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      I got to tell you, I admire Stephanie's spunk.  I love her ability to stand for what she believes in and works hard to market her shows here on the JKN.  She does not take any gruff or funky stuff.  And she will admit when she is wrong, which is rare for a lot of people, male or female.  She is a motivated and determined woman, who is out to get the job done, and get the job done she does.  You will find no bigger fan for the LAKERS than THE LAKER GURL.  I pull for the CLIPPERS when it comes to L.A., but Stephanie won't have it, she is LAKERS all the way, so get ready! 347-205-9366 - Call her up. #WWLG4L #JKN

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    Joy Keys chats with Actress Essence Atkins

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    In My Other Mother, Candace “Candy” Meyers (Essence Atkins) is a successful anchor on a top-rated national magazine show.  Fiercely independent and committed to her job, Candy doesn’t make many friends with her demanding, gruff nature.  In fact, her only true friend might be her long-time manager Lewis (Kendrick Cross).  Candy discovers that an anonymous fan she’s had for years has passed way – and he was her biological father Freddy Nelson!  Content with the love and support of her adoptive family, Candy has never been curious about her biological parents.  That all changes when she travels back for her father’s funeral, meets the Nelson family – including biological uncle Abner (GregAlan Williams), Freddy’s wife Delores (Angie Stone) and her two step-brothers – and discovers that her reclusive, angry and stubborn birth mother, Mary Jo (Lynn Whitfield) is going to be a challenge.  The journey these two surprisingly similar women take getting to know each other will break down walls and open them up to a life they never knew was possible. 


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    Episode 27: Interview with Author Mike McNeff

    in Writing

    Here's what awesome about Mike McNeff -- not only is he a retired cop and lawyer, he's totally open and fun to talk to. Put aside any worries about him being too gruff or unreachable. Instead, he's open, funny, and straightforward. His latest book Hard Justice: The Legend of Jasper Lee is an action-packed western, but his Robin Marlette series -- loosely based on some of his own experience while in law enforcement -- is also not to be missed. McNeff stopped by the show to share with us his own take on this wild writing world.

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    The Spotlight: Hollywood Edition Jim Beaver #24

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    On episode 24 veteran actor Jim Beaver who has appeared in TV series Deadwood, Supernatural, Breaking Bad and Justified. 

    Jim Beaver

    James Norman "Jim" Beaver, Jr. (born August 12, 1950) is an American stage, film, and television actor, playwright, screenwriter, director, and film historian. He is most familiar to worldwide audiences as the gruff but tenderhearted prospector Whitney Ellsworth on the HBO Western drama series Deadwood, a starring role which brought him acclaim and a Screen Actors Guild Awards nomination for Ensemble Acting after three decades of supporting work in films and TV. He portrays Bobby Singer in the CW television series Supernatural and Sheriff Shelby Parlow on the FX series Justified. His memoir Life's That Way was published in April 2009.

    Hosts: Kinte, Taralyn Gravois 
    Guests: Jim Beaver
    Productions information: 24 Jim Beaver (2x17) 5/10/14

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    Canterlot Radio - Episode #22: Mic Check's Gruff with Fluffle Puff

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    What's that big pink fluffy marshmallow? Is it even alive? Well, Mic Check takes a hard look at the Brony community's lovable Fluffle Puff in this episode of Canterlot Radio.

    This week, Mic Check looks at "Equestria Girls" sales in the NewsStable, reads a lamenting poem about Luna's sentence in the Bron-etry Corner, and reflects on his experiences with the Green Eyed Monster in an all new Letters to Celestia.

    Plus, find out how you can win a signed Applebloom MLP Trading Card, signed my Michelle Creber.

    Show Notes for this episode can be found at


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    Hopeton Brown - Reggae Movements - Socially Conscious

    in Music

    Step into the studio with reggae pioneer Hopeton Brown bringing you conscious reggae music.
    This week - live interview with CHAKA DEMUS
            Wednesday, 23 July 2013 - 8-11 pm
                        Call in - 661-467-2407
    One of the most popular DJs of the '90s, the jovial, gruff-voiced CHAKA DEMUS has notched up a string of hits in Jamaica, working on his own and with others, but it was his pairing with the dulcet-toned Pliers that brought the toaster a series of international chart-breakers

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    Alex Jones a disinformation controlled agent ?

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    Kate gives her perspective on Alex Jones and her take.
    is he an fbi agent ?
    disinformation analyst control ? 
    is he a pain in the ass ? 
    attention seeker, loudmouth ? 
    cointelpro ? 
    panera bread blocked realzionistjew.com website as a hatespeach site !

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    Nick Mancuso talks to Michael Ironside

    in Health

    Nick talks to Michael Ironside.  You know him from his countless performances, he came to fame as the evil Telepath in Scanners, and has worked with the best directors in the biggest films in the business.  The tough, gruff, uncompromising character who you can find on both sides of the law, he's the man you recognize riight away - the one you don't want to be up against.  You've seen him in Top Gun, Total Recal., Starship Troopers and the list goes on and on.  Listen to him discuss his career and how he stays in good health with such a demanding life.
    POWER HEALTH RADIO believes that to heal yourself, knowledge is power.  We provide our listeners with a new way to improve their well-being on every show by using natural products, services, techniques and ideas.  
    Hosted by celebrity Nick Mancuso, Hollywood insider Phil Morton, this show promises to be the new source for up-to-date information and outstanding opinion on health rights and freedoms as well as government and corporate actions which may run counter to these choices.
      Power Health Radio, where you will get the knowledge and power to survive!  

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    Compassionate HR Interviews The Recruiting Animal!

    in Business

    The Recruiting Animal had the first blogtalkradioshow in his industry. As an early adopter of this medium, and of Twitter, he learned how to captivate his audience in a way that few others have rivaled.  How does he does he do this week after week, year after year?  How does he consistently engage the ears of such a daunting audience?  You'll have to tune in to find out.  This episode will be like "The True Hollywood Story" of the man behind the mask, or the puppet avatar.  On Twitter, and on his show, he never reveals his real name, or image.
    Who is The Recruiting Animal in real life? That's a story that only he can tell.  Let me tell you this, he's one of the smartest, funniest, crankiest people I know. 
    He happens to not just be a recruiter himself, he's also knows a great deal about LinkedIn, Twitter, and how to leverage online networks to source top notch talent for organizations in Canada, and The US.
    Known, and even loved for "screaming" at his guests, and callers, he keeps people coming back in droves.  He's like the Howard Stern of the recruiting industry.
    So, why would I have such a tough guy on Compassionate HR? Because, behind the gruff exterior is perhaps one of the most helpful people I know.
    Many people don't realize just how much @Animal does behind the scenes to help people improve their online profiles (both his colleagues, and job seekers alike).
    That's why I like The Recruiting Animal, and it's why I want to share his story with you.
    Even though this is an interview format, the phone lines will be open, and we will gladly welcome your questions, and comments!
    Let's "Occupy" The Recruiting Animal Show. His show can be heard every Wednesday at Noon Eastern Time.  
    This promises to be perhaps the most unusual episodes of Compassionate HR ever!

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    Ed Asner

    in Entertainment

    7-Time Emmy Award winning actor, and Political Activist, Ed Asner just completed starring in the short film Good Men opposite Mark Rydell (On Golden Pond) directed by Brian Connors. . Ed also just completed narrating the documentary Shattered Hopes, the true story on The Amittyville Horror murders. He also most recently portrayed Henry Winkler's father, Ted Roth in multiple episodes of the USA Network primetime series Royal Pains.
    Ed is also currently touring the country in the one man show FDR which he has been starring in over a year and half. Ed just completed the Indie feature Should've Been Romeo with Paul Ben Victor and Carol Kane.
     Perhaps best known for his comedic and dramatic crossover as the gruff but soft-hearted journalist Lou Grant, the role he originated on the landmark TV news room comedy The Mary Tyler Moore Show and continued in the newspaper-set drama Lou Grant, which earned him five Emmys and three Golden Globe Awards.
    One of the most honored actors in the history of television; Edward Asner has been the recipient of seven Emmy Awards and 16 nominations, as well as five Golden Globe Awards and served as National President of the Screen Actors Guild for two terms. He was inducted into the TV Academy Hall of Fame in 1996. Asner received the Ralph Morgan Award from the Screen Actors Guild in 2000, presented periodically for distinguished service to the Guild's Hollywood membership. In March 2002, he was again honored by The Guild as the 38th recipient of the prestigious Life Achievement Award for career achievement and humanitarian accomplishment, presented annually to an actor who fosters the highest ideals of the profession.  

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