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    Bledart Fm GROS BRAS

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    Il va devoiler la verite sur son arrestation a Pointe-Noire apres son clash sur Teddy Benzo et Belle Rage

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    Callywood Live - Hope Flood - Middle School Strip Secarhing? - Hot Topics & More

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    Callywood Live

    Hope Flood is an actress and executive, known for Comedy Underground, Going to Cali, Vol. 1 (2014), The Daily Mix (2012) and Baby Boy (2001).

    Middle Schools Strip Searvhing?

    Two families are questioning the use of strip searches at a school in California.

    A 13-year old and a 15-year old girl were both searched for drugs at Serrano Middle School.

    They say a male security guard patted them down and was in the room when the girls removed their clothes and bras.

    “She was asked to take off her jacket, take off her shirt, take off her T-shirt, unfasten her bra and pull her bra out — literally pull her bra out from the bottom and shake her breasts,” said the girl’s mother.

    A quarter of a gram of marijuana was found in one of the girls’ bags.

    The girls’ parents say it could have been planted because the bag was unsupervised for 40-minutes.

    Linda Bardere, a spokesperson for the San Bernardino School District, confirmed to the San Bernardino Sun that the district is looking into the search.“We adhere to our board policy and (California Education Code) when a search is conducted. We take all parent concerns and complaints seriously, however due to student confidentiality we can’t comment further,” said Bardere in a statement.




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    False Advertising

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    How important is it to wear make up, push-up bras and weaves?

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    BlackCatMysteries with, mystery guests, weird internet things, more cats!

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    Who is going to call me tonight?  If i can even figure out how to do this, on tonight's episode!


    I think my cats have gas.  We are listening to weird shows about possessed dolls, and aren't sure if there are any good movies on Netflix.  Can anyone let us know?  Weird music, funny things, and more!


    Adddresing things folks have sent me online.  Detachable Penuis?  Nobody can spell the word 'penis'.

    Mysteries of UFO's on Stuff they Don't want you to Know.....  The mystery of Johnny Gosch, never solved case.

    First child on Milk carton.  Pervert ring alledgedly involved. 

    Tom Jones, What's New cat guy has highest collection of bras and underwear ever reported, check on that though.

    War of The Worlds, strangest broadcast to make people flip out and lose their shit over aliens from mars giving anal probes.

    So much more on BlackCat Mysteries



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    Policarpo e os "Primogénitos de Satã" \ Polycarp and the "Firstborn of Satan"

    in Spirituality

    Ninguém de maneira alguma vos engane; porque não será assim sem que antes venha a apostasia, e se manifeste o homem do pecado, o filho da perdição, 2 Tessalonicenses 2:3
    Sábado, 7 de Março, 23:30h Portugal (20:30h Brasília)

    No one in any way deceive you; because it is not so except there come a falling away, and manifest the man of sin, the son of perdition, 2 Thessalonians 2: 3
    Saturday, March 7th, 6:30 PM EST \ 5:30 PM CST \ 4:30 PM MST \ 3:30 PM PST - USA

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    Discovering the Truth - DS & Daniel Duval

    in Christianity

    Portanto, não os temais; porque nada há encoberto que não haja de revelar-se, nem oculto que não haja de saber-se. Mateus 10:26
    Sexta-feira, 6 de Março, 23h Portugal (20h Brasília)

    So do not be afraid of them; for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. Matthew 10:26
    Friday, March 6th, 6 pm EST \ 5 pm CST \ 4 pm MST \ 3 pm PST - USA

    D. Duval s Show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/discoveringthetruth
    D. Duval s site: http://www.bridemovement.com/

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    Noite de Adoração \ Night of Worship

    in Christianity

    Grande é o Senhor, e muito digno de louvor, e a sua grandeza inescrutável. Salmos 145:3
    Quarta Feira, 4 de março, 23h Portugal (20h Brasília)

    Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable. Psalms 145: 3
    Wednesday, March 4th, 6pm EST \ 5pm CST \ 4pm MST \ 3pm PST - USA

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    A Presença do Senhor das Hostes \ The Presence of the Lord of Hosts

    in Christianity

    Estando Josué já perto de Jericó, olhou para cima e viu um homem de pé, empunhando uma espada. Aproximou-se dele e perguntou-lhe: "Você é por nós, ou por nossos inimigos? "
    "Nem uma coisa nem outra", respondeu ele. "Venho na qualidade de comandante do exército do Senhor". Então Josué prostrou-se, rosto em terra, em sinal de respeito, e lhe perguntou: "Que mensagem o meu senhor tem para o seu servo? "
    O comandante do exército do Senhor respondeu: "Tire as sandálias dos pés, pois o lugar em que você está é santo". E Josué as tirou. Josué 5:13-15
    Terça feira, 3 de março, 23h Portugal (19h Brasília)

    Being Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing, holding a sword. He approached him and asked him, "Are you for us or for our enemies?"
    "Neither one nor the other," he said. "I come as the commander of the army of the Lord." And Joshua fell down, face to the ground, out of respect, and asked him, "What message does my Lord have for his servant?"
    The commander of the Lord's army replied, "Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy." And Joshua took them. Joshua 5: 13-15
    Tuesday, March 3rd, 6pm EST \ 5pm CST \ 4pm MST \ 3pm PST - USA

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    Os filhos de Yahweh \ The sons of Yahweh

    in Spirituality

    Não vos deixarei órfãos; voltarei para vós. João 14:18
    Domingo, 1 de Março, 22h Portugal (18h Brasília)

    I will not leave you orphans; i will come to you. John 14:18
    Sunday, March 1st, 5pm EST \ 4pm CST \ 3pm MST \ 2pm PST - USA

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    Jeremias 4 - O furor do Senhor / Jeremiah 4 - The wrath of the Lord

    in Christianity

    Anunciai em Judá, e fazei ouvir em Jerusalém, e dizei: Tocai a trombeta na terra, gritai em alta voz, dizendo: Ajuntai-vos, e entremos nas cidades fortificadas.
    Arvorai a bandeira rumo a Sião, fugi, não vos detenhais; porque eu trago do norte um mal, e uma grande destruição. Jeremias 4:5-6
    Quinta feira, 26 de Fevereiro, 23:30h Portugal (19:30h Brasília)

    Declare in Judah, and do hear in Jerusalem, and say, Blow ye the trumpet in the land, cry aloud and say, Assemble yourselves, and go into the fortified cities.
    Set up the standard toward Zion, flee, be not Hinder; for I will bring evil from the north, and great destruction. Jeremiah 4: 5-6
    Thursday, February 26th, 6:30pm EST \ 5:30pm CST - USA

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    Cidades de refúgio \ Cities of refuge

    in Christianity

    Vós, que escapastes da espada, ide-vos, não pareis; de longe lembrai-vos do Senhor, e suba Jerusalém a vossa mente. Jeremias 51:50
    Terça feira, 24 de Fevereiro, 23h Portugal (19h Brasília)

    Ye that have escaped the sword, go away, do not stop; by far remember the Lord, and let Jerusalem your mind. Jeremiah 51:50
    Tuesday, February 24th, 6pm EST \ 5pm CST \ 4pm MST \ 3pm PST - USA