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    GTAV stream

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    we want to know if you think video games could be MORE violent

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    G3 Podcast 09/26/2013: GTAV, Steam, PC Stuff

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    On the 65th episode of The G3 Podcast we have some fun discussions lined up for you guys and gals! First, we will start off with the WAYP (What Are You Playing) segment! I know a few of us have been up to no good in GTAV but we do have a few other games that some of us have played recently.   From that discussion we will lead into our GTAV talk! Possible spoilers - so this is a warning! We will warn our listeners on the live podcast when we will have the possible spoilers. We will try our best not to ruin anything for you guys.    Then we will discuss the recent Steam announcements which includes the SteamOS! What do we all expect for the final announcement on Friday? Some people say it's a new game... like Half-Life 3. We can only hope and wonder!   Last on our list we will be having a general PC discussion. We have given much love to the consoles lately and now it's time to talk more about the PC side of gaming.    Anything else that comes into our minds during the podcast will be talked about as usual! We have a great habit of talking about more topics than what we originally plan for so you need to tune in to see!   Remember you can tweet us your thoughts and comments on the topics or just the show in general @TheG3Podcast We always love to hear what our listeners have to say.    So come check us out tonight at 9 PM Pacific / 12 AM Eastern!  

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    The OGT : Grand Theft Auto 5 Edition

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    This episode of the OGT will focus on all aspects of GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 from story mode, to online, tips, jobs, missions, money, and heists.

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    Generation of Gaming 7/7/2015 - Video Game Talk - Episode 9

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    Generations of Gaming is a fun and entertaining show, which discusses the world of video games, gaming news, and exposes the shenanigans of the former GameBattles/MLG gaming clan, the Brothers of Mayhem (BoM).  Hosting the show is none other than the BoM clan leader, DEVILxDOGxEDGE, and each week the rest of the guys will join him to guest host.


    THIS WEEK'S HOST IS... DEVILxDOGxEDGE!  This episode is all about the World of Tanks Beta Launch and the GTAV ILL-GOTTEN GAINS 2 multiplayer DLC!!


    This show is rated R for adult language and content.

    Generations of Gaming is part of the L.A. Edge Web Radio network... laedgewebradio.com

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    New skater brand “The Psych Ward” officially celebrated the grand opening of its flagship store on Fairfax Avenue in L.A. with a star-studded, red carpet experience. Celebrities in attendance included Nick Cannon, Amber Rose, skate legend Stevie Williams, Hip-Hop group The Psych Ward Druggies, Actor Malik Yoba (Empire), VH1 Love & Hip Hop: LA star Masika Kalysha, Stephen Kramer Glickman (Comedy Central), GTAV’s Shawn “Solo” Fonteno, Reality TV star Somaya Reece, model Jessica White, rising Hip-Hop star Melo KAN, Basketball Wives LA star Gloria Govan, Hip-Hop Sisterhood’s Siya, TMT pro skater Lil Rome Diddy, America’s Next Top Model star Kari Michelle, rapper Quarter Bird, actress Lyndsi Rose (Insurgent), Adult Swim’s Slink Johnson, Pop group 4 Count (Ncredible Ent.), pro skater Pep Williams and more.

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    DaShizznett! We know you cheating on yo girl.....w/ GTAV!

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    On this Episode of DaShizznett Yolo,GG and Armand discuss nonsense news & rumahs, Indy news & events and review in our crazy unique way Monday Night  RAW.

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    JAKE DIALS - Model/Actor/Photographer

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    Listen as we talk to Jake Dials, male model, actor and photographer.  We'll be talking about Jake's upcoming projects in L.A. and how shitty the helicopters are in GTAV! 

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    Anime And Comic Books Fandomania!;GTAV vs. Saints Row

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    The #1 radio show for Comic books,Anime,Video Games,Card Games,Cosplay, and much more! Finally A Radio Station for Nerds!

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    Free State Happy Hour

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    Oh yeahhhhh. Weekend's here.
    Obamcare was defunded today.
    Former NFL players having parties
    Jimmy's review of GTAV
    Iphone was launched today.

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    G3 Podcast 10/04/2013:Steam, GTA Online, Terraria

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    On the 66th episode of The G3 Podcast.... as always we start off our WAYP (What Are You Playing) segment! Same games, new games? You will just have to listen in.   It's been a while since we really got down and dirty into the comic world, so next we will catch up with Davix about Villians Month and the new Pokemon Anime!    Next we up we discuss the GTAV Online launch. Does it really exist?    Then we move into the annoucement of the new Steam controller. We have a few hosts who love playing on PC so hear their thoughts on how this remote will change the gameplay experience.   Lastly if we do have our #BEAUWATCH tonight we will discuss the new Terraria update!    Of course anything else that comes into our minds will also be discussed. You'll just have to tune in to hear what else comes up!   Remember you can tweet us your thoughts and comments on the topics or just the show in general @TheG3Podcast We always love to hear what our listeners have to say.    So come check us out tonight at 8 PM Pacific / 11 PM Eastern!

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    G3 Podcast 12/05/2013: Steam Sale, Lawsuits, Nintendo

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    On the 74th episode of The G3 Podcast! We start off our WAYP (What Are You Playing) segment! Want to know what games we have been indulging in? Tune in to find out! Just prepare for some Battlefield 4 and maybe more GTAV discussion!

    First up the Autumn Steam Sale has ended! We will check in with our hosts to see if they purchased any new games.

    Then since we all know some of us have still been playing GTAV we will discuss Lindsay Lohan suing Rockstar for using her image in the game. How many times have we heard celebrities claim their "likeness" has been used before? Many, but sometimes you can see the celebrities have a true reason to sue. 

    Then we will move into how the former President of THQ says that Nintendo is "irrelevant" in the console business. Do you think Nintendo should move into multi-platform development? 


    Remember you can tweet us your thoughts and comments on the topics or just the show in general @TheG3Podcast We always love to hear what our listeners have to say.
    So come check us out tonight at 8 PM Pacific / 11 PM Eastern!