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    Last time we did a show on Graphic Novel use, it got tremendous listener-ship. I expect the same with this one . Dr Katie Monin from the University of North Florida and author of several books on the subject is joined by Nader Qaimari,Follett School Solutions Sr VP of Content Services and Solutions

    ?www.follett.com  @follettlearning

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    Graphic Policy Radio: Politics and Comics of the Multiverses

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    This Monday is a brand new episode of Graphic Policy Radio, the show that mixes comics, geekdom, and politics. It's been a bit since our last episode and we're back to cover some of the latest releases as well as conventions. On tap this week is:

    Batgirl got a new look, new location, a new status-quo in Batgirl #35. We discuss the change for the character.
    Gotham Academy #1 came out and the series attempts to fill a much needed gap in the DC Comics line-up. We talk about the new series' first issue and recent changes for DC.
    New York Comic Con recently descended on New York City's Javitts Center. We talk about the convention and the numerous announcement that came out of it.

    We'll discuss the above and more in a brand new episode! We want to hear from you too. You can call in with your thoughts, or Tweet us your thoughts @graphicpolicy.

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    Graphic Policy Radio Talks Constantine with Guest Scott Kaufman this Monday Live

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    After a few weeks off this Monday Graphic Policy Radio is back for a brand new episode on Monday November 24. The show will air LIVE at 10pm ET. We have a very special episode with return guest Scott Kaufman, who you might know as SEK.

    We’re many weeks into the new fall television season. One of the new trends is television shows based on comic book series with a half dozen airing in the 2014-2015 season, many of those based on DC Comics comic books. One of those is Constantine which airs Fridays on NBC. Based on the Vertigo series Hellblazer and the New 52 series Constantine, the show follows the mast of the dark arts John Constantine. We’ll discuss the series (and we’re sure much more).

    Scott is the proprietor of the AV Club’s Internet Film School and an associate editor at The Raw Story. He also writes for Lawyers, Guns & Money, podcasts, and is an expert on Game of Thrones.

    So listen in LIVE, and join the conversation too. We want to hear what you have to say, so call us at (619) 768-2952 or Tweet us your thoughts to @graphicpolicy.

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    Graphic Policy Radio: Politics and Comics of the Multiverses

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    It's Monday night and that means it's a new episode of Graphic Policy Radio which mixes politics, comics and geekdom. This week we've got a lot on tap!

    We review Velvet #3
    We discuss and review Three #4
    In honor of MLK Day we discuss Top Shelf's March and the history of Martin Luther King and The Montgomery Story
    We take on CSA: Confederate States of America Vol. 1: Southern Cross
    We also get in an EARLY REVIEW of Undertow #1 from Image Comics.

    We discuss all of that and more on this episode! We want to hear your thoughts too. Call in or tweet us @graphicpolicy.

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    ART CRY RADIO - Guest: Graphic Nature MCs

    in Art

    ART CRY RADIO is a show dedicated to featuring the Art and creativity in all forms

    Since this month is MUSIC MONTH on ART CRY RADIO join us as our host interviews:

    Graphic Nature MC's

    We will discuss their early beginnings, hear their music ad discuss the beauty of hip-hop. Everyone is welcome!

    Join the conversation by calling 347-205-9896!!!


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    JCS, Graphic Novelist of Six Novels

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    From living a nightmare, to building a dream. Graphic Novelist J.C.S. may only be 27 years old but she has come a long way. Abused as a child, and seemingly lost as a teen, she has turned her scraps into diamonds. So far, she has written six novels, has published five of those novels, and as also finished a trilogy known as Anguished Immortals.

    She will tell you, her goal was this: to publish and take care of her family. Her first attempt to write a novel came at the age of 15, and in between ten years, she tried and failed.

    Growing up in Denver, Colorado, it was realized (and said) countless times that opportunity in the workforce was greater and more stable than most states, especially for a woman. But having Systemic Lupus and two children only ten and a half months apart changed everything.

    Early 2012, inspiration came as J.C.S. decided to write her first romance novel. Even though it was a completed work, she saw that it wasn't yielding light on her talent. After doing a little research on the Archangel of Death and the Greek Goddess of War, Enyo, the makings of an Epic Fantasy trilogy had just begun.

    Taking her work to Authonomy and trying out the first two books, J.C.S. realized that sticking with something she loved, Epic Fantasy, did her better than trying to fit in.

    In 2013 J.C.S. wrote and published the first book to Bleeding Stars and Paper Hearts: Adrianna is Mine, following the same previewing and publishing path of her previous work. The audience from Authonomy helped her decide on publishing when not only had her book gone from #599 to #31 in a week, it stayed at #7 for three weeks and #1 for two.

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    Graphic Policy Radio Talks DC Comics with guest Emma Houxbois

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    This Monday night Graphic Policy Radio returns with a brand new episode! This show is all DC Comics as we talk about some brand new series as well as the debut of Constantine on NBC this past Friday. Joining the discussion is frequent guest Emma Houxbois.

    Emma is a queer blogger for hire out of Vancouver, BC, and the DC Comics reviewer for The Rainbow Hub!

    On tap this episode we're discussing:

    Constantine debuted this past Friday on NBC. We discuss the first episode and what we think of the latest live adaptation of the character.
    DC Comics has been shaking things up debuting lots of new series and shaking of the creative teams on others. We're discussing new series and the new directions for Catwoman, Gotham Academy, and Batgirl.

    We want to hear from you too! Call in with your thoughts, or Tweet them to us @graphicpolicy.

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    Graphic Mondays

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    Join @RichBlvdRadio Host Disscuss your Favorite Topics with NO holding back,100% All Graphic and All Real!! Don't Miss Graphic Mondays w/ @BossLadyShante & @DuhKidStarr Starting Nov. 4th 9/8c #TuneIn

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    Graphic Mondays

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    Join @RichBlvdRadio Host Disscuss your Favorite Topics with NO holding back,100% All Graphic and All Real!! Don't Miss Graphic Mondays w/ @BossLadyShante @DuhKidStarr & @ShoeAcideREBEL Starting @ 9/8c 9/8c #TuneIn

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    Graphic Mondays

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    Join @RichBlvdRadio Host Disscuss your Favorite Topics with NO holding back,100% All Graphic and All Real!! Don't Miss Graphic Mondays w/ @BossLadyShante @DuhKidStarr @ShoeAcideREBEL #TuneIn

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    Graphic Policy Radio with guest Jeremy Whitley

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    Comic writer Jeremy Whitley returns to Graphic Policy Radio to discuss his new series Illegal which is currently a part of a Kickstarter project.

    Illegal is a near future science fiction story about about an America in which the rich live in a lush paradise in and on top of skyscrapers, while the poor literally live in their shadows below. All of the citizens are tracked and monitored by a microchip under their skin from the time they are born and anyone undocumented is sent to deportation camps where few actually survive long enough to be deported.

    Our heroine, Gianna DelRey is an undocumented immigrant who fled with her mother from an abusive household when she was young. She's survived by scrubbing floors and allowing her rich employers to treat her like dirt.  When one turns on her and she finds herself on the run, Gianna will discover that when everyone is constantly tracked, being able to movie invisibly is something that many will pay a high price for. Will she keep running or will she decide to take a stand?

    Join us as we talk to Jeremy about this and more! You can take part by calling in with your thoughts, or Tweeting them to us @graphicpolicy.

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