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    SpokenHeard with Beau Williams and Susan Dobbe Chase

    in Poetry

    Beau Williams is a proud member of the NorthBEAST poetry scene and a four time nationally competing poet. He had toured solo and with the poetry collective Uncomfortable Laughter alongside Wil Gibson, Ryan McLellan and Kait Rokowski. Now he performs across the country with Wil and Ryan as the group, GUYSLIKEYOU. Beau is a co-creator and head organizer for the successful Zion Hill Poetry Reading in Newmarket, New Hampshire at the Stone Church performance venue and the small printing press UNCOLA Press.

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    SpokenHeard with Wil Gibson and Susan DobbeChase

    in Poetry

      Wil Gibson was born the bastard son of a good idea and a bottle of bourbon and raised in some of the poorest communities northern Illinois and eastern Arkansas have to offer… He now lives in Portland, Maine(he likes it a lot there, you probably would too) writes too many love poems and not nearly enough of his novel. He is a proud(mistake prone)father of four, but he tries real hard. He has opened for or shared stages with Regie Gibson, my brightest diamond, Buddy Wakefield, Kurtis Blow, Jason Carney, Brother Ali, Andrea Gibson, Charlie Neville, and Patricia Smith, headlined his own tours of the northeast, south, and midwest, is a member of Port Veritas, guyslikeyou, and the nationally touring group Uncomfortable Laughter, and an honorary member of the Chicago 4 Star poetry ensamble. His mentors include Billy Tuggle, John “survivor” Blake, Jason Carney, Ryk McIntyre, and Nick Fox(you should not hold any of that against him). He is a three time Portland, Maine and one time Manchester, New Hampshire grand slam champion, 2nd place finisher at the 2010 and 2011 Arkansas Grand Slam, and has represented Portland, Maine 4 times at nationals. He has released 3 cds of poetry and is the author of three poetry collections, incl