism is not just here for you to get the news, it is there to help you make news as well.  So call in, share your stories of activism and your ideas because this is the show where the MRM takes the fight to the fore and hits hard.  

    Showtime is 9pm eastern 6mpm pacific and the call in number is 310-388-9709.  

    Join us!