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    From Domestic Violence To Green Living Bliss Special Guest Asante George

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    Domestic violence a pandemic today. Hear one woman's brave journey from domestic violence to green bliss and urban farming . Special guest Asante George go to www. Asantegeorge. Com. also www. greensoulmovement. com

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    Green living show , urban farming, green house tips, herbal remedies!

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    Today show we have Tracy Patterson, Brenday Fisher, Grandma Rene Abdullah, with special guest Asante George with Urban Farming , greenliving tips for home, and herbal remedies. Our website is www. greensoulmovement. com

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    Green Living Guy Interviews Christian Serratos Twilight Star

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    Christian Marie Serratos best known for portraying Angela Weber in Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse.  Part of the Twilight novels by Stephenie Meyer and Suzie Crabgrass in Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide gonna be on the green living guy!!!   Serratos posed for PETA's campaign back in November 2009 so let's see what kind of green girl we've got here ladies and gentlemen.   PLUS she ranked at number 65 on Maxim's "Hot 100" list for 2010.     Green Living Guy wants to know!! It's gonna be a fun interview so get ready!!

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    Green living Tips for a healthier Life

    in Spirituality

    Join me and Karen Winship for an  educational hour on how green living personally and environmentally affects the whole in regards to our physical bodies and our energy systems.  This will be an eye opening look at what most people don't know about the products we use everyday and the effect they have on us and our world.  

    Watch this 4 minute video and you will begin to understand:  www.makegreengogreen.com/karenwinship


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    LeadingEdge Talk with special guest- Green Living Expert- Amy Todisco

    in Self Help

    What do Women, Farming, Veterans and Healing have in common?  A lot more than you think.  Amy Todisco is a Nationally regognized Green Living Expert who has taken her passion on a mission to serve and the journey it has taken her on is more than amazing.

    In this episode, Amy sits down for a candid conversation with host Stephanie Kathan to talk about the benefits of Farming and what it has to do with Healing.  She will also share the inspiration to help VETERANS that got this PILOT PROGRAM started and how it blossomed into AMAZING.

    Amy has worked years to bring this to the world and it's an honor to help her spread the message of Hope, Possibility and Healing that comes from the heart of this program.  She's going to be sharing some LIVING GREEN tips AND giving you the inside scoop of how YOU can participate for FREE if this program calls to you.  

    Spend 4 weeks on a Vermont Farm beginning June 30th, learning how to:

    *Grow, prepare and preserve your own organic and hydroponic food
    * Receive the mind/body/spirit benefits from working with plants, soil, and animals
    * Help reduce stress, depression and PTSD with a daily "mindfulness" practice (staying in the moment and learning how to respond instead of just react).
    * Participate in a unique experience with a horse and an experienced horse trainer on the ground that will bolster self esteem, self confidence and your sense of personal power. 
    * Experience a weekly yoga class, and more?
    This is a life changing experience, in a supportive environment of women helping women.  

    It may be just right for you and it's free of charge for this first season. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


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    Rev. Christine Green: Living As Love

    in Spirituality

    How can we walk in conscious awareness of Love every step of the way? Rev. Christine Green is the founder of Sacred Heart Ministries and has been teaching and counseling others for over 20 years both nationally and abroad.

    Christine is the author of Authentic Spirituality: A Woman's Guide to Living an Empowered Life, along with multiple books and articles on caregiving and women's issues.  Christine has served in leadership roles in New Thought Ministries in California and Oregon, and she has a Masters in Religious Studies, along with a background and business and education.

    Christine teaches with compassion and clarity and is dedicated to sharing tools to reveal your authentic life. As an author, retreat and workshop facilitator, speaker, and spiritual mentor, Christine finds her inspiration in empowering women to grow beyond their limitations and discover their inner strengths and amazing courage.

    Christine's web site: SacredHeartMinistries.net


    Frontier Beyond Fear music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer, www.larryseyer.com, included in this podcast with his permission.

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    Build green home for under $10,000 plus healthy recipe for 4 under $10

    in Health

    Hi beautiful people today 6-7 pm call in with your green questions and listen to Brenda fisher, Tracy Patterson and Greensoul Azalea as we talk about green tips and how to build a home under 10,000 as well as healthy live recipe for under ten dollars. Plus the history of Egyptian Medicine.

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    All You Need Is Less: The Eco-Friendly Guide to Guilt-Free Green Living

    in Spirituality

    And Stress-Free Simplicity

    We live in a time where we’re not considered “green” enough unless we quit our day job and devote our entire life to attaining a totally carbon-neutral lifestyle, or throw out all of our possessions and replace them with their new “green” alternatives. I, for one, am not willing to give up my refrigerator for a year and I won’t be trading in my car for a bike.

    This whole eco-friendly thing seems to have devolved into a horrific cycle of guilt, shaming and one-upping, and as a result people are becoming annoyed and exhausted.

    How can you go about realistically adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle without losing your mind from the soul-destroying guilt of not going completely “green”?

    There is a way . . .  many ways actually. There are things we can do that are small enough, simple enough and require so little effort that anyone can do them . . . if they want to. If you do, the impact will be greater than you could ever possibly imagine for generations to come.

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    30 day Green Smoothie Challenge For The New Year!

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    Do you need energy, need to cleanse toxins from your body. Join us today at 8 pm as we discuss 30 day green smoothie cleanse. www.greensoulmovement.co

  • Green Love Talk with Christina Stevens about LOVE: THE SAINT AND THE SEEKER

    in Environment

    This journey to LOVE: THE SAINT AND THE SEEKER began in 1992 at the Rio+20 Summit.

    "As l learned more about the environment and the health of the planet, I got more active. In June 2012, I was part of a 40,000 person delegation of parliamentarians, mayors, UN officials, CEO’s and civil society leaders, more than 50 heads of state and close to 500 ministers for the Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development. 700 commitments for $513 billion were pledged to build a sustainable future for the planet earth.

    While at the summit, I spoke of my search for a land that was doing it right; a sustainable global model. Many years earlier, I found myself called to the Kingdom of Bhutan. I feel in love with an ancient land of Kings and Queens, beloved by their people."

    Christina Stevens also serves on the Board of Directors of Ted Turner’s Captain Planet Foundation whose mission is to give the next generation of environmental stewards an active understanding and love for the natural world in which they live. Its unique program of funding and support of hands-on environmental projects is designed to encourage innovative initiatives that inspire and empower youth around the world as they work individually and collectively creating environmental solutions in their homes, schools and communities.

    Much like her journey to meet and film Mother Teresa, big dreams start small, such as being more green and adopting more sustainable practices in one’s life. Yet no change can come about without a vision. That vision needs passion to ignite it and action to bring it into reality. Sometimes merely focusing on an idea, thinking it through and sharing it gives it life, power and momentum.

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    30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge Lets Glow!

    in Health

    Join us at 8 pm as we talk about juicing and why it is so important for the liver and many diseases.

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