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    Group Fitness news you can use

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    As the CVO of MindBody Group Fitness Arts Foundation it is my pleasure to host Group Fitness Out the Box. I've been in the group fitness profession for a number of years and am dedicated to recruiting more instructors and developing creative fitness formats and business models. 

    Today we cover a variety of topics including

    MindBody Group Fitness Arts Foundation's mission
    2015 fitness trend forecasting via ACE website
    Online fitness training by Vida
    David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell and yes it has something to do with group fitness

    and more...

    Also, next week Ahmad El will be back with more on the mechanics of Tai Chi. Follow the show to make sure you don't miss the episode. Maybe we will take callers...

    Comments? Please post them here or on MindBody Group Fitness Arts Foundation FB page. Thanks!

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    Tai Chi and professional group fitness instructors

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    Attention hard-core Professional Group Fitness Instructors (PGFI)

    There may come a time in your fitness life when you have to slow down. Yes, YOU! Even Jack LaLanne eventually slowed down and he was a persistant and dedicated exerciser. Perhaps, for many of you, it is a challenge to slow down and the idea even makes you uncomfortable. 

    Tai Chi changed my life

    My personal journey, as first a professional group fitness instructor (someone whose primary source of income is teaching group fitness classes), then, evenutally, becoming a tai chi instructor, has inspired me to share my story with other GFPI.

    The take-away here is that PGFIs who begin to study and practice this internal martial arts will benefit tremedously. It can also be another source of income targeting the expanding demand in the fitness industry for elder-friendly exercise. 


    What is tai chi
    Tai Chi in the fitness world
    Story of my personal journey as a PGFI who started practicing tai chi
    Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan
    Tune in to next week's show when we interview Sifu Ahmad Ptah El

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    Kwietha Bolden: Group Fitness Instructor

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    Group Fitness out the Box

    We are pleased to have the opportunity of airing this interview which took place in 2011. It's always a pleasure to talk to other group fitness instructors. 

    Even though it seems a challenge for instructors to stay on the topic of the business of group fitness, that is the focus of this show. 

    Do you currently teach group fitness classes?
    How long have you been in the business?
    How did you get your start?
    How is your body holding up?
    What do you do to stay healthy as a group fitness instructor?
    What advice do you have, if any, for those in the business?
    What are your specialties?
    Have you developed a group fitness format?

    If you would like to be a guest on our show, please contact MindBody Group Fitness Arts Foundation on Facebook. Give us a like while you're there and get the latest relevant information about this business of group fitness. Or submit your request via email: fitinstructor@mindbodyfitness.ws.


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    Host Annamarie House - Professional Group Fitness Instructor

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    Professional or Unprofessional
    Annamarie House, with over 20 years of experience in the field or group fitness, talks today about putting professional in your career as a group fitness instructor.
    What are some characteristics of a professional group fitness instructor vs an unprofessional instructor? Can you tell a newbie from a seasoned instructor? Join the conversation and post your comments on the show. Feedback is always appreciated!

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    Taking the art of group fitness to the next level

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    Join the conversation:
    One thing most fitness professionals have in common - we love to talk. Well, here's your chance. Let's chat professional to professional. What is going on?
    Question the future:
    What do you see in your crystal ball for your career in group fitness? Do you see yourself getting certified in more formats or areas of health and fitness? Does more education, training and certificates a better fitness professional make? How are you expressing your passion for this business of fitness? What classes do you teach? What new formats do you want to introduce to the world?
    Answering the call to answer these questions
    Call in. We'd all love to hear from you! Register first though, so you can also log into the chat room and chat amongst each other.  This show can be accessed anytime after broadcast by visiting the archives. Downloadable to your computer, ipod or whatever. And best of all, if you called in, you can easily share the show with all your friends and admirers!
    Host Profile
    Raina Casarez  is a seasoned fitness professional specializing in the art of group fitness as synchronized movement.
    "I love networking and I love talking to other people who speak my language: BPM's, intensity level, target heartrate, reps, yeah!"
    Website: MindBody Group Fitness Arts
    Articles: Wii Fitness Examiner
    Facebook: MindBody Group Fitness Arts Foundation

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    The Benefits of Circuit Style Group Fitness

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    The hottest trend right now is HIIT in a group setting.  There is a reason for this: It's effective!  Find out why, how I use it with my clients and how having all the right tools will give you the best chance for fitness success!

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    Tai Chi instructor Ahmad Ptah El talks to fitness professionals

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    We are thrilled to welcome as our guest, Sifu Ahmad Ptah El to Group Fitness Out The Box! If you listened to our show Tai Chi and professional group fitness instructors, you will appreciate why we're so excited to have Ahmad come on the show.

    Ahmad has extensive training in the martial arts focusing on the internal martial arts for years. Today he talks to us about our professional lives and its costs to our health and wellness; and how we can increase our longevity, healthfully, in the field of professional fitness instructing. 

    Topics covered:

    What is tai chi?
    Why is it beneficial (life-changing, in my case) for fitness professionals?
    How to evaluate a tai chi program and instructor
    What form should you learn?
    What should you expect in terms of training and time commitment? (In our profession, that translates into "can I learn it in a weekend workshop?)
    Suggested reading: Tai Chi Health for Life by Bruce Frantzis

    For more about  Ahmad Ptah El check out his Bagua Taiji website.

    Ahmad is available for private sessions in the metro Atlanta area and will travel for workshops. He can be reached by calling (678) 526-4286 or by filling out the contact form on his website.


  • Rogue instructors create boutique fitness formats

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    Confession: I am a rogue instructor. Rogue meaning 'a person who causes trouble in a playful way. So, don't take me too seriously as I break all the rules, create my own way, do my own thing and still want to play with others. 

    If you are a rogue or wannabe rogue instructor this is the show for you. In fact, I want you on my show! Let's talk about the path less traveled. Let's talk about the business of group fitness and innovative approaches for the 21st century. Nothing is out of bounds. What are you doing? What are you teaching? How are you creating your own fitness format? Developing a following? Training instructors? Getting paid?

    You can chose an alias. Mine is Rogue for this show. You can interact with me on Facebook by liking MindBody Group Fitness Arts page. Let me know what you think. And if you want to be a guest on my show, please contact me. 

    Twitter @pendagoddess

    Facebook: Rhythm Walking, MindBody Group Fitness Arts, Wii Fitness Examiner

    Examiner.com: National Wii Fitness Examiner

    Rhythm Walking on YouTube

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    Interview: Gail McFarland, writer and fitness instructor

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    Original airdate July 2011

    Did you know that besides this radio show, the Rogue Instructor (aka PendaGoddess) hosts another BTR show as well? It's called Virtual Fitness Wii FAB (For Absolute Beginners) and is where I first got started on BlogTalk Radio.

    Virtual Fitness Wii FAB was created to discuss Wii exergaming and how fitness professionals could use this new format. Some of the shows really focussed on the fitness industry, and this is one of them. So I'm just moving them over here in case you missed those shows over there.

    Gail is still going strong and is working in the fitness industry. This year she completed another Peachtree Road Race; number 21. We're planning to do a follow up show to discuss more industry insights. There are plenty of tips from Gail is this interview so make sure you take some notes. 

    "You must constantly reinvent yourself to remain viable"

    Gail McFarland


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    Rogue instructor and boutique formats

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    Join me, Rogue Instructor, as I chat about various boutique formats. Boutique formats are not yet widely available. Why? Because there usually is only one instructor who knows how to teach it and that would be the creator of the format.

    Rhythm Walking is one of the boutique formats discussed today, because it happens to be created by me. Check it out and let me know what you think.

    While listening to the show I hope you are thinking about some good advice to offer me. I'd love your input, whatever your background, but especially if you're a professional group fitness instructor. 

    Do you have a new fitness format? We want to hear about it. Yes, you can be a guest on my show; I'd love to interview you! It's pretty easy to do. Just call in on the phone number and we'll chat live. 

    While you're at it, you might as well sign up for your own BlogTalk Radio show. Speak your mind and find your niche audience. And please become a follower of mine. Thanks!

    MindBody Group Fitness Arts

    Rhythm Walking

    You can also connect with me by clicking on the icons on my page. BTR makes it so easy, just click and see.


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    Getting started as a Group Fitness Instructor

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    Your weekly source for fitness and nutrition information. Tips for helping you live and healthy and happy life.
    Join us as we talk with West Chester University Fitness Coordinator, Michele Ford as she shares her expertise in leading a strong group fitness program, advice she gives young people who want to get into the fitness world and more.

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