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    Shattered Lives: Children and Grieving

    in School

    When children are victims of a disaster, a school shooting, or perhaps the loss of a classmate or someone close to them, we, as parents, teachers, or mental health professionals need to know how best to assist their grieving process.

    As the media reports on school shootings, deaths of children, and tragedy beyond comprehension, one comforting thought is there are trained professionals ready to step in during and after the crisis to help children deal with the loss.   

    Returning Shattered Lives Radio guest, Dr. David Schonfeld is tops in the field of child bereavement and now heads the National Center for School Crisis and Bereavement (NCSCB) which "aims to help prepare professionals working in schools, health care settings, and other community sites to be better prepared to meet children’s needs during and after crisis and loss."



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    Dealing with the lost of a loved one (Grieving)part 1

    in Health

    Join evangelist Yolanda Henderson, CHHC as she discuss the process of losing a loved one and the stages of grieving. Grieving is very important and. Almost all people have experience the lost of a loved on not just in death. topic of this series includes:

    what is grief

    why is grieving important

     the stages of grief


    If you have questions or need to talk after the show our consultation line is available please call 1-888-959-209


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    Coping with the loss of a loved one/ grieving/bereavement

    in Self Help

    This is not an easy topic for anyone.  But important to talk about, and share, or just listen.

     In this episode I share with you my experience of losing both of my parents and how I really did get through the worst phase of grieving, though at the time I thought I would never get through it!  Perhaps you can relate?

    I'm Lisa Erhard and I welcome followers of my podcast!   

    I look forward to you calling in an upcoming broadcast to share your experiences with our listeners.

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    Sharing A Special Grieving Resource Offered By Tembi Locke

    in Spirituality

    Air date: January 31, 2015

    Description: Join Lisa as she shares a loving project by actor, writer, Tembi Locke (Dr. Grace Monroe on Eureka). Although Ms. Locke could not be a guest on today's show, she did give Lisa permission to share her story and her project in the hopes of helping those coping with long-term caregiving as well as with the grieving process after the loss of a loved one. Tune in to hear Ms. Locke's story and about her special project. Lisa will also give one or two callers mini-mediumship readings. 

    Please call in at (646) 929-0732. And if your loved one(s) want to connect with you through Lisa today, she'll be happy to relay any validations and messages.*

    *Please know this is a mediumship reading and Lisa cannot foresee your future. For more information, please visit: http://messagesfromtheotherside.net 

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    Spirituality and Grieving Recovery

    in Spirituality

    Join the live discussion with Starz MayaMoon, Starzcast and others on April 13, 2015; from 7-8pm EDT, to discuss the topic of Spirituality and Grieving. A topic that has and will affect us at some point in our lives.

    Call in to join the conversation with your views, opinions or questions 347-838-9736 and Press 1. (Or mute your phone to just listen). Join us in live Text Chat here

    Let's talk about how to cope with spirituality and grieving the loss of a loved one, friend or even a beloved pet and how this is a life changing experience that can take years to recover from.

    We all know the emotional toil but how does grieving or grief affect our Spiritual center? Can we ever fully rebound and find happiness?

    We will probe the sensitive and often difficult journey of grief recovery and learning to reconnect to our spirit, the collective and that which we consider our higher being or the Divine.

    Be sure to Keep Reaching For The StarZ For #guidance.

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    Dealing with the loss of a loved one (grieving) pt 3

    in Health

    Join your weekly hostess, evangelist, holistic health coach, founder, and author yolanda Henderson as she continues her series "dealing with the loss of a love one" grieving part 3. 

    Tickets to our event "Natural to Life" will be given out to caller number 3 who calls in and participates with our discussion.  Natural to life is a all day expo with fashion, hair, and Apollo styled clean competition. This is an event for the whole family. For more info visit www.thegiftoflifecommunityhome.wordpress.com/natural-to-life/ 

    The continuation of the grieving episode will be

    how to help someone who is dealing with the loss of a loved one 

    how to recognize triggers

    What the bible says about grieving



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    Dealing with the loss of a loved one (grieving) pt 2

    in Health

    Join host evangelist Yolanda Henderson, holistic health coach, founder and Author, as she discuss the stages of grieving and losing a loved one. She is concerned with the stages that come along with this process and how to deal with it naturally and biblically. Also, tonight's callers will receive 2 front row complimentary tickets to the event "Natural to life"sponsored by Sally beauty supply, Big shot entertainment, the holistic braid bar, kids wellcare and the holistic society! So call in and get active on air with us tonight starting 7pm CST. tonight topic includes a continuation:

    The stages of grief

    how to help a loved one deal with grief

    how to recognize grief stages

    how to help yourself deal with grief

    for a consultation with the health coach please call 1-888-959-2093 during normal business hours or for immediate attention leave a brief message and someone will get back to you shortly. For more info or tickets to the Natural to life expo visit the website www.thegiftoflifecommunityhome.wordpress.com/natural-to-life/ 


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    in Family

    Grieving sounds like it will make sense. Until it happens. Then, it seems complicated and overwhelming. Anna Stookey will help us understanding our grief and give us suggests on how to care for it.

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    Episode 30: Grieving the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival as Our Mother

    in Self Help

    About this show: We just learned yesterday that this 40th year will be the last year of the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. This festival has been a mother to us all. Let's share some of our experiences of how she has been a mother to us.

    About this show: I lost both parents to cancer at 22 and 27. Let’s talk about stuff that’s hard, ways you can move forward in your life and how to get back to a happier place. My intention is to connect those of us who have lost our mothers, our fathers or both parents, at any age, through the arts, life experiments, looking inward and turning pain into something positive.

    Contact me: http://losingyourparents.org/contact

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    Growth Thru Grieving

    in Spirituality

    The meaning of grieving:

    To cause to be sorrowful, distress.

    To mourn or sorrow for.


    For us as humans we feel a vast range of emotions and feelings, but, when we loose a loved one, or even loose apart of ourselves literally that dies off, we feel the darkness and we grieve.

    But through that process, no matter how you deal with it comes growth, strength and light.

    Please join us from 7-8:30pm est for an interactive discussion on how to deal with grieving and how to recognize the growth that comes from it. 

    Readings only in chatroom


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    JanuaryJones-New Year Being Alone & Grieving

    in Self Help

    Now, Natasha Josefowitz, Ph. D. at 88 years young, having recently lost her brother, her son, and her husband, it is her strength, her passion for living life, and candor that is truly infectious. Living Without the One You Cannot Live Without (November 2013), is perhaps the most telling book ever written about pre and post grief.

    It is a collection of powerful, gritty, candid, and inspiring poems about living life after loss. It was recently named to Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2013.