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    Green Gold Radio Episode #1 - Sean Azzariti

    in Marketing

    Coming to you live from the front lines of cannabis legalization, deep in the heart of Texas...

    This is Green Gold Radio, a weekly show for ganjapreneurs and canna-business owners.

    We talk about marijuana marketing and how to claim your stake of today's green gold rush.

    Hosted by Nick Carpenter, the founder of Green Gold Consulting and the Top Shelf Mastermind.

    Sean Azzariti is a veteran of the United States Marine and a dedicated marijuana activist and speaker. 

    He is based in Denver, CO and was the first person to buy legal recreational marijuana in Colorado when the laws changed. 

    Download our free cannabis marketing report at http://greengoldmarketing.com. 


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    Green Gold Radio Episode #2 - Facebook Marketing

    in Marketing

    Nick Carpenter shares several Facebook marketing hacks for cannabis dispensary and collective owners. 

    There is a thing Facebook uses called "Edgerank" that determines what shows up in the newsfeed. We talk about how to use it your advantage and get maximum free publicity. 

    Get our free 5 step cannabis marketing report at http://greengoldmarketing.com

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    Cheesehead Radio: Broken--with Green Bay Press Gazette’s Wes Hodkiewicz

    in Football

    Have you gotten past the Green Bay Packers devastating loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship game last Sunday? Ready to move on?

    Yeah. Neither are we.

    It was has to go down in NFL history as one of the biggest collapses on a national stage, the Packers are left to pick up the pieces of a season with all of the promise they've had in years. The Cheesehead Radio crew collects to commiserate, rant, scream, cry, and look for any silver linings in the 2014 season that they can.

    Here to talk us off the ledge is none other than the great  Wes Hodkiewicz of the Green Bay Press Gazette who will give us the skinny from inside a locker room that has been emptied all too early.

    Cheesehead Radio is the flagship for the Packers Talk Radio Network, serving up enough weekly podcasts to satisfy the most fervent of Packer fans. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and subscribe over at iTunes or Stitcher.

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    Reader's Entertainment Radio Presents: Sherelle Green

    in Books

    Join me Thursday, December 18th at 6pm EST!  I'll chat with Award-Winning Author, Sherelle Green.  
    A Chicago native with a dynamic imagination and a passion for reading and writing, Sherelle loves to read all genres, but romance holds a special place in her heart. She'll join me to discuss the latest book in her The Elite Event Series, Red Velvet Kisses.

    Book Blurb:

    Love is the one event that can never be planned… 

    Meeting gorgeous Micah Madden while lingerie shopping leaves event planner Lexus Turner embarrassed yet intrigued. The charismatic security expert awakens a sensual side that Lex had put on hold ever since her first marriage imploded. Only a man like Micah could make her feel this good, which is why she is determined to keep her distance. 

    Sweet, shy and sexier than she knows…Lex is driving Micah crazy. Hiring her firm to plan a family party, he sets out to uncover all the tantalizing passion behind her buttoned-up facade. But getting through to Lex is harder than he thought. And Micah will have to open up in ways the reformed rebel never dared before to show Lex how deliciously satisfying a real love between them could be….

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    Episode #1 Why terrorists, Congress and Mitt Romney all suck...

    in Politics Progressive

    Matt & Sam dive right in on this first episode.  We give introductions, talk about why congress continues to be terrible and discuss several issues while laughing a lot with seriously bad production values.  Enjoy!!!

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    TCE Radio ~ 'Green & Sexy ' Wednesday "Talking Green Holidays" with EnviroBro

    in Jobs

    'The BEST is YET to Come' ~ Powered by The Career Engineer (TCE) - www.tcenow.com

    Topic of the Month: 'Greening the Holidays'

    Leonard Robinson aka EnviroBro, guru of the 'Green' industry, is our every 3rd Wednesday guest to educate us on different aspects of the 'Green' inititative in our everyday life, business and career.

    Don't Get Anxious - Get Prepared!  The Career Engineer will shared points of power to change your game ONLINE and ONSITE to make it happen during this Holiday Season...starting today.  Yes, you will have to listen to the entire show to get these powerful tips.  Don't forget to visit our TCE Blog for additional Career & Biz Boosters and Pitfals

    STOP Living, Breathing and working BENEATH your Purpose! Join TCE's Career Talk Radio along with special guests as we share employment, economy tips, e-business tips and solutions to help you make Monday Mornings...BETTER!  Create the life of your dreams.

    Programming: SweetBerry Designs

    Powered by TCE Career & Biz Network

  • The Green Guy

    in Self Help

    Welcome to "Talk w. the Green Guy"! I am your host Eric Moncrief. This show is dedicated to covering energy saving systems, environmental policies, recycling, clean energy and more!!

    This week:

    Tune in this week Brian Green Media Spokesperson FROM Georgia Power will share some great information on how you can save energy and money also some awesome tips for residential and commercial customers.

    Jeff Swernerton,Communications Director of Green-e explains what this certification is and why it is important to the renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions in the retail market

    Lindsay Harper stops by to tell us how she is working with HBCU’s across the country helping these institutions and their students go green and getting on the path to sustainability

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    The Green Guy

    in Self Help

    Welcome to "Talk w. the Green Guy"! I am your host Eric Moncrief. This show is dedicated to covering energy saving systems, environmental policies, recycling, clean energy and more!!

    This week:

    David will explain the mission of usgbc and how they promote sustainable building practices around the globe and their development of the leed certification rating system


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    The Green Guy

    in Self Help

    Tune in tonight as Keith Dickerson of Schneider Electric is back to take us into the world of "smart cities" where cutting edge technologies and sustainability meet.The integration of applications that control our water, energy, buildings and public services. The world is truly connected and the grid is smart


    Don't miss this show!


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    Celtics Talk Radio episode 89 Danny Ainge trades Jeff Green

    in Sports

    The Celtics faced one of their hardest stretches that they will face in the month of January since our last show and during that stretch of games things were even harder as Danny Ainge opted to continue dealing off members of the Celtic Roster. Facing off against 2 playoff teams one featuring the team with one the best records in the Eastern Conference. The Celtics had a 3 game road trip playing at the Nets, at the Pacers and at the Raptors before facing the Pelicans at home. During that stretch Danny Ainge traded forward/center Brandon Wright to the Phoenix Sun's in exchange for a protected draft pick and a trade exception. Then just 2 days later Ainge traded forward Jeff Green to the Memphis Grizzlies in a 3 team deal that included the Pelicans. In exchange for Green the Celtics received the expiring contract of forward Tayshaun Prince, the expiring contract of Austin River's and a future 1st round draft pick from the Grizzlies. The Celtic's are now just a little over a month away from the NBA trade deadline and with the fact Ainge has shifted into high gear on the trade road it is safe to bet that more moves are coming but for who? The Celtics Talk Crew will discuss who on the Celtic's roster may be getting moved next as well as how are our young players performing while dealing with the uncertainty of knowing who they will have available for each game. Are they actually playing to win at a time where many could think Ainge is trying to force the tanking to happen. The Celtic's Talk Crew will be joined by Warren Shaw to discuss where the team sits with one month left before the trade deadline and discuss if its best for the team's future to get rid of the players who want to win and tank or if its best for the development of our players to have them play to win even if it means going to the playoffs and skipping the NBA lottery this summer.

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    The Green Guy

    in Self Help

    McCall Langford, Director of Development at One More Generation a Atlanta based organization stops in tonight to update us and continue to share the vision and passion of how they are impacting our world by saving endangered animals,fighting for the environment and helping to reduce the plastic pollution in our oceans globally. You will be inspired by what they are doing to change the world!
    Don't miss this show!


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