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    The J.B. Gunner Show Episode #2

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, Gunner returns to the airwaves with feminism and the female agenda once again in his scope. Tonight, he will go over a few news stories, but will also speak on Step Parenting and Platonic Friendships and whether they work or not with women. Feel free to tune in tonight from 9-10pm Mountain Time / 11-12 EST. Yes, we have upgraded and will be going a full hour tonight and from here on out. Feel free to call in @ (347) 884-9225.

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    Digital Lizards of Doom and Gunner, Gunner

    in Comedy

    Here the music of bands, Digital Lizards of Doom and Gunner, Gunner. And a special announcement.

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    FOW Show 51 - Gunner Interview

    in Sports

    Patrick & Mike Prime welcome our guest, “The Modern Day Viking” Gunner.We also the fan incident at a recent wrestling show. We also talk to him about his start in wrestling, his time on NWA Anarchy, his TNA run, & his full-time return to the independent scene, his friendships in wrestling, his wrestling future, & his religious faith. Follow Gunner on Twitter at @GUNNER_ChadLail & shatter6682@gmail.com for bookings & interviews. Also, we preview Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment’s upcoming show, “Tales of an Arabian Facebuster on 9/13 in Atlanta, GA at 4PM.

    Follow us on Twitter at @FOWRadio (Fans of Wrestling), @Mwill150 (Mike Prime), & @yellowmaniak (Patrick).

  • Tipping Point with Ace Rockwell and Gunner Miller

    in Sports

    Hosts Stephen Platinum, Rachael Freeman and Larry Goodman talk about the life and times of Roddy Piper, discuss the G1 Climax with Trent Van Drisse, and talk with Scenic City Invitaitonal competitors Ace Rockwell and Gunner Miller.

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    Wrestle_rama wrestling takeover EPISODE 125 Gunner Interview

    in Sports

    Join us for a special episode as we Interview former Impact wrestling star Chad Lail AKA GUNNER we will talk about his time with the company and also find out what is next for THE MODERN DAY VIKING as he is now one of the biggest free agents in pro-wrestling right now and we will also ask him if there is a possible future with the WWE THIS IS ONE EPISODE YOU WONT WANT TO MISS!!!

    Folllow and like us on twitter and facebook just type: WRESTLE_RAMA

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    The Wrestling Lounge Welcome Impact Wrestling Superstar Gunner

    in Television

    THE WRESTLING LOUNGE WELCOMES IMPACT WRESTLING SUPERSTAR GUNNER TO THE SHOW LIVE AT 3pm est. Have a question for Gunner Call 773-897-6289 press 1 to be in the hosts view.

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    in Wrestling

    Guests: Gunner, Seymour Snott, Brad Stutts

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    in Military

    Charles Black
    Veterans At SeaThe purpose of the “Operation Restore Hope – Retreat” program is to significantly enhance the lives of
    wounded veterans, their families and caregivers through self-care and peer support. Achieving this purpose ...
    will also have a direct effect on the communities where these families live, by reducing the high risk of family
    crisis from mental or physical injuries that in the past has led to domestic violence, divorce or suicide.
    The Need:The decade-long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been experienced not only on the battlefield, but also back
    at home with military families in the United States. The ongoing threat of ISIS and the possibility of a new war
    in Iraq and Syria will only add to the current problems these families have.

    Lance Manning 
    I am a native Texan and in 1990 I graduated from Southwest High School in Fort Worth, TX. After high school I went to MCRD San Diego, while in the Marine Corps I served as a Heavy Gunner in Weapons Company 3rd Battalion 1st Marines. While I was assigned to 3/1 I took and passed the Indoct for Recon. Upon completion of my deployment with 3/1 I went to 1st Recon Battalion where I served as a Point Man/Navigator in a six-man Recon Team and also as training cadre for Indocts and RIP Classes. I was honorably discharged from the Marines in ’96.After the Marines I got a job working on Commercial and Industrial Boilers and in 2004 one of the boilers I was working on exploded on me and I sustained a TBI and SCI C1-C6. I spent several years in recovery at places like Craig Institute in Colorado, Centre for Neuro Skills in California, several local hospitals and home. During this time I had to learn how to read and understand or comprehend what I just read as well as how to do math again. Not to mention many other life skills old and new that many of us take for granted on a daily basis.

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    in Current Events


    Anthony joined the Marine Corps reserves straight out of high school and was a 0321 Amphibious Reconnaissance Man. He served for 8 years and deployed in 2011 to the Sangin Valley in Afghanistan with Bravo Company, 3rd Recon Battalion where he was a SAW gunner and a team medic. Since then, Anthony has opened his gym, Moro Performance, where they focus on sport specific training, CrossFit, and tactical readiness. He is about to complete his degree in Exercise Physiology from Concordia University Wisconsin where he played football and ran track. Next he plans to either attend graduate school for biomechanics or avionics.
    He was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in February of 2013 and now uses his knowledge of physical fitness to combat his symptoms and help others to do the same. Anthony has been a lifelong athlete with a passion for physical fitness. He is a strength and conditioning coach who has worked with everyone from junior high hockey players, FBI SWAT team members, and even the Milwaukee Bucks Dancers. He has attended seminars and certifications such as NASM-CPT, RKC, PCC, Strong First, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Football, Attitude Nation, and USA Track & Field. Anthony and his gym are strong supporters of the Marine Recon Foundation, The Raider Project, and the Recon and Sniper Foundation.

  • 01:13

    Tipping Point without Paul Adams

    in Sports

    Hosts Stephen Platinum, Rachael Freeman and Larry Goodman discussed the one and only Bert Prentice, the incident with Gunner at PWX and the shifting sands of the Georgia wrestling scene. The hosts also weighed in the  Georgia pormotion with the craziest fans and which WWE stars have that special something. 

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    in Current Events

    Jesse Tischauser
    3 Gun Nation Pro Series
    Generation III Gun

    Staff Sargent Jesse Tischauser served 9 years in the U.S. Army. Jesse has been his competitive shooting career in 2009 and has been competing on the televised 3-Gun Nation Pro Series since 2011. Tischauser is an active member of just about every competitive action shooting organization including IDPA, USPSA, SCSA, USCA, and ICORE. Tischauser is a member of Team J. Dewey Rods, Team Rhino Arms, Team Optics Planet, and the Freedom Munitions Shooting Team.

    Joshua W Shinlever
    US Army Veteran
    Machine gunner 25th Infantry Division. AIR ASSAULT QUALIFIED....
    Served on Reserve Unit with Knox County Sheriff's Office. Has been a special deputy for KCSO for twenty years.
    NRA basic pistol instructor
    Police Firearms Instructor
    Law Enforcement/ Security Firearms Instructor
    Glock Firearms Instructor
    Glock Armorer
    Patrol Rifle Instructor
    Tactical handgun Instructor
    Tactical Shotgun Instructor
    Select-fire, submachine gun instructor
    C.A.R. Center Axis Relock tactical C.Q.B. Instructor
    State of Tn. Department of Safety and Homeland security handgun Instructor. # 197/20/9300
    Handgun school #247-28
    Asp tactical baton instructor
    Asp tactical handcuffing instructor
    Defensive tactics instructor
    O.C. Pepper spray Instructor
    Taser Instructor
    3rd degree black belt isshinryu karate.
    State of Tn Certified Trainer #00930745 for Unarmed and Armed Security
    Taser/ stun gun
    I.A.L.E.F.I. Master Firearms Instructor
    Member N.R.A. ( National Rifle Association)
    Member I.A.L.E.F.I. ( International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors)
    Member I.L.E.E.T.A. ( international Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association)
    Member A.S.L.E.T. ( American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers) ( Former)