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    RANDOM TOPIX on Gut Level Talk - Radio

    in Entertainment

    GUT LEVEL TALK on facebook is our main discussion board. I don't even know where to start so I'm not gonna even try. We had one post that went over 700 comments as I'm typing this, and still going stong. Just tune in and and myself LouieDarkSide, Kiy Neal (KF Johnson Author), Tim (the weirdo) Bethea, Mzz Sandy and Amira Mills gonna gonna be putting it in the grinder. Along with a few member of GLT as special guest. 8pm Sunday night 646 716 7053 is the number to listen on the phone.

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    Moving Forward In The Republican Party

    in Politics Conservative

    The level of contention in this Republican primary process was so intense is it even possible to repair the divide to give Trump a real chance at the White House?

    I am already getting feedback that the divide is too deep, the hurt too painful for reconcilliation.

    I am hoping that this is not the truth, today, is too soon for anyone to "make the flip" There were some pretty harsh words exchanged between the candidates and even between the supporters of the candidates. This is the danger of the "knock down drag out" primary rhetoric.

    I saw this in the Florida Governor's primary a few years ago. Candidates must remember that their supporters take on the nature of the rhetoric spewed back forth between into their personal dealing with people that for the most part have been working together. It can be divistaing to realationships. 

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    Covered In Shame

    in Christianity

    Are you hindered by something you have done? How about something that someone has done to you? Do you feel like you are covered in a situation that has caused all eyes and mouths to be on you? Do you believe what you have been through is beyond repair? Are you secretly struggling and slowly dying on the inside? Are you ashamed of who you are and where you come from? Covered In Shame is a life changing teaching that will cause listeners to allow the Holy Spirit to flow so that freedom will become a lifestyle and not just an option for others. 

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    Episode 191 - Open Discussion and Q&A (05/03/16)

    in Education

    Open Discussion and Q&A regarding credit reports, debt collectors, unwanted calls, credit card debt, and foreclosure related issues. Call in and feel free to ask any questions about your specific situation(s).

    Become a member to have access to our entire library of related information, along with access to the moderators via the members forum and live members only webinars. Go to http://www.whatliesinyourdebt.com and "Join Now"!

    debt, credit card debt, credit reports, credit report repair, debt collectors, collection calls, debt collection calls, foreclosure, stopping foreclosure

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    ReWIRE: Re-Pair

    in Self Help

    In true ReWIRE fashion we are continuing our conversations with another word with the prefix "re". Tonight the word is Re-Pair and I'm joined by Entrepreneur and Servant Leader, Charmain Guerrier.  Learn about the "Charm Effect" and how we can begin to "repair" the broken corners of our hearts.

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    Sho'nuff Talking with The Evangelist on IAMB Ministry

    in Finance

    Jeremiah 33:11

    "There shall be heard again] the voice of joy and the voice of gladness, ....says the Lord."



    Be Blessed....God Bless
    Let God Direct Your Success!!



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    Bishop Derek Triplett 9:15 Contract for love in the 21st Century? 10:15 pm

    in Lifestyle

    Dr. Derek Triplett - 9:15 p.m.  Topic:  "It is easier to build strong children then to repair broken men"  Author of When I Became A Man - Tune in to the conversation


    Derek Triplett has taken on the lives and challenges of men, perfectly analyzing the difficulties of balancing a professional, personal, and spiritual life in this fast-paced world. Through his, at times, humorous and homey story-telling coupled with his expert and professional analysis of situations and relationships, he is able to offer real life solutions for everything from financial issues to how to “dress the part” for success. This book, in essence, is a “how to” for the man (or woman) who wants to get organized and on track spiritually, emotionally, and professionally for improved and continued success in life.


    Bishop Derek T. Triplett is the founding pastor of Hope Fellowship Church in Daytona Beach, Florida. He has spent over 20 years in pastoral ministry and over 25 years preaching the Gospel in a powerful and profound manner. He also provides spiritual leadership to several churches, ministries, and ministers across the country. A native of East St. Louis, Illinois, Bishop Triplett graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. While attending Bradley University, he served as a member of the nationally recognized forensics team. He also studied at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida.


    10:00 p.m. topic:  Do you need a contract for love in the 21st century. 


    MUSIC BY:  Kem


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    Ron Siegel Radio Network May 2, 2016

    in Real Estate

    Ron Siegel discusses local and national current events, politics, personal and business finance with a few mortgage tips along the way. A Southern California mortgage expert and bonafide political junkie, Ron delivers intelligent, entertaining radio that makes the hard news of the week easy to understand! Ron is joined by Chris Husong, co-founder of ClubM

    Ron and Chris will discuss: Subscription Service for Medical Marijuana; Theology Graduate / Banker to Medical Marijuana Distributor; What’s the Difference between a marijuana entrepreneur and an opportunist; Marijuana for Female Sex Enhancement; Billionaire: Buy a Home… And if You Can, Buy a Second Home!; What Happens If I Don't Sign My Credit Card; Now I Get It: Refinancing your mortgage; Real Time Real Estate; Your Credit Matters; Mortgage Minute: Word on Wealth; and so much more

    Ron Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender, discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other items that will benefit you / your family.

    Reach Ron at               

    ·       800.306.1990 

    ·       Ron@RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·       www.RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·       www.SiegelLendingTeam.com

    ·       Twitter: @RonSiegel

    ·       www.Facebook.com/RonSiegelRadio



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    Credit & Your Attitude

    in Finance

    A show to just discuss how your attitude can help or hurt you when you are working on your credit.

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    Real Talk With Coach Sherri Season 2 Episode 54

    in Sports

    For all athletes, spouses of athletes, parents of athletes, and coaches/trainers this show is a must!

    Maisha McGee Scoot is sharing information on the supplement EHT that has shown cognitive repair and better memory.  In the height of concussions, this is valuable information that you will need to get your pen and paper ready to capture.

    Call in 646-716-5245 with questions or just to listen.

    Thank you for tuning in to Real Talk With Coach Sherri

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    Connecting The Dots-With Jason Gould

    in Entrepreneur


    BSc (Hons), MChiro, (DC Doctor of Chiropractic)

    Dr Jason Gould started his career with a degree in Pharmacology and soon realised that it was not the medications themselves that inspired him, but the reward of helping people and seeing them get better. As such, Jason chose to pursue Chiropractic as his career. He went on to graduate from the world-leading chiropractic college, AECC (Anglo European College of Chiropractic).


    After working in a number of different clinics, Jason decided to set up an award-winning practice with his wife Tara in 2007 and they love to support the local community. He is an expert in looking after sports injuries and finds real pleasure in keeping players of golf, rugby, tennis, football, martial arts and many more sports in top form. After working in these areas, he has also looked after the England karate squad and is a member of the British Chiropractic Sports Council (BCSC).


     Other than working with professional athletes, Jason’s clinic consists of patients of all ages from four days to 98 years old and also teaches at chiropractic colleges as a guest lecturer as well as teaching groups of professional chiropractors.


     “If there’s one thing that I love most about the body is that we all have an incredible capacity for healing and repair and that by restoring movement and removing nerve interference through chiropractic, lifestyle advice and specific exercises, in many cases we can provide substantial relief from a number of painful conditions without risking the various side effects associated with taking medications or more invasive procedures.”