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    The BGE Experience: Easter In Guatemala with Bella Guatemala Travel

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    Join @colethea as she takes you on a ride in her world of Build, Grow, and Enjoy! Learn more about those that can expand your network, make a difference, and provide great entertainment through....The BGE Experience! #buildgrowenjoy


    Easter In Guatemala with Bella Guatemala Travel 

    "Discover Guatemala (Soul of the Earth) from the inside out with Bella Guatemala Travel." A fairy tale land with towering volcanoes, lakes, cloud forests, mysterious caves, and colorful markets. Taste locally made delicacies, relish the scent of fresh mountain air, climb the tallest ruin of Tikal or an active Volcano, shop at the local Mayan markets, stroll the cobble streets of Antigua, cruise Lake Atitlan, or visit some of the 12 surrounding Mayan villages. This living Mayan culture makes Guatemala one of the world's most unique travel destinations. A beautiful country full of spirit, color, contrast, and culture. Explore the sights and sounds of the natural Mayan world while traveling at your own pace with Bella Guatemala Travel.



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    Was there Genocide in Guatemala?

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    In 2013 a Guatemalan court convicted former dictator Efraín Ríos Montt of overseeing acts of genocide against Guatemala’s Ixil Mayan population from 1982 to 1983. The verdict was based on the testimony of 95 witnesses from the Ixil area.  Some Ixils and K’iche’s object to the verdict because they credit Ríos Montt with saving their lives. Was Ríos Montt’s “amnesty” for guerrilla supporters a significant element of what happened in the Ixil area?  Should it have played a greater role in the trial?  Is “genocide” the best description of what happened? 

    Guests on the show:
    David Stoll is an anthropologist who has been working with the people of northern Quiché since the 1980s.  Following the verdict against Ríos Montt, Stoll interviewed Ixils, K’iche’s and Ladinos in Nebaj.  The weekly magazine Contrapoder has just published his analysis of what Nebajenses told him, as well as of the testimony of the trial witnesses.  His most recent book is El Norte or Bust! How Migration Fever and Microcredit Produced a Financial Crash in a Guatemalan Town.  

    Jean-Marie Simon, a graduate of Harvard Law School, worked in Guatemala from 1980 to 1991. She wrote and co-authored six human reports for Human Rights Watch/NY.  Her book, Guatemala: Eternal Spring-Eternal Tyranny (WW Norton 1987), depicts the height of Guatemala's internal armed conflict. 

    Read the transcript of the show here.

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    Co-Working and Entrepreneurship in Guatemala

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    The 2009 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor stated that Guatemala was the sixth highest in the world and fourth in Latin America for the Rate of Early Entrepreneurship. Today you'll hear three entrepreneurs talk about their journeys into entrepreneurship and their current work in Guatemala.

    Special Guests:

    Luis Aguilar is an Ashoka fellow and social entrepreneur who founded Bakabs. Bakabs is a network of small and medium tourism enterprises focusing on rural areas of Guatemala. Hotels, restaurants, transport and entertainment venues work together with artists and artisans creating economic, social and cultural development in the Guatemalan countryside.

    Mark Jacobson worked in the hospitality industry and then became a business advisor and investor in several Central American firms. He has a BS from Cornell University.  Four years ago, he co-founded Pomona Impact and now works to grow an impact investment 'ecosystem' that will provide financial and technical support to early stage impact businesses in Meso America.  

    Maria Rodriguez graduated from Istmo University, Guatemala City and in 2011 completed her Sustainable Rural Development Masters degree from Flacso Guatemala. In 2007 she founded ByoEarth, a social venture that promotes vermiculture in vulnerable areas of Latin America. She was an Unreasonable Fellow and in 2012 she completed the Agora Partnerships business accelerator. She currently works in partnership with Technoserve and Fundación Junkabal to promote vermiculture as a sustainable livelihood for women in extreme poverty.


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    "Making disciples in the jungles of Guatemala"

    in Religion

    Obeying the call of God that is on their lives, Craig and Peggy Harvey went to Northern Guatemala in January of 2002.  They assumed leadership of an established work which ministered to children, widows and orphans.

    For the last eleven years they have been obedient to God in their ministry as they have expanded the ministry and responded to the many needs of the local community. God has moved mightily on their behalf as they have learned to live a life of total dependence on Him!

    Listen as they share how their passion has intersected with the God-given purpose for their lives.

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    Travel Times Guatemala

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    Join host Sarah Uthoff as she talks to Kirkwood Community College President Mick Starcevich about the service learning trip he took to Guatemala with Kirkwood students. This service learning trip gave something to both sides the Kirkwood students and staff who traveled there and the people they helped build a new home.

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    The BGE Experience: San Diego Travel and Adventure Show with BGT

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    Journey into the heart of the Mundo Maya with @bge_radio as we recap our experience with Bella Guatemala Travel @bellaguatemalatravel @travelbellaguat at the 2016 Travel and Adventure show in beautiful San Diego, CA. Discover the rich history and heritage of Mayan culture and learn why the cobblestone streets of the colonial city of Antigua is the most popular destination in Central America. Explore Tikal, one of the largest excavated archaeological sites of pre-Columbian Maya civilization and filming location for the first Star Wars. Visit renowned Lake Atitlán, one of the most beautiful lakes in the world with its large indigenous Maya population who are celebrated for their colorful weaving and intricate textile art. Take a peek into the active volcano, Pacaya, named one of the world's best hikes by National Geographic.

    Learn more on how you can discover Guatemala for an authentic travel experience at: www.bellaguatemalatravel.com


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    Impeding or Furthering Justice in Guatemala

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    Photos: Ben Parker
    On May 10, 2013 Ríos Montt was found guilty of overseeing acts of genocide and war crimes against Guatemala’s Ixil Mayan population in 1982 and 1983. The landmark trial marked the first time a former head of state had been tried for genocide by his country's own judicial system, and was considered a key step in addressing impunity for crimes of the past. The guilty verdict was annulled 10 days later by the Constitutional Court on questionable legal grounds.
    Last week the Constitutional Court issued a ruling on Oct. 22 asking lower courts to reconsider Rios Montt’s right to protection under a defunct 1986 amnesty law.
    Is the Guatemalan Constitutional Court's decision impeding justice in Guatemala? What is the longer-term impact of this decision? Is it furthering impunity and social polarization in the country and a much needed reckoning with its past?
    Guests on our show:
    Jo-Marie Burt teaches political science at George Mason University, where she is also director of Latin American Studies and Co-director of the Center for Global Studies. She is also a Senior Fellow at the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA), where she conducts research and writes commentaries on human rights and transitional justice issues in the region.
    Kathryn Johnson is Assistant Director at Guatemala Human Rights Commission. She is an experienced researcher, advocate and master of public administration with proven ability to conduct accurate policy analysis, produce high quality reports for diverse audiences, and effectively communicate policy options as well as extensive international experience and a strong academic background in issues of international trade and development and fluency in Spanish.  

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    Ladies Night on Catch the Wave and Save a Life with Hidden Hunger Global

    in Social Networking

    It's Ladies Night on Blogtalk Radio this thursday at 7 pm! You can listen from anywhere in the world at this link www.blogtalkradio.com/catchthewave We are looking for Wave Riders who want to catch the wave and save a life with us. We are leading a Humanitarian Mission with Hidden Hunger Global here in Hawaii to reduce the death rate among children around the world! We will have special guests on board each week to share why they are riding this wave here in the islands.


    We are a cause-based company that is using the power of Direct Sales to Impact the World. 

    We sell micronutrients, water purification systems and treated mosquito nets, which are then donated to needy children around the world. 

    We are a socially conscious and experienced team leading a movement to lower childhood death rates and provide income opportunities for individuals and families. 

    As a member, you can do well, by doing good. You can be blessed while being a blessing to others. What could be better than that?


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    Manhattan Beach Badminton Club & The Road to Rio

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Dean Schoppe and Peter Steinbroner from the Manhattan Beach Badminton Club.

    Dean Schoppe is a resident of Manhattan Beach and the President of HL Classic Corporation. He began playing badminton at 15 and played juniors for the Manhattan Beach Badminton Club thru 1976. He then went on to play for California State University Dominguez Hills. He was a member of the USA National Team from 1989 through 1993 and the winner of the Sao Paulo/ Brazil Open 1998/2000 Men’s Doubles. Dean was a finalist or semi-finalist in the Open World Ranking Tournaments in Puerto Rico, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala and the US from 1999 to 2008. He began teaching and coaching at MBBC when he was 17. He worked 7 years with the Jim Poole Academy of Badminton and was an Instructor for 10 years at The George Washington University Badminton Camps.

    Peter Steinbroner was the 1972 Junior National Champion  in 18 & Under Boys Doubles; the 1975 National Collegiate Champion representing California State University Dominguez Hills; and California State Singles and Doubles Team Champion representing CSUDH again. A member of the Manhattan Beach Badminton Club since 1977, Peter was President in 2010.

    This morning, we’re going to learn the history of the Manhattan Beach Badminton Club and the upcoming U.S. Olympic Badminton Qualifying Tournament stop on the ‘Road to Rio 2016’ which will take place at MBBC February 3 through February 7.


    To Find Out More about Jackie Balestra visit


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    Cafe Inspiration with Bobby Dee interviews Pastor Harry Divido

    in Motivation

    JOIN US Tuesday, January 19, at Cafe inspiration With Bobby Dee and meet our guest, Harry Divido, Pastor of "Light of the World Ministries", a Christian missions ministry outreach. On a regular basis, he is seen out in the public praying,counseling,feeding the poor, equipping, empowering, and inspiring others, in the streets. He and his wife and staff, led by the Holy Spirit are also active in missions work in Guatemala. They make regular visits, providing spiritual support, prayer, counseling, and providing essential support and basic needs to many.
    "Street Pastor," as he is known locally, will join us and share his experiences, and discuss how God has led him to operate this type of ministry. We will also discuss the miracles he has witnessed. A remarkable man, carrying out God's will according to the scriptures, I introduce to you Harry Divido, a humble man who we know as Street Pastor.
    Our show begins at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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    Dr. Jorge Chiu & Giles Clarke - Saving Lives In Guatemala City

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    In January 2014, photographer Giles Clarke met "Bombero Voluntario" (volunteer fireman) and cardiac physician Dr. Jorge Chiu Quevedo at the scene of a shooting on the streets of Guatemala City. After the needs of the moment were attended to, Giles learned that Dr. J was the former head of the #1 cardiac clinic in the U.S. - The Cleveland Clinic. Yet he had returned to Guatemala to work at a local hospital in the day and volunteer in the dangerous streets at night. Giles asked if he could ride along with Dr. J and the bomberos to learn more about them and their work.

    Talkupy Radio with Annie Lindstrom welcomse both men to the show Tuesday, November 4 at 11 am ET to talk about what happened next. We'll learn how Dr. J ended up with a new ambulance and discuss a short documentary that Giles made about his ride-along experience for VICE. There will be a screening of the film and a Q&A on Wednesday, November 5 at 7 pm at The Half King, 505 W. 23rd St. in NYC.

    To donate to Dr. J's work, please click here. For more information on him visit his Facebook. Giles also has Facebook and Instagram accounts and is on Twitter @gcwingman.