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    The Detectors Radio Network on Elder And Guardian Abuse

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    Within the system of so-called Bills to prevent the issue of abuse homelessness and the mistreatment of elderly and disabled people within the United States there seems to be a very high level of conspiracy aimed towards seniors from the time they are dianosyed with illness to extreme measures of medication given to them as a result of these alleged illiness causing many to die. The Death count also can be seen within the reason reports relating to our returning military men and the cause of the lack of allowed treatment whereby they are facing the very same conspiracy to offer up scams to relieve them the right to benefits and healthcare, he robbery also includes how nursing homes many are involved as well in allowing non-familymembers to take over family members homes cars and more their lives with little recourse for the families to fight back with this week we will talk about the issue of Elder Disabled and Veteran Abuse within a system that continously fails us with the intent to take away our rights to having retirement money and the things that we were told would be there upon retirement. 

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    Guardian Abuse: Can you spot the predator?

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    In every State, elders and vulnerable adults are targeted by the "protection" industry for profit.   Probate courts can remove all or some of an elder's civil rights, leaving guardians and those who work with them in control the elder's life and assets.

    Loopholes created by the law have allowed a criminal element into a system that has few protections for elders in place.
    There is little or no monitoring in many counties of what happens to elders and their assets under guardianship.
    There is no oversight by any entity outside of the court to ensure that it's proceedings are fair.   

    For predators in the business of trafficking elders, it's all about the money.                    

    Tonight, guest Marcia Southwick will be joining me to talk about the people who work under color of law.
    Who are they?
    Who do they target, and why?
    How do they use the court system?
    And how do they find their marks?
    Is there any way to recognize them? And how can you avoid them?                                 Tune in for answers. Calls will be taken during the second half of the show.


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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1018

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    Tonight's special guest is Sue Julsen from Nevada, a returning NAASCA family member, a survivor and thriver and true crime, memoir and crime fiction writer. She's author of the best selling “Bitter Memories” series. Largely, autobiographical, Ms Julsen chose to use fictional names to protect the innocent, and the guilty, from those in real life (she has more crime fiction coming out this year.) Abducted by her father when she was three, the book’s main character, Sarah, found herself in a world of criminal neglect and unfathomable oppression as her father, stepmother and many others perpetrated more and more horrible acts of verbal, mental and sexual abuse on the innocent girl. Continually terrified, Sarah formed separate personalities in order to survive. In nightmares, the other personalities would show Sarah the horrific abuse she was being subjected to in her day to day life. This story of the author’s early life – a life on the run, hungry, abused, and terrified – is a truly unnerving and gripping account of the extremes of neglect and mistreatment a child can undergo, and still survive. “Bitter Memories,” written with the hope that exposing these horrors will help prevent them from happening to others, is dedicated to all survivors of abuse. “Trophy Murders” is the second in the series, part fiction/part non-fiction, and “Cutter’s Revenge” completes her story. Sue also has other works published that can be found on her web site.

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1017

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    SPECIAL TOPIC - "Open Mike Night" - You'll help decide what will be discussed on tonight's show. This is audience participation night, where we talk of any of the topics from the world of child abuse and trauma. Call in with your questions and comments for our host, Bill Murray, who'll be joined by other dedicated NAASCA family members who'll act as panelists. They'll be ready to field questions and lead topic discussions, many of them suggested by our call-in participants. Everyone's invited to engage on tonight's show .. on the phone or in the chat room. ~~ Please visit our website: www.NAASCA.org

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    Spiritual Abuse & Spiritual Terrorism: Are We Guilty???

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    In the history of World Religions we have seen the rise of intolerance and judgementalism resulting in threats of hell fire and damnation.  Radicals have arisin in many faiths claiming their religion is superior to those of others.  Is there really a "One True Faith?"  Are we ever justified in setting our theology up as absolute truth?  Is claiming that all others are destined for hell Spiritual Abuse and Spiritual Terrorism?  I believe so!  Join me as I speak with Rev. Elizabeth Thornley.  Elizabeth is a Reverend with Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church, Inc. She also carries a written recommendation from the late spiritual adviser of the Dakota people “to work with all people in all ways.” She holds numerous memberships and positions with many humanitarian organizations, and will be my guest at 10 PM. 

    If you like feel free to check out our website at http://templeoftheinfinite.com/  I am also posting a link to a very good article on Spiritual Abuse in its full glory. http://www.micsem.org/pubs/counselor/frames/spiritabuse.htm  See also this article by Mary DeMuth, "Spiritual Abuse: 10 Ways To Spot It." at http://www.marydemuth.com/spiritual-abuse-10-ways-to-spot-it/  See you at 10 PM

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1016

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    Tonight's special guest is Stacey Lannert from St Louis, MO, a returning NAASCA family member who is a child sexual abuse survivor and activist. But she's much more than that. The founder of Healing Sisters, she's also author of "Redemption: A Story of Sisterhood, Survival, and Finding Freedom Behind Bars" where she tells how 10 years of sexual abuse, including rape and sodomy, Stacey and killed her father in 1990. She was sentenced to life in prison without parole. In January 2009, after 18 years in prison, Missouri Governor Matt Blunt commuted her sentence. He told her he expected her to make a difference with her life. After 18 years in prison, Stacey's now living in St. Louis. She's telling her story so other women can learn from her mistakes. "I created Healing Sisters to allow other sexual abuse victors (we are victors, after all) the opportunity to experience the bond we share and the restoring powers gained from other people who have also suffered," says Stacey. "I believe that every child, woman and man who suffers from sexual abuse becomes a sister because we share a common bond, one of betrayal and suffering. We need one another in order to thrive, and maybe even to survive. I hope in my lifetime we can eradicate, wipe out, and destroy sexual abuse. That surely cannot to be too lofty of a goal, can it? If we communicate, we create. We need to create a safe world for all children."

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    The Guardian Gateway - Jessica Shepherd: Venus Signs

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    Today we welcome Jessica Shepherd, author of the new book, Venus Signs: Discover Your Erotic Gifts and Secret Desires Through Astrology .

    Would you like your life to be easier, happier, and more in alignment with your Soul Purpose?

    Join us for the Guardian Gateway and learn how to work with the high-vibrational Guardian Beings
    who are here to help uplift and improve every area of your life!

    The Guardian Gateway is dedicated to showing you how to connect and work with the high-vibrational Beings—angels, unicorns, faeries, dolphins, power animals, stones, plant allies, tree spirits, and more—who are guardians and supporters of your gifts and soul purpose.


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    Mr. Brett A. Scudder present Correlation: Suicide, Depression and Domestic Abuse

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    Join/listen Mr. Brett A. Scudder as he discusses the Correlation between Suicide, Depression and Domestic Abuse/violence. When we say Domestic Violence it downplays the real overall issues and impacts of the psychological and emotional aspects of domestic abuse, and so we say, Domestic Abuse which entails the physical, verbal, spiritual, financial and psychological impacts of intimate partner relationships not just on the couple but also on children and the extended family.

    Please share and help to promote the show and dialog.

    Thank You,


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    Abuse & Domestic Violence continue to be high profile cases in our society. Ray Rice. Adrian Peterson. Jodi Arias. Caylee Anthony are just a few that have made the spotlight and captivated the minds and Hearts of the masses. What makes a person this way? Why are we so violent to the people we say we love. Join us on OPWR as we discuss this topic and welcome your opinions.


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    Abuse is more about the story than the bruises and scars left behind.

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    Abuse is more about the story than the bruises and scars left behind:  Leading Transformation through stories. Our Guest Loren Norris shares his past story of abuse from a male perspective.


    Acknowledging the Gifts the Creator gives us to Grow our lives & Communities. GUEST: Martha Nailah Williams


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    Child sex exploitation can be prevented

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    Missing and exploited children, child sex trafficking, bullying, internet crimes, aggravated physical abuse, questionable parenting

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