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    David Frei - "The National Dog Show Presented By Purina"

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    “The National Dog Show Presented by Purina®” 
    Air Date: Thursday, November 27 on NBC (12-2 p.m. across all time zones)

    “The National Dog Show Presented by Purina®” is hosted by award-winning actor, author and Broadway star John O’Hurley (“Seinfeld,” “Dancing with the Stars”) and expert analyst David Frei, an AKC-licensed judge and host of USA Network’s “The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.” NBC’s Mary Carillo will report from the benching area and inside the show ring. Celebrating America’s love of man’s best friend, the telecast showcases some 1,500 purebred canines competing for the title of “Best in Show.” Unlike traditional dog show coverage, the National Dog Show offers the country’s 65 million pet-owning households an afternoon of family-oriented features, facilitated by the open format of the Kennel Club of Philadelphia event.

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    Bully the Kid presents: The Bully Booth on The Bully Block

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    Welcome to the return of REAL BULLY RADIO.


    Tonight Bully the Kid discusses why we left and why we're back. Tonight's special guest is ABKC Judge, Ty Lumley, from the River, and they will be discussing the state of affairs in the Bully World. Have we lost our identity? Have we become the baby AKC? Where have all the dogs gone?

    Tune in tonight at 9pm EST/8pm CST/6pm PST.

    Click on the link below or call 619-639-4636 to listen in. If you would like to speak to the host please press "1". The chat room opens up at 8:55pm EST.

    It goes down tonight! The return of REAL radio. Bully the Kid.... Legooooo!

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    The Saint Bernard was founded in 980 AD by St. Bernard de Menthon and bred by monks, most likely by crossing the ancient Tibetan mastiff with the Great Dane, Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and the Great Pyrenees. The first Saint Bernards were of the shorthaired variety, as the longhaired variety's coat tended to collect icicles. They were used by the Hospice, a refuge for travelers through the dangerous Alpine pass between Switzerland and Italy. In the middle of the seventeenth century, the Saint Bernard became popular as a rescue dog working to save people from avalanches in the snowy passes near the Hospice. The dogs are able to smell a person under many feet of snow. They have saved thousands of people searching out and finding lost or injured travelers. The dogs would work in packs looking for the victims. When found they would lick and lie down with them in order to keep them warm. While a dog or more would lie with the body(s), another dog would head back to the Hospice to alert them that they found the humans. A full rescue team would then be sent out. The Saint Bernard has also been known to be able to predict storms and avalanches. This may be possible because of the dog's ability to hear very low-frequency sounds which humans cannot. The Saint Bernard was recognized by the AKC in 1885. Some of the Saint Bernard's talents are search and rescue, guard dog, watchdog and carting.

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    Lt. Coby Webb of The National Police Bloodhound Association

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    Coby Webb is a Lieutenant for a law enforcement agency in Southern California. She was a Dual Handler for her Sheriff’s Department where she worked several dogs. The majority of her time was with a Malinois and a Bloodhound. During her K-9 years, Webb received many distinguished awards to include; Officer of the Year, Distinguished Service Medal, CPOA Officer of Distinction, Hero’s Award, and AKC Honorable Mention for 2 years in a row along with numerous commendations. Webb’s Bloodhounds, Maggie Mae, & Abbigail, were on the FBI’s call-out list and responded to Samantha Runnion and Danielle Van Damm kidnappings along with other high profile cases. She has also worked numerous SWAT missions with her Bloodhound at local and national levels including the Sierra SWAT Challenge for several years. She was also asked to participate and teach tracking/trailing with SWAT for Urban Shield. Webb earned her Instructor, Evaluator, and Judge certifications for tracking/trailing for all dog breeds. She stayed in the K-9 program for years and worked four patrol dogs. She furthered her patrol dog experience by attending K-9 SWAT schools with her patrol dog and worked two narcotic dogs. Webb became the K-9 Sergeant for a 22 dog program for her Department. Approximately, two years ago, Webb traveled to Africa and assisted the Mara Conservancy with tracking poachers. Webb receives continual invites to travel international and teach tracking/trailing for all breeds. However, she has been selective on her travels due to work and family. Webb is a Recognized Court Expert regarding Tracking/Trailing and is the Treasurer / Board Member of the National Police Bloodhound Association.

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    The Stack Off Presented By Stack Off Apparel, NYTRO Mag, & BullyBoiz

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    We stay bully! Rise Up Bully World and bring it back to the bullies. No drama, no BS, no politics. Just plain ole bully talk. We want to hear your opinions, concerns, and shout outs. Rise Up and Stay Bully!!!

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    Beyond Animal Speak Radio-Train Your Dog w/Compassion & Love! w/Kelly Arbogast

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    Join your host Wendy Van de Poll, Animal Guidance Communicator and Intuitive Life Path Coach as she interviews Kelly Arbogast Certified Animal Behavioral Consultant & owner of DoggonitNH.com

    Are you looking for a new fun & exciting way to train your dogs? Want to learn how to read their behaviors to communicate better? What about the age old question…Do dogs feel guilt? 

    Join Wendy & Kelly Arbogast of Doggonit Training to learn all about your four legged friends. This talk will provide useful information for owners, veterinary technicians, groomers, doggy day care employees, & dog lovers. Fun & full of interesting facts you won’t want to miss out!”

    Kelly is a certified animal behavior consultant with an associates in Animal Science & a Bachelors in Psychology with a focus in animal cognition. She loves helping owners improve their communication & bond with their dogs by using modern, positive, & pain free training. 

    Calls will be taken at the end of the show

    How to Contact Kelly Arbogast, Owner of DoggonitNH.com

    Kelly Arbogast AS, BA

    Animal Behavior Consultant

    CPDT-KA, AKC CGC Evaluator, APDT, CAP1, OSCT



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    Do Dogs Go To Heaven?

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    PAWsitive Radio hosted by Team Toby. Join Host Charmaine Hammond, professional speaker, bestselling author and president of Team Toby.
    Jean Holmes is an author, currently working on a novel and humor book. As a veterinarian's daughter, whose mom raised and showed AKC Dachshunds, Jean has never been without at least one pet, from horses to crows.  When her mother lived with her and began asking ministers if dogs went to heaven, she began collecting information which resulted in her first published book.   "Do Dogs Go to Heaven? Eternal Answers for Animal Lovers" was the result.  The second edition came out in 2012.  She currently has two books in print, "Do Dogs Go to Heaven?" and "Mountaintop" a biography.  Jean writes two blogs:  Blog the Dog about animals, and Blog the Bible.
    To find out more about Charmaine and Team Toby, visit www.TheOriginalTeamToby. Come and find us on social media:
    Pinterest:  http://www.pinterest.com/teamtoby1
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamToby2

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    Dog University

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    Today's breed is the Brittany Spaniel.  This breed has been used for hunting and is the Sporting Group in the AKC.  This breed is popular in England and its name from France.

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    No Limits with Barbara M. Hodges

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    The new day for No Limits is the third Tuesday of each month. Still at 3:00 PM Pacific.  Each show will be thirty minutes and I will have one guest.
    My guest for June is Sue Owens Wright. I'm excited about talking with Sue because she is also a mystery writer and more importantly, like myself, she is owned by a basset hound. 
    Sue Owens Wright is an author of both fiction and nonfiction about dogs and writes the award-winning Pets & Their People newspaper column and the Healthy Pet column for AKC GAZETTE.  She writes the popular Beanie and Cruiser Mystery Series for dog lovers, which includes the following novels: Howling Bloody Murder, Sirius About Murder, and Embarking on Murder.

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    Edge Animal Talk w/Mary Stoffel 5.13.13 – Obedience Training

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    Once a month animal communicator, Mary Stoffel, gives insights into the relationships that our animals have with us, and with each other. Join her and guest Karen Anderson as they discuss the importance of obedience training for your dog and the many benefits that result from it.  In the early 1960’s Karen began competing in AKC shows in breed and obedience.  Through the years, she has trained and competed with many different breeds, earning numerous titles and awards on her dogs throughout the United States and Canada.  She is also an AKC Obedience and Rally judge. Karen has been teaching obedience classes for over 15 years.
    Today they will discuss:
    Why take my dog to obedience class Can’t I just train them at home How do I know when they are ready What are the various classes and what can I do with this What if my dog has special issues or needs Mary Stoffel has been a professional animal communicator for 15 years.  She does telephone and in-person consultations at many dog shows and expos, and teaches classes in how to do animal communication.  Her mission is to promote understanding between people and their animals.  She is an Avatar® Master and has a holistic healing practice using shamanic healing, essential oils and energy healing.
    To get more information at www.humanimal.com
    For information on advertising in the Edge please contact Cathy Jacobesen at 763.433.9291. Or via email at Cathy@soulofthecities.net
    For article submission please contact Tim Miejan at 651,578.8969. Or via email at editor@edgemagazine.net

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