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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Authors Don Desroches and Dana Greco

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    Conscious Coupling: Positive Insights for Long Lasting Relationships Shared by Two Divorce Mediators~

      Conscious Coupling, Saving Relationships from the perspectives of two divorce mediators wages war on saving relationships and ultimately saving families. Dana and Don, two divorce mediators and licenses couple’s and family therapist offer insight from the mediator’s/counselor’s perspective directly from real cases they have both counseled before and after divorce and during separation negotiations. This book amplifies the “root cause analysis” within couples that without recognition or restoration, Dana and Don believe that any relationship will ultimately dissolve. Conscious coupling honestly addresses the true bases of relationship fulfillment as well as its ultimate demise. Each author writes separately his and her personal and professional experiences on each chapter. Such as, the future of relationship, money and sex values, infidelity, family of origin, extended family, social influences, as well as modern marriage, parenting, and the most common relational traits as compatibility, co-habitation and communications.

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    Shawn Porter-Adrien Broner Post-Fight Review

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    Porter-Broner was one of the biggest "pick 'em" fights of the year and we discuss the fight, scores, and the aftermath of this incredible fight, along with the coverage TBV provided live from Vegas. We will look at the winner and loser of this fight from every angle: what did they do to deserve outcome, what they could've done differently, and what is ultimately next for both fighters.

    In one of the biggest and most action-packed weekends in boxing this year, TBV will discuss the rest of the weekend's cards. Cards such as "Fight of the Year" candidate in Lemieux-N'Dam. Both fighters went to war. N'Dam was knocked down 4 times in the fight, but he was able to stay focused and get himself back into the fight, and the scorecards. Lemieux proved he is a real contender with rare power, but is he the man to truly test Golovkin?


    Not to be left out, Andre Ward returned to action after a 19-month layoff. Ward showed ring rust was never a big factor in his return and he defeated Paul Smith in style. 


    We also plan to discuss the Sunday PBC card on CBS.

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    Guerrilla Feminism Friday - Passing Privilege and how to not be destructive.

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    Hey gang. 
    It's Guerrilla Feminism Friday #GFem

    We'll be taking questions for advice on social justice. 

    This one will center around Passing privilege and we'll deliver news and comment along with it. 

    And if you see Gil Laury of the Onyx Truth podcast calling a black woman a "negro bed wench", just say... "I'm sorry about your father" and move on. 

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    Don Chargin and James Gogue - Lemieux, Golovkin, Canelo, and Cotto

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    Monday, June 22, at a special start time of 3PM ET/12PM PT, FightSaga Radio presents a special "War a Week" edition of "The Sweet Science with Don Chargin and James Gogue", sponsored by Affordable Dentures!!

    KIicking off the massive 120 minute program, legendary matchmaker and promoter Don "War a Week" Chargin will be gracing the airwaves, discussing the current state of GBP, Top Rank, PBC, and Roc Nation Sports!!

    - What is the probability of a David Lemieux vs. Gennady Golovkin unification bout happening in 2015?

    - Is GBP planning to keep David Lemieux in Canada?

    - Did Roc Nation score a big hit with their BET debut, "Andre Ward vs. Paul Smith"?

    - Is Canelo/Cotto waiting for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to announce his September 12th PPV assignment?

    At the thirty minute mark of the program, The Sweet Science will be joined by three decade fight trainer Mr. James Gogue!!  The master strategist and talent scout will share his thoughts on this past weekends fight action from Vegas, Montreal, Oakland, and Bethlehem, PA!!

    - Porter UD12 over Broner

    - Spence Jr. TKO3 over Del Greco

    - Andre Ward TKO9 over Paul Smith

    - David Lemieux UD12 over Hassan N'Dam

    "The Gogue" will also break down a potential Middleweight clash between Gennady Golovkin and David Lemieux!!

    - Strengths and Weaknesses

    - Keys to Victory

    - Final Prediction

    Join us for another all new edition of "The Sweet Science with Don Chargin and James Gogue"!! 


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    Ringside Report - Mayweather, Broner, Porter, Lemieux, and Ward

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    Sunday, June 21, at 9PM ET/6PM PT, FightSaga Radio presents a special "Problem for Mayweather" edition of "Ringside Report" with Rodney Green and Joseph Herron, sponsored by Affordable Dentures!!

    The FightSaga team will discuss all of the major events which took place this Father's Day weekend at several different locations!

    - Porter UD12 over Broner

    - Spence Jr. TKO3 over Del Greco 

    - Lemieux UD12 over N'Dam

    - Ward TKO9 over Smith

    - Barthelemy UD10 over DeMarco

    Rodney and Joseph will also preview this weekend's main event on HBO!!

    - Tim Bradley versus Jessie Vargas, 12 round special attraction for the interim WBO Welterweight Championship

    The two fight scribes will also talk about Floyd Mayweather's September 12th opponent!!

    - Andre Berto?

    - Karim Mayfield?

    - Amir Khan?

    - Shawn Porter?

    - Keith Thurman?

    - Kell Brook?

    Tune in for another new edition of "Ringside Report with Rodney Green and Joseph Herron"!!


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    Serah D'Laine-Aligning Your Supreme Excellence, Is Being a Divine Conduit

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     Our Guest Serah D’Laine aka Seraphim,Since an early age Serah has always had natural intuitive abilities, able to ‘feel’ others’ emotions. She would collect gems and crystals and was always fascinated with their innate energies. The experience of “Night Tremors” in her preteen years gave her insights into the duality of consciousness and instilled a strong curiosity in paranormal phenomena and the supernatural It was in her middle school years that she first developed a fascination with Egyptian history. There was an instant connection with the field of Egyptology and Serah eagerly embraced every documentary she could find, secretly watching them amidst her regular homework. When she learned that Orion’s Belt was a perfect mirror for the Giza Pyramids it opened up a new adventure in stargazing and inspired an endless series of questions regarding the secrets of the universe. Serah has always had a mindset for business and began setting her sights higher, expanding into the fields of producing, writing, directing and even wardrobe. Her transition into the production and crew side came fluidly, quickly racking up such credits as Associate Producer, Production Coordinator. She simultaneously gained wardrobe experience working as an assistant stylist on numerous music videos before obtaining a double credit on a feature as Costume Designer along with a supporting acting role. Serah then decided it was time to expand her learning into the esoteric and physiological fields, working with energy healers, taking courses like Landmark Education and Matrix Energetics, attending the Vesica Institute and gaining certifications in the area of dowsing from the American Society of Dowsers. Different opportunities began to open up, one which called Serah back to a cherished place she first visited some twelve years prior: Sedona, AZ. www.sovereign-alliance.com/


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    Guerrilla Feminism Friday - SAFE places to discuss WORDS - Rape Culture&BDSM

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    It's Guerrilla Feminism Friday and we'll dig into rape culture, BDSM and of course the run down of the news headlines. 

    This episode will be hosted by the Guerrilla Feminism Chicago page. 

    Accused pastor's lawyer says under aged girl is probably lying about rape. 

    and more news to break down and anylyze critically. 

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    Adrian Lobo Miramontes - Dancer Movement, Artist, Healer

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    Adrian Lobo Miramontes - Dancer Movement Artist, Healer 

    Adrian Lobo Miramontes is a Dancer, Movement Artist, Healing Facilitator, and Holistic Health Coach. His mission is to elevate the human race by returning us to natural living and bringing more movement and dance into our lives. As a Performance Artist, Adrian Lobo channels spiritual energy through his dance in order to bring healing, empowerment, and awakening to the audience. He has created his own unique dance style that fuses various Urban Dance Styles with Sacred Movement and Martial Arts designed to heal the body and expand consciousness. He has danced professionally for 10 years, traveling internationally, performed on countless stages, taught hundreds of students across the world, and has won dozens of dance competitions. Adrian Lobo is also a Healing Facilitator and Holistic Health coach that helps guide people to more Masterful forms of Expression and Healthier Lifestyles. He is a graduate of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, a Certified Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Polarity-Cranial Practitioner, and Integrative Nutritionist. He is a researcher of Esoteric Knowledge, Scientific discoveries, various Spiritual Traditions, and often writes empowering articles and blogs to inspire others. The Consciousness Revolution has begun, and Adrian Lobo is here to help others be apart of this growing movement.


  • Mathew Louis Schlueter Entrepreneur, Designer and Consultant

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     We are pleased to introduce you to Mathew Louis Schlueter.  Mr. Schlueter is an entrepreneur, designer and consultant. He has more than 30 years of experience in developing breakthrough applications, systems and technologies; using them to implement profitable, market-driven, enterprise level business systems.  Mr. Schlueter has been a senior consultant and system efficiency and effectiveness expert to Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Pentagon, Small Business Administration, Architect of the U.S. Capital, Northwest Airlines, America West Airlines, United Airlines, California Department of Water, New York Child Support, Nike and 20 other Fortune 300 domestic and international corporations. working directly with the White Dragon Society. Mr. Schlueter received his spiritual name Mathues, on the major planetary activation (known as 11:11) of 1/11/92 at 11:11 pm, while meditating on Mt. Shasta. This was one of the many experiences that led him to discover several past-lives that deepened his self-awareness. Beginning at the age of 19, several very powerful, un-evoked Spirit inspired and guided experiences of Self-Realization formed the awareness of a Divine Consciousness, which overshadowed and braided with Mathues at the soul level. The first of many ET contact experience occurred in 1992.These encounters have lead him on to greater quests of Self-Discovery. Ultimately, resulting in activations and initiations that have produced the ability to recall and access inner knowledge and wisdom through a conscious awareness to many significant aspects of the collective oversoul. One such Self-Discovery experience happened in 1997 when Mathues returned from Egypt with the conscious awareness of an activation into the oversoul aspect of the Egyptian Vicar of Hidden  Wisdom: IMHOTEP. Much of that experience has resulted in this body of material. The final integration took place inside the Great Pyramid on 11/22/98.

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    Shane Lacey- Pleidian Energist, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist

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    Join us in welcoming our guest this morning on Sunday Morning Light Creative Consciousness Radio- Shane Lacey, Shane is from Queensland Australia and has a private business offering services in Reiki , Crystal, Pleadian Healing and also offers Massage Therapy. Shane has a host of products on his web site http://www.whitedovehealing.com  including Himalayan Salt Lamps Salt Products and Salt Therapy (Himalayan Salt Inhaler) Shane is very active in the community extending out throughout the world on his facebook site, and youtube offering video blogs talking about the Awakening of Humanity and The Shift into Ascension 

     A note from Shane, "My name is Shane. I am here because I am a passionate, professional energy healer, who has a heart centred approach towards my clients. I encourage people to find their own journey to find the inner peace they deserve. My desire is to empower you to find your true inner calling, your hearts desires of who you are and along the way, I will hold space for you as you find your inner peace and understanding of your true worthiness. Along my journey I have found much inner peace and a love that resides within me. White Dove Healing to me, is about nurturing, love, inner peace and balance in your life. I see my role as accompanying you on your personnel journey to improve your health and well being. I look forward to connecting with you in the future".

    Visit Shane Lacey's Web Site at http://www.whitedovehealing.com




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    Rom 11:25  I am desirous, my brethren, that you should know this mystery, so that you may not be wise in your own conceits; for blindness of heart has to some degree befallen Israel, until the END OF THE GENTILES SHALL COME. 26  And THEN all ISRAEL shall be SAVED; as it is written, A DELIVERER shall come out of ZION, and He shall remove ungodliness from Jacob;  27  And THEN they shall have the SAME COVENANT from ME, when I have forgiven the sins of them who turn unto ME, from transgression ie. all MISallegiances.

    1Co 3:2  I have fed you with milk, and not with meat; for hitherto you were unable to eat it, and even now you are not ready for it;  3:3  Because you are still WORLDLY; for as long as there is among you ENVYING and STRIFE and DIVISIONS, ye are WORLDLY and still following after MATERIAL THINGS?  3:4  For while one says, I am a follower of Paul; and another, I am a follower of Apollos; ye are WORLDLY!

    All manner difference of belief, practice and opinion seems harmless, of little consequence, even righteous, till realizing need to seek a RIGHTEOUS KURTI, and NOT the Greco-Roman POLYthiest "anointed of many gods" the pagans called a "CHRISTOS" and "HESUS"!   Yeshua was NOT called by these titles near His lifetime.  REMEMBER the TITLE of PROMISE the EARLY CHURCH knew in expecting the LATTER-DAY DESTROYER of BABYLON, the RIGHTEOUS RESTORER of the COVENANT of SALVATION!  (Acts 3:18-23) (Mat.5:14-24, 7:13-28) (Gen.49:8-13, Isa.40:1-43:15)