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    Nia Sioux + Dr Holly live MRTR

    in Pop Culture

    Celebrating Over 150 Episodes!

    Hosts: Jamel & Derrick Dwayne

    #MyRealTalkRadio #Back2School Special with @Lifetime @DanceMoms Stars: Nia Soux @RealNiaSioux & Dr. Holly Frazier @DanceMomHolly

    The newest venture is her Nia’s Nation app that allows her fans behind-the-scene access to Nia’s life with exclusive photos and videos. Insiders will travel with Nia around the country and discover more about the girl behind the dance. The app is available on iTunes.

    Best known as the friendly and hard working team member on the runaway hit, Dance Moms, Nia had a great season, making her mark in the competition world. Her growth as a dancer has made her a fan favorite and her fun style and polished technique has proven her spot on the team. She loves the way that dance energizes her and it’s a great form of exercise.

    Nia's singles: "SLAY" and "Star in your own life" is available NOW on iTunes!


    Twitter/Instagram/GooglePlus/MixCloud: @MyRealTalkRadio

    Jamel- Twitter: @L3TM3LIV3 Instagram: @L3TM3LIVE

    Derrick Dawayne- Twitter/Instagram: @MrLngHairDntCrr

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    The 110 Nation Sports Show

    in Sports

    It's HUMP DAY!!!!  We have another great show planned for you.  We have the 2014 Trans Am Series Champion, Ernie Francis Jr. stopping by the studio.  Ernie will be stopping by at 9:30 AM EST to talk TA, racing and life.  We will then get you prepared for the weekend.  With NCAAF kicking off, week 4 preseason and 2 races until the chase, we got you covered!!!  Show kicks off at 9 PM EST, so be there!!

  • VOC Wrestling Nation

    in Entertainment

    VOC Wrestling Nation

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    VOC Wrestling Nation

    in Wrestling

    King & Chris discuss Jimmy Snuka's arrest, Bram's arrest, Seth Rollins' gf firing for Nazi related pictures, Dean Ambose being attacked, the shooting of a stalker at WWE performance center, & in actual in ring news  the return of the Dudley Boyz & Sting.

    Wrestling talk: WWE, Ring Of Honor, Global Force Wrestling, TNA, Lucha Underground. If there's a 3 count we are on it. 

    Follow VOC Nation @vocnation Visit VOC Nation on the web at http://vocnation.com, simulcast on http://thebradyhicks.com The VOC Nation Radio Network traces its roots back to 2009 in suburban Philadelphia. Bruce Wirt took over the afternoon shift on the Voice America Health and Wellness Network and proclaimed himself, “your new ‘Voice of Choice’ in afternoon radio.” The V-O-C in VOC Nation was born. Over the next 3 years, Wirt took his act to Philadelphia radio, eventually settling in at independently owned WNJC 1360AM. The VOC Nation Radio Network spun away from WNJC in October 2012 and took to the “cloud”, using their solid fan base to instantly become one of the most listened to mediums on the Internet. In 2014, VOC Nation merged with Brady Hicks' IN THE ROOM Internet Radio Network, giving the combined medium over 50,000 monthly listeners. VOC Nation Radio streams live programming 7 days a week. VOC Nation has nearly 100,000 twitter followers and has consistently ranked in the top 1% of downloadable podcasts as ranked by Podomatic, and in the top 5% of live streaming programming as ranked by Stitcher Internet Radio. Considered "The Mothership" of VOC Nation VOC Wrestling Nation is now hosted by now hosted by @KingDavidLane & @ChrisBest99.

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    Backlash Radio with wide open fishing, la vaquita porpoise facing extinction

    in Sports

    Get all the latest with Phil Friedman and Will Ebersman on Backlash Radio. Wahoo, shortbill spearfish and yellowfin tuna 10 miles from Newport Beach. Wide open big yellowtail, dorado and a man shoots a 400 pound blue marlin with a speargun. 

  • WPH: Meet a Guest Who Makes Money as an Organizer!

    in Entrepreneur

    Organizing show: guest: Lisa Woodruff from Organize365.  She is a professional organizer who specializes in home organization and time management.  Her blog is www.organize365.com .  There are all kinds of Organizing. This show will talk about and discuss one such way of being a great organizer. Come call in and share with us here on Women's Power Hour. call in 1-347-677-1837. You can really make some great bucks doing this. Try this show on for size! Come talk with guest or Sarah.

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    Anita Mahi ! Owner of KG Divine Wellness and Beauty (Metaphysical Center)

    in Spirituality

    I am now a very proud owner of my business KG Divine Wellness and Beauty (Metaphysical Center) located in North Haledon, NJ, and in order for this Wellness Center to open I learnt that I had to get through my journey first that allowed me to help other people. My wellness center is a peaceful, tranquil and a very healing place.

    My philosophy: You are a Beautiful Soul.  We all have our own unique journey and sometimes we need help in the right direction.  In society we are taught.  We must finish College, get a degree and get a great job and life is perfect.

    Then Angels guided me and taught me life is not supposed to be perfect.  We come here to learn life lessons.  Some of us involve and some of us will not.  So why not let us help you with the knowledge we have learnt to guide you on a journey.


  • The Real Truth About Why Haiti Is Still Suffering From The 2010 Earthquake!

    in Spirituality

    Good Day My people, what a great story we'll be presenting on tomorrow's episode.  Haiti is still in rubbles after the 2010 earthquake and there is no hope in sight.  The real reason Haiti is still suffering goes all the way back to the slave trade dealing with the French with the aid coming from the U.S.  The good news is that there's a major shift in the atmosphere that's looming and even their wicked ways won't be able to save them from the quickening the spiritual forces.




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    The P.Missick Encouraging Show#49/ God Helps You To Overcome Your Enemies, Pray

    in Spirituality

    Do you feel sometimes like giving up hope? Okay, I know I said it before but join the crowd! Do you feel like you should always be up and never be down? I 'm so sorry,  but join the crowd! It doesn't make you feel so great when you know there are groups of people who feel the same way you do. However, what should lift up your spirit is to know that God Is in the healing business, the elevating business, and the forgiving business. Yes, you heard me right! No matter how tired yoou feel, no matter how often you want to throw in the towel, God is watching you and He is depending on you to push through those feelings of humdrumness, and defeatism if there is such a word! So, here we go! There are a lot of people biblically speaking who felt defeated and frustrated about their lot in life. I want to say "Don't worry" I have been in that same shoe, but some how and some way God manages to lift up my spirit and start the ball rolling again. We are going to look at people who had to start all over from nothing. Moreover, each time they started over they got better in their presentation, they were more fit for the role that God had assigned them, they were more qualified and much more stronger. The experienced miracle after miracle, after miracle. Now, this is exactly what is going to happen to you. YOU ARE GOING TO EXPERIENCE A MIRACLE! So, listen in. Liisten in with great expectation. I am going to pray for you and tell you how God is going to uplift your spirit, make you happy in the core of you spirit, and give you the victory. Evanglist Danelle and Evangelist Michael will be on to help you.

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    This Changing World-Live With The Rayfords

    in Lifestyle

    Considering how quickly everything is changing--from what we were used to from traditional perspectives to the "new norm," acceptance of just about everything--it's no wonder there is so much chaos in the world.

    Parents are more fearful of chlidren than children are of parents.

    Those in government positions fear no one--including God.

    Children have no respect for anyone--their parents, teachers or anyone else in authority.

    And yet, since parents are not allowed to discipline their children, teachers are not allowed to discipline their students, the only ones who are penalized for the poor behavior--by court systems are the parents. Go figure!

    With the start of a new school year on the horizon for some and already begun for others, everyone needs to stop and think where our society is headed if no one can discipline the children.

    The church needs to do more regarding teaching on respecting authority, governments need to get out of the business of parenting, and parents need to be parents--not their children's friends. That's how a change will come.

    When we do things the God intended them to be done--everything works out for the best.

    I've written a nuimber of books pertaining to how we should live as Believers--all found on Amazon.com. Just type in my name, Mary M. Hall-Rayford in the search box and "viola" you'll see a great selection.

    If you're listening and want to comment--please call us at 619-638-8499. We'll love having you aboard.

    Comment at the end of this page after listening--we'd like to know what you think of our show.

    Remember this--God loves you and we do, too. Have a blessed week in Him!



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    The Inside Scoop on Our National Expo Tour - Go Behind the Scenes at Realty411

    in Real Estate

    Are you ready to learn about Real Estate? Do you want to grow as an investor or realty professional? If so, be sure to listen to this podcast as Linda Pliagas, founder of Realty41, talks about some of their exciting developments! Also discover who some of their VIP guests will be speaking at their Realty411 expos.

    For a number of years now, Realty411 has been producing conferences around the country. It's a great way for them to distribute their publication, but most importantly, it's a wonderful avenue for the Realty411 team to meet their fans and discover their needs and questions.

    Get the inside scoop on all their expos directly from the owner, Linda Pliagas. She is accompanied in this episode by Morgan Schaal, director of business development. Morgan was raised by Top Producers in Santa Barbara, California, and he's been in real estate his entire life. Although real estate was a part of his everyday life, Morgan had no idea about the REI niche and has since discovered an exciting part of real estate he never realized existed.

    Be sure to listen now to this entertaining and enlightening interview as the Realty411 team dishes their goals, ambitions, plans; as well as some of the pitfalls they've learned along the way.

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