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    Tai Chi as a group fitness class

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    Greetings Group Fitness Instructor peeps!

    As I finished my tai chi practice this morning, I was inspired to record this show. 

    What's MindBody fitness? What does that even mean? I describe how I interpret MindBody fitness and why it is important that GFIs pay attention to this essential healing practice.

    Questions explored include:

    How do we adapt a tai chi class successfully to a group fitness format?

    How do instructors create a standard format for teaching tai chi to students

    Is tai chi for fighting or healing in the group fitness arena?

    Can fitness instructors learn to mimic martial arts forms effectively?

    Do instructors need to know the martial (fighting) aspects of tai chi to teach it?

    How long will it take before you can start teaching a tai chi class?

    How is a tai chi class structured for a 30-minute session?

    And more....

    You can connect to me on my Facebook page as MindBody Group Fitness Arts Foundation.




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    Group Fitness news you can use

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    As the CVO of MindBody Group Fitness Arts Foundation it is my pleasure to host Group Fitness Out the Box. I've been in the group fitness profession for a number of years and am dedicated to recruiting more instructors and developing creative fitness formats and business models. 

    Today we cover a variety of topics including

    MindBody Group Fitness Arts Foundation's mission
    2015 fitness trend forecasting via ACE website
    Online fitness training by Vida
    David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell and yes it has something to do with group fitness

    and more...

    Also, next week Ahmad El will be back with more on the mechanics of Tai Chi. Follow the show to make sure you don't miss the episode. Maybe we will take callers...

    Comments? Please post them here or on MindBody Group Fitness Arts Foundation FB page. Thanks!

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    Kwietha Bolden: Group Fitness Instructor

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    Group Fitness out the Box

    We are pleased to have the opportunity of airing this interview which took place in 2011. It's always a pleasure to talk to other group fitness instructors. 

    Even though it seems a challenge for instructors to stay on the topic of the business of group fitness, that is the focus of this show. 

    Do you currently teach group fitness classes?
    How long have you been in the business?
    How did you get your start?
    How is your body holding up?
    What do you do to stay healthy as a group fitness instructor?
    What advice do you have, if any, for those in the business?
    What are your specialties?
    Have you developed a group fitness format?

    If you would like to be a guest on our show, please contact MindBody Group Fitness Arts Foundation on Facebook. Give us a like while you're there and get the latest relevant information about this business of group fitness. Or submit your request via email: fitinstructor@mindbodyfitness.ws.


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    Tai Chi and professional group fitness instructors

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    Attention hard-core Professional Group Fitness Instructors (PGFI)

    There may come a time in your fitness life when you have to slow down. Yes, YOU! Even Jack LaLanne eventually slowed down and he was a persistant and dedicated exerciser. Perhaps, for many of you, it is a challenge to slow down and the idea even makes you uncomfortable. 

    Tai Chi changed my life

    My personal journey, as first a professional group fitness instructor (someone whose primary source of income is teaching group fitness classes), then, evenutally, becoming a tai chi instructor, has inspired me to share my story with other GFPI.

    The take-away here is that PGFIs who begin to study and practice this internal martial arts will benefit tremedously. It can also be another source of income targeting the expanding demand in the fitness industry for elder-friendly exercise. 


    What is tai chi
    Tai Chi in the fitness world
    Story of my personal journey as a PGFI who started practicing tai chi
    Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan
    Tune in to next week's show when we interview Sifu Ahmad Ptah El

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    Host Annamarie House - Professional Group Fitness Instructor

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    Professional or Unprofessional
    Annamarie House, with over 20 years of experience in the field or group fitness, talks today about putting professional in your career as a group fitness instructor.
    What are some characteristics of a professional group fitness instructor vs an unprofessional instructor? Can you tell a newbie from a seasoned instructor? Join the conversation and post your comments on the show. Feedback is always appreciated!

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    Taking the art of group fitness to the next level

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    Join the conversation:
    One thing most fitness professionals have in common - we love to talk. Well, here's your chance. Let's chat professional to professional. What is going on?
    Question the future:
    What do you see in your crystal ball for your career in group fitness? Do you see yourself getting certified in more formats or areas of health and fitness? Does more education, training and certificates a better fitness professional make? How are you expressing your passion for this business of fitness? What classes do you teach? What new formats do you want to introduce to the world?
    Answering the call to answer these questions
    Call in. We'd all love to hear from you! Register first though, so you can also log into the chat room and chat amongst each other.  This show can be accessed anytime after broadcast by visiting the archives. Downloadable to your computer, ipod or whatever. And best of all, if you called in, you can easily share the show with all your friends and admirers!
    Host Profile
    Raina Casarez  is a seasoned fitness professional specializing in the art of group fitness as synchronized movement.
    "I love networking and I love talking to other people who speak my language: BPM's, intensity level, target heartrate, reps, yeah!"
    Website: MindBody Group Fitness Arts
    Articles: Wii Fitness Examiner
    Facebook: MindBody Group Fitness Arts Foundation

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    2016 update for Virtual Fitness Wii FAB (For Absolute Beginners)

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    Call me crazy, and you wouldn't be alone, but I've been at this Wii exergaming business since 2007. That's, well, I have to go get my calculater, but that's a long time. 

    Yes, the Wii U is out and yes, no one is talking about the Wii console, and yes, I know you have one that is sadly collecting dust. Why else would you be tuning into this show? 

    PendaGoddess turned 60 years old and is still flying high and kicking butt. Virtual Fitness Wii FAB, a comprehensive program of Wii exergaming, is still evolving and refining techniques and training curricula.

    I'm going to talk about some new games I purchased recently. Tune in to find out which ones or I guess you can just look at the slide show. 

    If this is your first time listening in, welcome. This show is geared to group fitness professionals and is an ongoing effort to inform and recruit fitness instructors to train in Wii exergaming.

    Make money training Wii exergaming teams! Yay!


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    Guest: Lady G talks about fitness and house music

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    House music is what the world and group fitness needs.

    Why? Because music is the key of movement. Popular fitness formats depend on the music to get people up and grooving; and for many instructors, music is our lifeline to a great class experience.  

    What is house music? Well there are many interpretations. Listen to the mix playing in the background. No, these mixes do not use 32-count phrasing or 8-count blocks as in professionally-mixed aerobic music. Yet, these mixes naturally flow this type of rhythmic musical phrasing making it ideal for instructor cueing.  

    Lady G is our special guest because she is one of the few that has experienced the fusion of house music and fitness in the form of Rhythm Walking. Rhythm Walking is fueled by house music. 

    Lady G is also a fixture of the Atlanta house music scene and is dedicated to spreading the love of house music far and wide. She also walks her talk, always out on the dance floor. Listen in while she talks about the power of house music. 

    Lady G talking about Rhythm Walking

    Lady G warming up

    Follow us on Facebook:

    MindBody Group Fitness Arts Foundation

    Rhythm Walking

    Wii Fitness Examiner

    House Music Mix by DJ 1derful

    If Nothing Changes Then Nothing Changes on MixCloud


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    The Benefits of Circuit Style Group Fitness

    in Health

    The hottest trend right now is HIIT in a group setting.  There is a reason for this: It's effective!  Find out why, how I use it with my clients and how having all the right tools will give you the best chance for fitness success!

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    This Whole "What 's Your Excuse?" BS In Our Fitness Industry Needs To Go!

    in Fitness

    The Morning Connection podcast offers you a daily dose of "MTC" (Mental Toughness Conditioning). You'll take yourself and everyone around you to another level by sharpening your personal development consciousness and skills.

    Skip La Cour helps ambitious people understand and execute effective leadership and influence strategies to reach their goals in life with more clarity and confidence.

    Fitness Experts, online coaches, group exercise instructors, and personal trainers: Visit the Fitness-Centered Life Coach website at www.FitnessCenteredLifeCoach.com

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    Al-Iman Prayer Group Weekly Lecture

    in Islam

    Al-Iman Prayer Group Weekly lecture special prayer for the month of rabiul'Thanni 1437AH.