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    "Moment de Reflexion A L'Intention Des Enfants Handicapés"

    in Family

    Emission patronée par le Groupe de Support de Children Like Mike (www.childrenlikemike.org).

    Les parents, les supporteurs et les dirigeants d'organisation sont invités à partager les informations et resources disponible pour les enfants handicapés.

    Vous pouvez appeller au 718-749-7752 pou plus d'information.

    Berlotte Antoine

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    Dinner Specials with May Pang and Cynthia Neilson...Live

    in Entertainment

    May and Cynthia have been lucky to be surrounded by girls who know how to have fun.  Their guest this week made it into an art form.  The notches on her belt include Mick Jagger, Jimmy Page, Keith Moon, Waylon Jennings and Jim Morrison.  She was the it girl during the music renaissance of the 60's and 70's and her book I'm With The Band...Confessions of a Groupe is a kiss and tell no-holds-barred romp.  The girls are thrilled to welcome writer, musician and infamous rock and roll groupie Pamela Des Barres.  Come celebrate spring with us...all fun...no filter.

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    Sergine Couillard: Centre d'éducation en santé holistique (Swami Atmajananda)

    in Health

    Sergine (aka Swami Atmajananda) possède une formation scientifique (infirmière) qui lui permet de vous communiquer et de superviser un enseignement rigoureux, de qualité et fiable, ce qui est un point essentiel des formations dans les domaines de la santé, du développement humain et spirituel qu'elle offre.
    Sa formation professionnelle à son centre d'éducation en santé holistique inclue: Naturologie, Yogas, Shiatsu, Énergétique, Relation d'aide, Animation de groupe. une expérience de plus de 20 années d'enseignement & presque 30 ans de pratiques en tant que thérapeute, professeur(e)s, animateure, guide en croissance, directrice de plusieurs  centres, elle peut ainsi vous assurer un enseignement pratique, adapté et de haute qualité.
    Sa formation comme instructeure spirituelle est reconnu dans  plusieurs  voies lui permettant de vous transmettre un héritage et une connaissance  fiable.
    Nous parlerons dans cette entrevue de l'éternelle réalité de l'éternité de l'âme (Gita chapître 2)
    Consultez ce convertisseur de date et d'heure pour noter la rencontre dans votre agenda

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    grudge Inc - Grudge Talk Radio with California's Teo Russo

    in Automotive

    Southern California's Grudge Inc Show:With California's Teo Russo!!! "WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE" Come join Teo as get ready for the 2014 Race Season and we will be discussing the Fox News Report  and the future of a drag strip in the Harbor Area. and we will be starting to  look for a groupe of cars to make up "CALIFORNIA'S FINEST"STREET CARS! and maybe a guest surprise guest call from the "405" Show starts @ 7:00 P.S.T.

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    The New Futures

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    Four piece Seattle based pop group The New Futures joins us to talk about their debut single and when we might see a full length album from them.

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    RAW AND UNCUT THE UPDATE: SPECIAL EDITION: THE TRIUMPANT RETURN FOR 2013 AD.  A. Stephan Moss aka Blackstone & His VIP Co-Host Don Emilio Zinno Hit the Air waves tonight at 7:00 PM EST / A PRIME TIME SPECIAL ON BLOG TALK RADIO / A BEHIND THE SCENES EDITION - THE MAKING OF: THE ROAD TO THE NORTH AMERICAN BOXING GAMES.  A House of dE Mossì Production in Association with A. Stephan Moss aka Blackstone / Groupe dE Mossì (Sports, Entertainment and Life Styles) and Writeous Arsenal Records circa 20 1 100 AD. www.demossi.com / All Rights Reserved GdM 2013 AD. 
    THE PREMIERE IS SPONSORED BY REELIV5: http://www.reeliv5.com   / THE FUNCTIONAL BEVERAGE (APPROVED BY HEALTH CANADA & AVAILABLE IN BOTH LIQUID AND GEL) AND MUNITION ENERGY: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Munition/141920505834172  / 7:00 PM AIR TIME. SPECIAL GUESTS TO BE ANNOUNCED. Posted by: A. Stephan Moss aka Blackstone / Groupe dE Mossì (Sports, Entertainment and Life Styles) / circa 20 1 100 AD. FOR INFO: (514) 223-2766 / www.demossi.com

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    A. Stephan Moss aka Blackstone introduces Moussa Doumbia from Bamako, Mali West Africa.  Moussa is the father of N'tchidje Doumbia, a co-producer and cinematographer, associate of the House of dE Mossi productions.  Moussa is visiting Montreal from Bamako.  N'tchidje aka "N'tchi" and Steve worked together previously on "Back to Back - The Legend of the Blue Flame" and N'tchidje was the Groupe dE Mossì cinematographer for "Championship Week - Pascal vs. Dawson I" at the MAA (Montreal Athletic Association)  in Montreal, Quebec in August of 2010.

    Mousse is an engineer by profession.  He met N'tchidje's mother in Russia, when they were in university.  N'tchi (The Light skin African), is the result on the union. 

    The show's discussions will concern the Dogon, the Mossi People, Animism, Mansa Musa, the Legend of Prester John, the Nights Templar and the secrets of the Holy Grail still hidden in the areas of Bamako, and the Bandiagara Escarpment in Mali West Africa.  "Tune in, it's will be very informative". - A. Stephan Moss aka Blackstone.

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    August 10, 2012

    in Business

    John Walters is a Pro-Active Tax Planning and Financial Strategist that works with clients around their Diverse needs and Individual Lifestyles.  His company LeWalt Consulting Groupe, LLC is known as "THE PLACE" where Savvy Members gather to create comprehensive personal and business Tax and Financial strategies, that eliminate all their wasted tax dollars, increase their bottom-line wealth and enrich their lives...Guaranteed.   Dr. Karl R. Wolfe Counselor and Creative Consultant who has developed a new field - Quantum Cybernetics.  This is a new model of communication, which uses movement and video as an energetic diagnostic and therapeutic tool.   John Stuckenschneider  is the co-author, along with business and personal development legend, Brian Tracy, of the Best Selling Book, “Pushing To The Front – Frontline Strategies from the World’s Leading Experts.”  John is the owner of Think Into Success, a company dedicated to providing personal development programs, training and resources for sales and corporate leadership professionals, providing “Breakthrough Thinking For Breakthrough Results.”  

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    Groupe de dames missionaires

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    Energetic Circle with Kellie Jetter

    in Spirituality

    Terry is away this week, so in this week's Spirit Gathering, join Kellie Jetter as she chats about how you can use your energy more effectively to attract-- instead of repel-- what you want in your life. Then, she will create a unique energetic circle to magnetize and amplify what you desire! All you have to do is tune in and you will gain the powerful effects of this gathering! She will take callers so YOU will have the chance to share directly and have the groupe target YOUR request. Don't miss this exciting experience to join the circle, focus on what you wish to magnetize into your life and open yourself up to even MORE! 

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    Casino City Gang -- What a mess edition

    in Sports

    Casino City's Vin Narayanan and Aaron Todd look at the messy implosion of Groupe Bernard Tapie's takeover of Full Tilt Poker, address Full Tilt takeover rumors and reports, look at what's next for GBT, discuss the new World Series of Poker Asia-Pacific, gambling in Massachusetts and make their best bets.

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