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    HEALTH MEDIA NOW-Guest Dr. Appu Kuttan-Nuturing Mind,Body and the Soul

    in Health

    Please join us today, June 3, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. PST and 7:00 p.m. EST for a live show with host Denise Messenger.  Her special guest is Dr. Kuttan. Appu Kuttan (born 1941, Kerala, India), is an Indian American philanthropist and the founder and chairman of the National Education Foundation (NEF), a global non-profit leader that provides disadvantaged students, teachers, employees and jobseekers top-quality tuition-free STEM+ (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, English, Social Studies, Testprep, Information Technology, Business, Management, and Soft Skills) education, particularly in the United States and India. He is the author of many innovative concepts such as MBS (Management By Systems) and Cyberlearning. He has written several books and articles, including Happy Executive —Systems Approach; Nurturing Mind, Body and Soul. and From Digital Divide to Digital Opportunity. He has advised many national leaders, and mentored celebrities like tennis stars Andre Agassi and Monica Seles.  The show will discuss Dr. Kuttan's book,  Happy Executive —Systems Approach; Nurturing Mind, Body and Soul. and From Digital Divide to Digital Opportunity. You asked for it and we deliver!

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    Rates and Lanes with Rico Muhammad with guest Georg Heck

    in Business

    Roadcheck 2015 is in full swing! Are you running? what kind of rates are you seeing? Georg stops by to give us some useful sales tips and also tell us about his personal journey with running his business and his health.

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    Michigan Literary Network Radio w/guest Dorethia Conner Kelly

    in Books

    Our guest today is Dorethia Conner Kelly, author of #MoneyChat The Book.

    The Motown Literary Network has been live on blogtalkradio.com since fall of 2009, with nearly 10,000 downloads. Our 30 minute, weekly show airs Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m. EST with a focus on everything related to the literary world, from the writing process to author highlights to the nuts and bolts of publishing. Although the show can be heard by listeners all over the world, and our guests may come from all over the country, our target audience is readers and writers in Michigan with an interest in the Michigan literary community. Established in 2000, Motown Writers Network and The Michigan Literary Network were created to strengthen Michigan's Literary Community. Drawing readers, writers, authors, poets and more together, the networks' mission is to connect readers to Michigan literary works, educate and connect writers and poets to resources, provide events and venues for authors to showcase their work and a lot more. To sign up for updates on The Michigan Literary Network, scroll below. Visit our website and help strengthen the Michigan Literary Network, by sending our information to other readers and writers!

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    Live Your Music - Margaux Joy and Guest Michelle Chappel 06/03/15

    in Lifestyle

    Michelle Chappel is my guest for 06/03/15.

    Michelle has a PhD from Princeton, is an internationally-acclaimed musician, businesswoman, and keynote speaker who inspires us to be more creative in work, school and life.

    After being voted “Most Inspirational Professor” at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Michelle ditched academics to follow her childhood dream to be a singer-songwriter.

    Since then she’s had top 10 and 20 radio singles overseas; a #1 hit on US college radio; 7 songs featured on ABC, HBO, and Showtime; and has won 17 Billboard International Songwriting awards!

    For over 18 years Michelle has used music in her workshops and talks to help thousands of people, ages 14 to 84, find their life calling.

    During the show you'll hear an inspiring song by Michelle. The song's title is Shake It Up and it's from her Let Your True Light Shine album.

    To connect with Michelle online, visit her website at www.michellechappel.com

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    NHL On the Ice Stanley Cup with guest EA Sports Sean Ramjagsingh

    in Hockey

    Join Bryan Yates, Alan Zlotorzynski and John Ames for 2 hours of NHL Hockey talk. We cover the NHL, AHL, CHL, College Hockey, Fantasy Hockey and much more. We would love your participation on the show. You can join us by joining the chat room or call into the show. You can check out On the Ice on facebook at NHL On the Ice Podcast. You can find us on twitter @NHLOn_the_Ice and @Zlotsports and @NHLOntheIceAmes

    It's Stanley Cup Finals time, so the NHL On the Ice crew is here to give you the Stanley Cup preview. Alan Z reports live from Tampa to give us report on Game One. We also will cover all the news and notes around the NHL.

    Joining us on the show tonight is EA Sports producer of the NHL series is Sean Ramjagsingh. Sean will run down all the new features to NHL 16 and he will give us his thoughts on the Stanley Cup Finals.

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    Race Talk Live with Kate Moss: Brandon Igdalsky & Pocono Preview

    in Sports


    On the show, we will chat with Pocono Raceway President Brandon Igdalsky about the thunder in the Poconos this coming weekend at the Tricky Triangle including ARCA and the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series.       We will also chat with ARCA drivers Mason Mitchell and Austin Wayne Self about their expectations coming into this weekend.    Cruz Skinner will also give us a tidbit just "about the dirt" for the week.   We will also have our NASCAR round table with our predictions for Pocono!   Join us 7-8pmEST for the fastest show on the radio!





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    Conscious Parenting and Personal Growth part 19 with Nazim Rashid

    in Self Help

    Life Coach, Personal Development Specialist, Author and Radio Talk-Show Host Nazim Rashid is the guest speaker today continuing his series entitled Conscious Parenting and Personal Growth. This series is for parents who want new information for raising the best emotionally balanced and validated children possible and for those who want to align with the very best personal development possible. Reconnected is must-have for today’s parents, wanting the best tools to raise emotionally balanced children who are empowered with high self-esteem and confidence. It is these children who will lead balanced, intelligent lives, have healthy relationships and chart a course for themselves that will be an excellent model for others to follow. For you parents, I know you are the ones that want the absolute best for your children. Your children were created for excellence, by excellence and through excellence, and it is through your compassion and knowledge that they will be great producers for the world. In this series I will read and expound from Reconnected in the areas that specifically address parenting and personal growth.  These areas include Validation, Self-Esteem, Self-Image, Visualization, Communication & Listening Skills, Optimism, Gratitude, Building Emotional Literacy, Emotional Balancing, and Identifying and Managing Emotions.  www.cloudsofabundance.com 

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    the Conversation: Cheryl Holland, Early Jackson & Boy Meets Girl!

    in Self Help

    It's time... for the hottest show out "the Conversation" hosted by Klarque Garrison & Michele Gilliam-Morrissey! This week we're bringing you a TRIO of exellence!

    Eric Schaeffer- Film Diretor Eric Schaeffer bring us his newest project "Boy Meets Girl" a poignant, sexy, romantic coming of age comedy about three twenty year-olds living in Kentucky. This is a sex/human positive modern fable and identification with its story crosses all gender and sexual orientation lines!

    Early Jackson- Life Coach Early Jackson talks to our guest/listeners about how a hard life and drugs couldn't keep his desire for excellence from being born

    Cheryl Holland- This wonderfully talented women's empowerment coach and brand strategist give us a few GREAT nuggests for branding A-Level women entrepreneurs

    ALSO, Stacey J. drops by to talk about an upcoming event "RYSE Wellness Spa" The Health and Wellness Experiene

    All this and more!!!

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    in Spirituality


    Originally from England, I have been a Light-Worker/Reader for more than 30 years +. My clients come from all over the globe, I am known as a

    straightforward no nonsense reader, working with the vibrations of your voice and other connected energies. As a Medium ( predominately  a

    remote viewer) spirits come at will, I have no control over that. My readings cover Relationships, Career, Healing's and often Past Lives. A Reiki Master/Teacher, hands on and long distance Healings,  Attunement Classes,  Chakra Clearing and a Certified Psychic. My soul journey includes Universal Studio's, Tampa Bay Cruise Lines , Expo's, Events and Charities,  working both internationally and countrywide. Appearances as a guest on TV and Radio ,  a member of Bestamericanpsychic's.com. I am available for one on one readings, phone readings , parties and events, I can be reached at  (727) 524 1010 , Website:  wwwrosemaryfox.com, Email: chakraart@yahoo.com.  Naturally Empathic with the knowledge that "God Has A Divine Purpose For Us All "...Namaste

     today I will taking calls for one question readings and also talking about "Karmic debt numbers".

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    in Culture

    ENVISION THIS: letting go of the "wrongness" of your addictions and recognizing how your addictions have contributed to your greatness

    Our guest, Jyude Allbright, has recovered from her own personal darkness with addictions and finds delight in expressing herself as an author and addiction recovery coach. Today, she nurtures her audiences and clients in creating peace and joy in their relationships & living spaces - personally, professionally and romantically. Using her skills as a public speaker, an NLP Master Practitioner, Access Bars facilitator, Certified Prevention Specialist, Feng Shui Consultant, and spiritual teacher, she has authored several books on addictions, parenting, and dating.

    In Soul Steps, Jyude offers an alternative 12 Soul Step program teaching:

    1. We are powerful and created our addictions to show us what we are not.
    2. Change your thoughts - create a joyful new experience minus pain.
    3. No one is broken - only the belief that we are makes it self-fulfilling.
    4. There is no-thing to forgive, to judge - only to remember we created our addictions as experiences to better understand our true selves.
    5. There are no victims, only creators playing the part of victims. 

    Jyude is the founder of BE-ing Recovered and Soul Steps Support, the 21st century 12 Steps to addiction/co-dependency recovery, which emphasizes personal power as opposed to the traditional AA belief in powerlessness.  Jyude feels driven to change the way the world views addictions from one of shame, suffering and powerlessness to one of soul growth and personal power.  She currently co-hosts the radio show, "Awareness Changes Truth," on Blog Talk Radio.


    Please check out SOPHIA'S WEB, a new book by your hosts at www.envisionthismedia.com


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    In The Gap 'Is Jesus Your Story?' Part 2 June 3, 2015

    in Lifestyle

     General Description:

    'In the GAP', is a weekly hour of powerful global prayer aimed at immersing ourselves in the Spirit and letting God direct our attention to current areas of practical need. Together, we can bridge 'gaps' and build 'hedges' here on earth from the heavenly dimension. Join us in an effort to do more than talk about problems or pretend they don't exist! Jesus is still the answer to the pressing conditions and critical world affairs we all face - so lets 'BE' His Body!  

    Specific Episode: Is Jesus Your Story?  Part 2

    Rocky gets into the heart of the question posed in the title of the previous episode.  Last week we discussed the personal testimony of a guest who overcame drug and alcohol addiction by giving his life to Jesus.  This week we talk a little bit about the fact that we are all telling stories with our lives as believers, whether good or bad.  Life is a gift but it is also a seed we can choose to plant in God's Kingdom and prayer is one of the ways we do it.  Tune in to find help in tuning out all the other distractions…you just might end up creating another fresh Jesus-story to tell!

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