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    Grimoire of the Thorn - Blooded Witch: Witchcraft Mastery with Raven Grimassi

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    Join Supernatural Girlz Patricia Baker & Helene Olsen as they interview Raven Grimassi about his most powerful work to date!

    Listen to Grimassi share profound Craft teachings that will transform your relationship with magick. 

    We'll be talking all about a new system of witchcraft, one that draws upon the old ways and the old days. Rich with spells, rituals, and detailed illustrations of plant spirits, Grimassi shows us the path that leads deep into the darkened woods--which leads to the Thorned Path.

    Hear about the entities that dwell within the organic memory of the earth, the devas, the deities, the magical life force that lies within the wooded glen. Learn to work with these spirits, and use their wisdom to transform your life and your practice!

    Don't miss this magical show with the Girlz

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    In Clear View: Free Psychic Readings and The Secrets of Erotic Magic

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    Capture the essence of the moment. Discover the possibilities for your future. In Clear View explores various forms of counseling to help you find the answers to life’s many questions from an intuitive, spiritual perspective. Stay tuned as Ron Ash and Kitty Claus bring you; In Clear View.

    Today's guest Psychic Medium for People and Pets Diane Gianlorenzo.

    Special guest Author Jason Miller will discuss his latest book Sex, Sorcery and Spirit:The Secrets or Erotic Magic.  In Sex, Sorcery, and Spirit, Jason Miller draws upon his training in Eastern and Western mystery schools to produce a frank, comprehensive exploration of sexual sorcery and spirituality. In clear language, he will show you how to take your magic to the next level, teaching you:

    How to use the moment of orgasm as a gateway to the highest levels of spiritual attainment.
    The use of sexual elixirs in alchemy and practical sorcery.
    How to work with sexual spirits and gods.
    The dangers of sex magic and how to avoid them.
    A grimoire of sexual spells and rituals.

    Listen Now

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    Dimensions of Tarot Travel

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    Era Cop Times News  Jairo Amun Bennu -

    Visits with Theresa J Morris for her friends in cyberspace. Theresa is an author, entrepreneur and parapsychologist. Parapsychology is the branch of psychology that deals with the investigation of purportedly psychic phenomena, as clairvoyance, extrasensory perception, telepathy, and the like.  TJ is a psychic medium who shares Consciousness & Soul. Love is the main ingredients as essence and energy of who and what we are as self. TJ is a Tarot Reader Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor. Theresa of Ascension – Ascension Ancient Mystery Schools – Psychic Awakening Classes & Oher things for 2012 & Beyond – The Ascension Age – Magic times of the Mind. Soul Essence  Consciousness and Neuro Science. Parapsychology has been part of a book of practicing communities. Books Grimoire- A grimoire /gr?m'w?r/ is a textbook of magic. Such books typically include instructions on how to create magical objects like talismans and amulets, how to perform magical spells, charms and divination and also how to summon or invoke supernatural entities such as angels, spirits, and demons. In many cases, the books themselves are also believed to be imbued with magical powers, though in many cultures, other sacred texts that are not grimoires, such as the Bible, have also been believed to have supernatural properties intrinsically; in this manner while all books on magic could be thought of as grimoires, not all magical books should.


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    PTRN presents: Pagan Variety show with Author Scott Michael Stenwick

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    8 pm CST-Variety Show-Music, myth, trivia and more with Pam Kelly; Author Scott Michael Stenwick.  Join us as Scott discusses the basics of Enochian and grimoire magick.


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    "Grimoire" is derived from the word "Grammar". A grammar is a description of a set of symbols or sigils and how to combine them to create well-formed sentences designed to INVOKE OR PROVOKE A PARTICULAR VOCATION OR VACATION!

    A Grimoire is, appropriately enough, a description of a set of magickal symbols and how to combine them properly. Most of the texts linked below are descriptions of traditional European ritual magick, which is based on Judeo-Christianity.

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    Welcome to !!!.. The Gnostic Oracle of Today... This is Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Galdiano Montenegro of The Gnostic Book & Pagan Community Center of Los Angeles...

    I wanted to invite you to my new "Season Premier Radio Show" about the fascinating world  of the occult sciences, ceremonial high magick, the paranormal and the ancient Gnostic Mysteries from around the world.  

    To visit our online store & The Gnostic Book & Pagan Community Center go to:



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    Witches of East End “The Brothers Grimoire” – Season 2 Episode 4 – TV Recap

    in Entertainment

    So much has happened since the portal to Asgard opened at the end of season one of Witches of East End. Frederick has been reunited with his family, but he wasn’t the only person (or thing) who came through the portal. There is a dark presence roaming the woods and neighborhoods, killing people. Ingrid has been losing big chunks of time. Dash and Killian have their powers back, and have formed new and surprising relationships. Join Amy (@AmyVRO) and Lucia (@HeroineTV) as they discuss the first four episodes of season two of Witches of East End, on Sunday, August 10 at 6:00pm ET. 

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    Readings at the Crossroads !!Madame Nadia, Conjure Man Ali ,Pro: Porterfield

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     Join us as we meet at the crossroads to divine for our listeners!


    ConjureMan Ali, also known to some as Dr. Raven, is a traditional conjurer and magus--a practitioner of old world sorceries and new world magicks. He works within the grimoire tradition along with its Middle Eastern counterparts and is a professional rootworker. A graduate of catherine yronwode's Hoodoo and Rootwork Correspondence Course, he's a spiritual practitioner who reads and performs rootwork on behalf of clients and is an accredited and reputable member of the Association of Independent Readers and Rootworkers. A Tata in the tradition of Quimbanda, his approach to the occult and magick is scholarly and practical with an emphasis on classical occult education combined with real-world practice. He is a diviner, an astrologer, a geomancer, cartomancer, and a dreamer. If you are interested in learning more about him or the services he offers go to www.conjuremanali.com

    Madame Nadia is an enchantress, a hereditary diviner, and a writer and filmmaker with flare for all things beautiful, glamorous, and artistic. She was born in Eastern Europe, raised in the Middle East, and currently resides with her family in the Midwest. An intuitive healer, and a trained Usui Reiki practitioner, Madame Nadia’s magical experience is also firmly grounded in concrete knowledge of several magico-religious traditions with ancient roots

    Professor C. D. Porterfield, and hoodoo is my business. Originally from Boyd, Texas, I currently live in Denton, Texas where it is my honor and privilege to offer consultative, prescriptional, and divinational work through hoodoo and conjure. I am a father, husband, grandfather,


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    Enjoy The Krones' Kauldron Back Porch With Miss Paula Cas & Dia Nunez

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    Miss Paula Cas from KDCL Media and Dia Nunez from The H20 Network relax in the shade of the back porch for a Krones' tête-à-tête.

    Join in the conversation of the metaphysics of astrology, numerology and the energies that affect our every day lives. So grab a quill, crack open those grimoires to take notes on on protecting your psyche if you're a newly awakened medium, crystals, stones and other tools to take advantage of the energies 2014 brings.

    More times than not spirit stops by to leave a message or three. You know how our ancestors be putting in their two cents.

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    Interview with Aaron Leitch

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    Aaron Leitch has been a scholar and spiritual seeker for nearly three decades. He is a member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Gentlemen of Jupiter and the academic Societas Magica. His writings cover such varied fields as ancient Middle Eastern religion and mythology, Solomonic mysticism, shamanism,Neoplatonism, Hermeticism and Alchemy, Traditional Wicca and Neopaganism, The Golden Dawn Tradition, Thelema, Angelology, Qabalah, Enochiana, African Diaspora Religions, Hexcraft and Hoodoo folk traditions, Psychology and Consciousness Expansion, Cyberspace and Virtual Reality and modern social commentary. He is the author of Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires, The Angelical Language: Vols. I and II and The Essential Enochian Grimoire. 

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    Axes of Evil - Horror Anthology

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    AXES OF EVIL! Heavy Metal Horror Themed Anthology!

    Carnage. Blood. Damage. Diatonic scales. Bone shards. Blast beats. Chaos. Chromatics. Gore. Guitars. Diabolism. Double bass. Riffs. Wreckage. Monsters. Music. AXES OF EVIL An original anthology of heavy metal-themed horror stories, edited by music journalist (Metal Hammer) and author Alex S. Johnson Featuring Lucy Taylor, Bram Stoker Award-winning author for The Safety of Unknown Cities Sèphera Girón, author of over 15 published books, including The House of Pain and Borrowed Flesh Terry M. West, author of "What Price Gory", director of the cult classic horror film "Flesh for the Beast" Del James, author of "The Language of Fear", music journalist, songwriter (Guns N’ Roses, Testament, etc.) And 30 more of the finest writers in the horror field today. I have determined that this astounding collection of horror is not merely an anthology but a coded Grimoire of magic. –Robin Dover

    As a reader and avid horror fanatic, I often find myself saturated with supposedly great horror fiction only to be let down by the quality. With this anthology, I got everything I could possibly want; Horror and Metal. Thirty-four stories with bite and balls make this a must read. Axes of Evil isn't just a book; it's an epic tome of brutality.—Dale Herring LET THE SHREDDING BEGIN

    Join us as we chat with authors:  Sèphera Girón, Terry M West, Lucy Taylor, Jeff O'Brien, Mimi Williams, Mary Genevieve Fortier and Author and Editor Alex S. Johnson! Available on Amazon or Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1497360560/

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