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    Mikaila Ulmer: Teen-preneur of BeeSweet Lemonade

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    Svetlana Kim, Speaker, Author of White Pearl and I: A Memoir of a Political Refugee, Speaker, Consultant, and  Community Advocate. www.svetlanakim.com 

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    Mikaila Ulmer founded BeeSweet Lemonade at the age of four, after two major events: She was stung by a bee–twice in one week, and her Great Granny Helen sent a her 1940's cookbook, which included a special recipe for Flaxseed Lemonade. From there Mikaila transformed her fear of bees into a passion for social entrepreneurship. Her healthy lemonade uses fresh mint, flaxseed, with a percentage of the profits form sales going to local and international organizations fighting to save the bees. Her recipe won "Most Creative Lemonade" in Austin's 2011 Best Lemonade contest. Since then, Mikaila has been awarded Teen-preneur of the Year Award by Greater Austin Black Chamber and Best Kid-trepreneurial Biz 2013 by The Austin Chronicle.

    Today, the award-winning BeeSweet Lemonade is buzzing off the shelves of Whole Foods Markets in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, and is available at a growing number of restaurants, food trailers and natural food delivery companies. In addition to making BeeSweet Lemonade, Mikaila conducts peer-led workshops about entrepreneurship and saving honeybees. For more about BeeSweet Lemonade, events, recipes, and retail locations, please visit www.beesweetlemonade.com

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    Parents gone Wild!

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    This week we are headed straight for the gut! Why are all these parents leaving their kids alone to go party? Is it that serious? Where's their pop!!? NO Granny to help out?! Call in 347-850-8709!


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    ANYTHING GOES Nancy Naigle

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    USA TODAY Bestselling author, Nancy Naigle, writes love stories from the crossroad of small town and suspense in hopes that readers will find an escape from their hectic day-to-day in the make believe worlds she creates. 

    The award winning novel, SWEET TEA AND SECRETS, is the first in the Adams Grove series. 
    Other Adams Grove novels include: 

    Nancy also co-authors THE GRANNY SERIES with Kelsey Browning. Honey, these are not your momma's grannies. These gals are more like Dirty Harry, only over 50, female and southern. Buckle up. 
    Book One: IN FOR A PENNY, is available in digital, print, large print and audio formats. 
    Book Two: FIT TO BE TIED, 
    Book Three: Coming in April 2015 - IN HIGH COTTON

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    Episode Five: Granny Waxes Rhapsodic

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    Our fifth episode will feature tips on how to handle an  angry goose, musings on my local Beltane celebrations, excerpts from a "how to be popular" book for teenagers written in the 1940s, a mini-rant on why shrimp are the cockroaches of the sea, a Mail Bag question concerning the magical uses of eggs, and commentary on the wonders of Keycon (Winnipeg's premier sci-fi and fantasy convention) plus a preview of some original audio I’ve created for the TAS Beagle hospitality suite at Keycon 32. So pull up a twig and a cup of tea, perch in front of the plate of cookies, and help yourself to some piping hot opinions! :)

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    Episode Four: Granny Goes Rolling Along

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    Our fourth episode will feature a segment on bad bus etiquette (which went missing in action from our previous ep), as well as a glimpse into the dark history of DC Comics and the pulps, commentary on the first incarnation of "Granny's Round Table", an article on the recent evolution of chimpanzees, and a short list of things they DON’T tell you about menopause (but really should). So pull up a twig and a cup of tea, perch in front of the plate of cookies, and help yourself to some piping hot opinions! :)

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    Good morning, good morning, GOOD morning!!!  Here we are, once again, sliding into the weekend, and already it'sThursday!!!  Anywho, today's show is kinda a special one, and not that all the others don't wind up being special, but today, we have special guests, Monica, a.k.a. Mo Shine, of Mo Shine Monie Entertainment, and her granny, Grandma Ruth, joining us, in the Nest.  I already know that Grandma gonna bring the funny, so get ready for plenty of laughs, and as always, share the links, and also, if you'd like to support the show, drop your dimes into the collection plate, via, http://www.paypal.com, using the email address, redhawk1967@hotmail.com and remember, when you bless the show, your blessings will continue to flow.

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    rasbekk night

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    This Granny is proof you're never too old to pursue your dreams!

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    Hey y'all...it's Tuesday and y'all know I LOVE Tuesdays! Join me as I interview Christian, wife, mom, grandma, blogger and published author, Margie J. Harding. Marjie is a published author of Bible puzzles, children and teen books that can be found on Amazon and a blogger on two different sites, Daily Threads on margieharding.com and HeartSong on margiejharding.blogspot.com. Her story will compell you to reach for your dreams no matter your age!

    Our musical guest is Julianne Marie...singer/songwriter of Gospel music.  We will be enjoying her song "Joy" from her album that can be found here http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/julieannemarie. Also follow her on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCseJxIdyXEuvW6mLUNZ5pdQ.

    Our #AskMamaChar segment will be answering an email from a wife who wants to celebrate her anniversary with her girlfriends and not her husband (yeah...y'all don't want to miss this one).

    As always you can find me at MamaChar.com and on all social media @MamaCharBlessed.  Be sure and send your questions in for the #AskMamaChar segment.  Your email will always be answered and your question just may be answered on the air!

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    In Fiction God Is Immoral And Yeshua's Death Is a Crime Against Humanity Why?

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    The bible presents the word God in a fictional context, because African and Mesopotamian religion has no history for God as a person. The following is what maked God and Jesus a fraud: [The Mesopotamian  first human religion was, of course, {pagan}   and {polytheistic,} and is therefore saparated by a profound spiritual gulf from the monotheism of Judaism and Christianity. Moreover, both the Old and New Testaments are imbued with an ethical sensitivity and moral fervor that have no counterparts in the comparable Mesopotamian  documents. Neither Sumer, nor Babylon, nor Assyria ever  arrived at the lofty persuasion that a "pure heart" and "clean hands" were spiritually more meaningful than elaborate riturals and sacrifices. The bond of love between god and man, while not entirely absent from Mesopotamian  religious thought, is certainly  far less significant there than it is in Judaism and Christianity. But the early Mesopotamians did develop the concept  of a personal and  family god, echoed in the Biblical "god of Abraham, Isaac  and Jacob"--and between this guardian deity and his adoring worshipper there was a tender, close and trusting relationship comparable in some ways to the one that exist between Jehovah and the patriarchs. Mesopotamian literature, like its [religion]  and law,  has also affected the entire Western world.    

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    hot head night

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    AD 476 Dark Ages And 14--16 Century Renaissance, Destroyed Human Society

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    Despite the scholarly interest in Classical civilization that flowered during the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, Western man's knowledge of the ancient world was severely limited until the 19th Century.Than not only was the to hieroglyphic writing found, unlocking the Egyptian past, but the long-standing puzzle of cuneiformscript was finallysolved--a remarkablefeat of scholarship that brought to light lost languages, peoples and cultures and added some  2,000 years of human history to the meager Greek and Biblical sources that alone were available until then. 

    From book titled: Cradle of Civilization, by Dr. Samuel Noah Kramer--Chapter 6 top paragraph