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    Grieving sounds like it will make sense. Until it happens. Then, it seems complicated and overwhelming. Anna Stookey will help us understanding our grief and give us suggests on how to care for it.

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    Feb 9 ~ Charlotte View: Living Enlightened Life Coach Nina, Your Grieving Heart

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    Charlotte View presents Living Enlightened with Life Coach Nina with the topic: Your Grieving Heart: Coping with Pain After a Loss. Nina will share 'spot on' coping mechanisms she wrote on her book “Once the Storm is over: From Grieving to Healing After the Suicide of my Daughter,” (end of  Feb 2015)

    Life Coach Nina has many contacts in the mental health department. On this show she welcomes Angela Cartwrigh. She is the founder of the National Grief Awareness Day, and co-host of shows: Grief Diaries and Insight TV. She's also a co-founder of the National Grief Conference (April 2015). Angie is a long-time griever who knows what it means to live in the dark prison of grief and hopelessness. But there are keys to get out! 

    Nina and Angela will take calls to answer one-question on any topic and do some coaching on fascinating, and life-changing subjects. Callers can opt for #TAKEMYCALL and jump the long list and be first in line

    Nina Bingham educates not only from her academic knowledge, but shares from her own hard-won life experience in a new and profound way. 

    What Nina Bingham has learned about love and forgiveness in her own personal life changed her life forever. She knows that she can share this knowledge with you so you can change your life too!

    Living Enlightened Life Coaching Contact:

    Website: www.living-enlightened.com 

    Book: www.oncethestormisover.com

    Tel: 971-266-0292
    email: createyourlifenina@gmail.com

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    JanuaryJones-New Year Being Alone & Grieving

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    Now, Natasha Josefowitz, Ph. D. at 88 years young, having recently lost her brother, her son, and her husband, it is her strength, her passion for living life, and candor that is truly infectious. Living Without the One You Cannot Live Without (November 2013), is perhaps the most telling book ever written about pre and post grief.

    It is a collection of powerful, gritty, candid, and inspiring poems about living life after loss. It was recently named to Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2013.


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    Growth Thru Grieving

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    The meaning of grieving:

    To cause to be sorrowful, distress.

    To mourn or sorrow for.


    For us as humans we feel a vast range of emotions and feelings, but, when we loose a loved one, or even loose apart of ourselves literally that dies off, we feel the darkness and we grieve.

    But through that process, no matter how you deal with it comes growth, strength and light.

    Please join us from 7-8:30pm est for an interactive discussion on how to deal with grieving and how to recognize the growth that comes from it. 

    Readings only in chatroom


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    Healing My Grieving Personality

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    Personality Speaking welcomes Grief Counselor Katie Morse to discuss healing our grieving personalities during the holidays.  Some of us find it difficult to deal with the sadness of losing someone we love.  My guest is going to discuss how we handle the holidays, heal from our sadness and reconcile our feelings.  

    Katie Morse is a proud native Washingtonian. She grew up in far northeast Washington in Suburban Gardens, which was once the site of an African American amusement park.  Katie graduated from McKinley Technical High School (Tech) in the days of the famous Circle T Marching band and the mighty Tech Trainers football and basketball teams. After high school, she attended the University of Maryland, College Park and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism.   After a brief stint in radio at WWDC DC101, she settled in for a career at ATT from which she retired in 2008.

    Katie accepted the gift of eternal life from Christ at an early age but rededicated her life to Him in 1994. Since then, she has strengthened her Christian walk with various courses of study and mission work.  She joined First Baptist Church of Glenarden in 2007 and continues to grow spiritually.  In 2007 the passing of her own precious Mother drew her attention to the necessity and benefit of grief support and counseling. Katie has been attending grief support sessions at FBCG since 2007 and, through God’s gentle healing and care, she is now able to co facilitate grief support classes for others seeking to grieve God’s way.

    Katie strongly believes that God gives all of us the tools, character traits, skills, passion and knowledge to do the job he has assigned to each individual. When you line up with His will for your life, doing what He planned for you, you will experience your greatest success and receive blessings you have never imagined. 

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    AASA presents 


    Tough subject with too little prep for educators to handle it. That is g

    oing to hopefully change.   Our guests are David Schonfel

    d of The National  Center for School Crisis and Bereavement and Kayla Jackson, Project Director,Coordinated School Health.

    www.aasa.org @aasahq


    Presented by KNOWLEDGEWORKS

    www.knowldgeworks.org  @worldoflearning

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    Understanding and Moving Through the Various Stages of the Grieving Process

    in Romance

    The vast majority of us never fully heal from the loss of a love. It appears that we're getting over losing someone as we move through the accute stages of grief, and yet feelings such as hurt, loss and disappointment that we fail to fully process remain trapped within the body indefinately. And that can adversely impact any subsequent relationships. In this episode you will develop a greater understanding of the grieving process and learn about the deep level processing that needs to take place to facilitate healing of the loss of a love. 

    Painful losses and the subsequent feelings that arise become fuel for growth when we learn how to work constructively with them. This process will enable us to open our hearts, develop greater compassion and increase our capacity to love and be loved. 






    Special thank you to David Patterson for allowing me to use his "Heart Abstract" Image http://david-patterson.blogspot.com/ 

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    How to Help a Grieving Family & Trusting God

    in Women

    During the first 30 minutes of this program, Marnie and special guest speaker Susan VandePol will discuss:

    1. The dynamics of loss and grief: How it differs from one scenario to the another.

    2. Why we, even if we are close friends, or have been affected by a similar loss, are often reluctant to face into the grief of others with them.

    3. Some common warning signs of unhealthy grief.

    4. What the Bible commands Christians to do for the grieving.

    5. How to traverse the challenging waters of being sympathetic without pretending to understand their precise pain.

    Susan VandePol founded the “Families of the Fallen” protocol after the dutyrelated death of her husband. It is being used across the country and endorsed by experts. Susan is a speaker and author, is certified in Grief, Crisis, & Trauma Counseling, Grief Coaching, Victim Response, Mediation & Master Life Coaching. Learn more at www.womenspeakers.com/speakerprofile/3160


    During the final 30 minutes you'll enjoy a conversation between Marnie and Nick Castillano on the topic of trusting God for everything, including finances. To hear more on the topic of God's perception of wealth, visit http://godlywealth.com, and online expo hosted by Marnie.

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    Frieda Weeks from Hope for Heather joins us to discuss her first year of grieving after losing her daughter and her foundation to help others.

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    Take a psychotherapist, add in intuitive abilities and a penchant for quantum physics, mix it together and see what happens. Call in & let her use her gifts to help you find a better life. (347) 326-9625.
    On This Week's Show: Grieving
    This week we will talk about grief in its many forms - through death, job or relationship loss, the loss of a vision or a dream you have for your life.
    Call in and ask the questions that are on your mind.
    It's Good to Talk.

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    Grieving The Holy Spirit

    in Religion

    We have heard it said or even said it ourselves, "don't grieve the Spirit". In this episode Pastor Sean looks at what "grieving" the Spirit is and how it is done. Pastor will give examples of the character and nature of the Spirit to expalin just how He is grieved by christians going against His nature and character.

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