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    Ask Grim Episode 4

    in Entrepreneur

    In this week's episode of Ask Grim we will be talking about Facebook, Cleaning your PC, You first three things to do when having "technical difficulties, and whatever else I decide to add to the plate. LOL We will talk about this weeks Cool Link, Google voice. I will also talk about my new video that should be ready tomorrow. Hope you can join us and I will see you tonight.

    And if your still with us I will be switching over to do a Grey Area Radio Podcast right after my show. You can access the Grey Area Podcast at this link.


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    Ask Grim Episode 3

    in Entrepreneur

    In this week's episode of Ask Grim we will be talking about the increased use of Instagram and how you can use it to help your business. We will also talk about a few popular social media accounts and how they will be a good fit, or not, for your business. If we have time I'd also like to throw in a new segment called entrepreneur ideas. We will talk more about the new member section on Ask Grim and we will announce this week's Cool Link. So check out the show if you have the time and if not you can always catch it later on AskGrim.net Some helpful links on using Instagram are:





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    Ask Grim Podcast Episode 1

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    Today is the fist episode of the Ask Grim Podcast, and I am so excited but please bear with me as I learn my way around the studio. In today's episode we are going to talk about making FB your own. I am going to talk about managing your home PC, and give you some business tips. But mostly I want to introduce myself and tell you what it is I do and how you can join my community. Most importantly I want to tell you why you want to join my community right now! Hope to see you tonight.

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    Makeda DeJene aka Grim Phreaker of Zombie Gamer Online

    in Culture

    Makeda DeJene aka Grim Phreaker runs http://www.zombiegameronline.com/ which reviews games, comics and posts on happenings within the geek culture.  
    She will chat with us to discuss how and why she created the site and how the culture of gaming has evolved and changed over the years.

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    Ask Grim Podcast Episode 2

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    Ask Grim is a weekly Podcast that highlights membership activity on the Ask Grim website and answers questions about the internet/social media/ and small businesses. Tonight we will talking about some little known features of FB. Some you may know some you may not. I am looking for a caller that can call in and help me guide them through doing the the things I describe. Must have a phone to call in and a tablet or PC with a web browser not an app to follow along doing what I say to do. Feel free to follow along at home as well, I just need one to help me keep the pace. Thanks and PM me if you want to call in.

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    Welcome to : Ask Grim!

    in Radio

    Tonight is our very First ever "As Grim" segment. Grim will be answering ANYTHING you need to know about your Computer and just about everything Computer related. She will be answering Listener submitted questions plus anyone who wants to Call in Toll Free. Irritating Game Requests? She has the solution. What's the right type of Page for you of Fcebook if you're going to be posting "Grapic" images? She can help. Can Kroger really give you a 200 Dollar Gift Card for referring a friend? She will tell you. "But I saw where Elvis just married Madonna on Christian Mingle!" If the interweb said it, it has to be true, right? WRONG! Join us at 10pm Central!

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    Reach Out America: The Brothers Grim: Exposing the Illusion

    in Current Events

    With host William Tint and Paul Tint

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    in Entertainment

    It is that amazing time again. Every cycle the earth purges out elements that have grown harmful for it. There are people that assist the Earth in its cycle and also takes humanity to higher heights. These people have had many names: Krishna, Hercules, Isis, Jesus, but who is the next one? Next on 2RAW4TV we will find out the true power of these masters and ask and answer the question;   WHO IS THE NEXT ASCENDED MASTER?

    The source of conscious hip hop in Florida, Mr. Grim 2 da Reapa talks about his locks, the Ascension movement, and why his music is "Inner- Galatic"

    2/12/15 @ 11 PM EST blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV CALL 3234100036 TO COMMENT, ?, OR LISTEN VIA PHONE

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    The Psychology of Staying Alive, Why “Old Electronics” Are Better

    in Prepping

    also today, these topics will be discussed. Grim Reminder: You Aren't Getting any Ammo Resupply in an Emergency 

    5 Things Preppers May Need Help With: Why Networking is Worth It 

    Canned food will do right by you in an emergency.

    For 3 Days Only buy

    2 Survival Tabs and get 1 free,

     The Only 4 Antibiotics You’ll Need when SHTF,  

    Ammo sale and emergency essentials sale








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    Party Or Go Home Home!

    in Music

    Mystic Records presents Party Or Go Home! I am your host Candace D'Andrea bringing you on a journey inside the life of Punk Rock- Including where we were
    YESTERDAY, Where we are going TODAY AND where the coolest venues are TOMORROW- Yesterday we cover- History of bands and what we were doing in the 1980's- Today we will have live interviews and current events- Tracks from NOFX Maxium RockNRoll and The GRIM! You can call the studio to join us live on the air streamimg at (646) 478-3594

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    in Entertainment

    This week on Fandom Access the Happy Yappers will talk about Orphan Black, Dig, Grim, Bitten, and whatever else they decide to fill the time with.