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    Basic Email Guidelines for Students

    in Education

    Emailing, texting, tweeting and other forms of written communication are often very informal and include lingo and spellings that won't work well for college communication. This broadcast with Professor Rhonda Ragsdale provides great tips for students for successfully emailing instructors and other college professionals.

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    Own Your Awesome With Carma Spence Series 11 of 12: Gratitude Guidelines

    in Culture

    Meet Carma Spence, Founder of the Own Your Awesome In Business & Life Coaching.  

    Carma decided to test drive our FREE 12 week overview course.  

    Follow along as Carma shares her gut-level, frank reactions to the overview of each chapter of Pay Me What I'm Worth.

    This eleventh of twelve episodes focuses on chapter ten: Gratitude Guidelines.  Carna discovers there's an important different between being thankful and grateful!  What's the difference and why should you care?  Listen to learn more . . . 

    After the show:

    click this link to access a text transcript of this show as well as listen to student reviews of this series.
    click to check out Carma's call to action to join her in a powerful 12 week program to start owning your own awesome!

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    ASCO Survivorship Guidelines Part II: Implications and Fall-Out

    in Family

    Tune in for Part II of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) survivorship guidelines as we delve deeper into fall-out and future implications. Kathy LaTour hit upon the new evidence-based guidelines inside CURE Magazine. Last Monday's episode scratched the surface on how patients and physicians have dealt with chronic issues resulting from cancer treatment. 

    As a returning guest, Molly MacDonald provided our listeners with the latest milestones and partnerships of her non-profit, The Pink Fund. While she considered her cancer to be a "mild" case, her story of basic needs being threatened for herself and her five children was absolutely riveting. Tragedy turned triumph inspired a mission of providing a financial bridge for the women and men fighting for their lives during breast cancer treatment. Finances have a direct impact on the issues ASCO outlined. 

    Survivor and participant at the recent OMG! Stupid Cancer Summit, Diana DeVoe, also joined the discussion. For more than 20 years of survivorship she suffered with neuropathy, fatigue, depression, and anxiety ... and denial. She gave listeners an inside view of why the new guidelines may serve as a beacon of hope. 

    This week, the ASCO discussion continues on a much deeper level. Tune in to hear what it will take to achieve understanding and ultimate quality of care.

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    Guidelines for Knowing the Will of God for a Specific Situation Part 1

    in Christianity

    The following is an objective approach to hearing from the Lord concerning specific issues. Knowing you have consistently followed certain steps often takes the emotion and doubt out of going to the Lord and increases our confidence that we have truly heard from Him.

    1. Acknowledge and remind yourself of your spiritual identity in Christ. Who you truly are, a spirit being, already knows the answer to whatever your question is!

    2. Review the central means of guidance in the previous series, “General Methods of Guidance according to Grace.”

    3. DO THE RESEARCH! Seeking divine guidance is not a way to get out of your decision-making responsibilities.

    4. Decide what YOU want to do. You can’t submit your desires to God until you “own” them; you can’t truly give to God something that doesn’t belong to you.

    5. Adjust your beliefs and expectations until you can take an objective stance regarding the issue. It’s difficult to hear from the Lord when we already have an opinion.

    6. Ask specific questions. Having done your research and self-evaluation, phrase the issue into specific questions, rather than asking the Lord general questions.

    7. Establish a time frame for when you need an answer; by noon on Thursday, for example. Be realistic, and develop an expectation of His response.

    8. Set aside time specifically to wait on the Lord regarding the issue.

    9. When your deadline comes, if you have specifically heard from the Lord, acknowledge the direction specifically. If you haven’t heard specifically, go ahead and make a decision!

    10. Set a final deadline. Wait on the Lord, giving Him an opportunity to change your mind. “Lord, tomorrow I’m going to accept that position. If you don’t want me to, let me know.”

    11. Act on your decision, taking responsibility for the guidance received.

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    The Pirate's Code: Writing Rules Are More Like Guidelines

    in Books

    How many writing rules are there? Too many to count. Do you have to follow them all, every time, in every situation? If you try to, you'll make yourself go crazy. The important thing about writing rules is knowing why the exist. When you know why something is a rule, you'll be able to determine when to stick to it and when to break it. Today we'll be talking about some popular writing rules that don't always need to be heeded. 

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    Latest health news about Blood Pressure Guidelines & Multivitamins, etc.

    in Health

    Join talk show host Gail Dixon as we discuss the latest health news...Synthetic Drugs, New Blood Pressure Guidelines, Multi-Vitamins and Marijuana. 

    Did you know... Contrary to common belief, marijuana is addictive. Estimates from research suggest that about 9 percent of users become addicted to marijuana; this number increases among those who start young (to about 17 percent, or 1 in 6) and among daily users (to 25-50 percent).

    Did you know...About one in three adults in the United States has high blood pressure, according to the U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

    Tune in this Sunday to learn more.  Call into the studio with your questions and comments.

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    Nonprofit Coach Radio Show: Justin Perkins 5 Guidelines 4 Your Digital Marketing

    in Social Networking

    Click here for the RADIO LINKS 
    Click here for People to People Fundraising.org
    Click here to Promote your Service or Organization

    He lectures around the world but now is here for you. From the latest in charity news, technology, fundraising and social networking, Ted Hart and his guests help you maneuver through various challenges facing the charitable sector to greater levels of efficiency and fundraising success.

    Each week we feature a different expert supporting nonprofits and philanthropists around the world.

    EXPERT: Justin Perkins, MBA, is Senior Director of Brand Engagement at Care2.com. Justin has worked on over 500 brand engagement campaigns and high impact partnerships focused on animal rights, human rights, environmental sustainability, and healthy living products. Justin helps nonprofits and impact oriented brands build large and passionate tribes of advocates, donors, fans, and customers online. Justin is also Founder and President of OLOMOMO Nut Company, a fast-growing, national, healthy nut snack brand picked as one of “the top 10 brands to watch in 2014″.  Both Care2 and OLOMOMO are certified B Corps - companies that are values-driven towards positive social and environmental impact.

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    What's Covered, What's Not with the ASCO Survivorship Guidelines

    in Family

    CURE Magazine ran a recent blog about the newly issued evidence-based guidelines for cancer survivorship by American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). Kathy LaTour, their Editor at Large, says "it's about time." The new guidelines address the areas of "neuropathy, fatigue and depression, and anxiety." Quality care for these fall-out issues isn't as recognized as one would hope. 

    Joanna Montgomery is among those dealing with chronic cancer. Her diagnosis of a rare stage 3c aggressive cancer came just five days after delivering her "miracle" baby girl. Since 2012, she's wavered between remission and death. Her story has put a face to millions of other survivors dealing with the fall-out issues of cancer ... and Joanna's done the bulk of the telling. From blogging for the Huffington Post and writing a column for "The Stir" with Cafe Mom, to national spotlights like the Katie Couric Show, she's bared the nitty-gritty of living and dealing with chronic cancer.

    Molly MacDonald had no family history and 13 years of clear mammograms before cancer invaded her life. Though she considered her case "mild", treatment regimens took a toll on her ability to work and support her family. That prompted her to bridge the financial gap for others; she founded The Pink Fund in 2006.  With partnerships from Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy and Ford Warriors in Pink, among others, The Pink Fund is able to meet basic needs, while decreasing stress levels; thereby improving survivorship outcomes and quality of life.

    Join us for a riveting conversation about survivorship during this quarterly feature with CURE Magazine.

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    Tax Show

    in Business

    It's our annual TAX show. Everything Drivers and Owner operators need to know to get through tax season and pay the least amount of tax possible. Step by Step instructions and guidelines for tax deductions you didn't know existed.

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    Practical Knowledge or the Awakening: Foundations of Truth: Natural Law

    in Spirituality

    Practical Knowledge or the Awakening: Foundations of Truth: Natural Law

    This Week - Foundations of Truth: Natural Law - In previous shows we discussed what THE Truth is, what a falsehood is, and how we as individuals come to know a truth. Now that these mechanics have been discussed we can begin to review the accumulation of knowledge passed down throughout the ages. Natural Law has been known by many names: Universal Law, Spiritual Law, Cosmic Law, God's Law, Law of Attraction, Physical Law, Karma, the Golden Rule, etc. All of which reflect a single and unified idea; a complete holistic truth. We will cover the 7 Principles of Natural Law with an emphasis on how they manifest in our personal lives. This will build the foundation for future discussions with more specific topics. 


    Our hosts Justin Deschamps, Julian Robles and Sierra Neblina bring you a discussion for the Awakening Minds. The hope is to reveal data in a way which empowers the individual with practical knowledge. This is best accomplished by presenting an idea and discussing it openly, allowing the full breadth of the data to be contemplated.


    General guidelines for show: We share ideas as a premise, an offer, cypher or coded "zip file" to contemplate. We share ideas that we have tested, and have a high degree of certainty and probability of being true. But, we always encourage discussion and discourse surrounding these ideas, all viewpoints are valid.


    To follow the slide show go here: http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2014/12/practical-knowledge-for-awakening27.html

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    The Neonicotinoid View: EPA Guidelines For Bee Incidents

    in Environment

    As we continue our special series called “The Neonicotinoid View”, hosts June Stoyer and special guest co-host, Tom Theobald will be joined by Jeff Anderson the owner of California-Minnesota Honey farms, which is a commercial migratory beekeeping operation to discuss the new EPA guidelines for investigating bee incidents. Jeff also represents the beekeeping industry on the National Beekeeping Advisory Board and The National Pollinator Defense Fund.  
    If you are not receiving our most recent interviews, please re-subscribe to our new Official RSS feed on iTunes, Youtube or you visit our podcast archives which can be found at www.theorganicview.com. Stay tuned!

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