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    Mothers & Grandmothers

    in Poetry

    Grandmother Mazina and authority on the subject is sharing African, Hebrew and American Proverbs for Mothers and Grandmothers.

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    Wombanist Views Grandmothers & Matriarch Feature

    in Women

    Wombanist Views welcomes Robyn McGee, author of Hungry For More: A Keeping-it-Real Guide for Black Women on Weight and Body Image" to discuss her latest book Dear Nana:  Grandmother Tales of Love, Secrets and Going Home, which continues exploring the enduring power of family. Robyn is currently teaching Women's Studies and the Humanities at El Camino College Compton Center.


    We will discuss her latest book, as well as the role and significance of grandmothers -- matriarchs-- in the populations of African descent; as well as the recent massacre of church-goers- grandmothers at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston South Carolina. 


     Wombanist Views, created, produced, and co-hosted by Cherise Charleswell, is dedicated to broadcasting the voices of women who are doing positive and exciting things in their communities around-the-globe.



    Call In: (347) 945-5922

    Time: July 30, 2015

    3:30PM (PST)/6:30PM (EST)

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    Linda Forsythe: "The Power and The Plight of Grandmothers!"

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    A Hopi Indian Prophecy says, " When the grandmothers are heard, the world will heal!"

    A grandmother plays a major role is the raising of our children around the world and in establishing a peaceful planet!  What might that look like?

    She may have to take action by saying no to anything that is inappropriate or harmful for herself or her grandchildren or even her grown children.
    She may have to courageously refuse to be a party to petty issues raised by others by taking nonaction.
    She may have to think enough of herself to respect her home, her space, her body and her life with great self-care.

    Join me on The Sharon McWilliams Show with the third in my May Series:  Mothers, Motherhood and the Sacred for a look at Linda Forsythe:  The Power and the Plight of Grandmothers! Take the Walk of the Wise Woman with us as we look frankly and courageously at what we as grandmothers need to do for our grandchildren...and seven generations forward.  We have the power to create peace on this beautiful planet;  we have the power to promote a healthy environment for our grandchildren's children;  we have the power through prayer and chutzpah!  We can do this!  Linda Forsythe shares her story and her grandmother rules! 

    Next Monday evening join me for the 4th in my May Series:  Mothers, Motherhood and The Sacred!  with Susan Newton:  Honoring the Sacred Through the Divine Feminine!

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    Grandmothers Speak with Sharon McErlane

    in Spirituality

        Sharon McErlane is a psychotherapist from Laguna Beach, Ca. who in 1996 received a vision that changed her life.  The Council of the Grandmothers appeared as she walked her dog and revealed what must be done to bring the masculine and feminine energies on Earth back into balance.  “Earth has suffered too long from an excess of yang and insufficient yin,” they said.  “We have come to correct this.”  Sharon has been sharing their empowerment into the energy of yin for over ten years.  She will take the Grandmothers’ message and empowerment to Lithuania and the Netherlands in May and June and hold ceremonies in five cities there.
        Each month she holds a Grandmothers’ Empowerment ceremony and meeting at her home in Laguna Beach, Ca. and passes on the Grandmothers’ latest teachings to women and men.  At this time, thousands of women have received the Grandmothers’ Empowerment, many men have received the Cloak of Comfort and almost seventy Grandmothers’ groups have sprung up over the world.  Sharon has written “A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak,” which describes her experiences with these wise women.  To find out more about the Grandmothers’ message and a group near you, go to www.grandmothersspeak.com.

    Contact Information:
    To find out more about this powerful, life changing opportunity, you may contact Sharon at info@grandmothersspeak.com

    Web: www.grandmothersspeak.com

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    Mothers and Grandmothers

    in Family

    Grandmother Mazina an authority on the topic shares African Proverbs, Hebrew Proverbs, American Proverbs, and wise words from Ann Taylor, William Thackeray, on Mothers and Grandmothers.

    Visit our New Website at: www.storytalesradio.webs.com



  • White Buffalo Radio, Judith K Moore, Visionary, Mystic

    in Education

    Judith K Moore, visionary, mystic joins us for a profound exploration of insights, understandings and practical tools to use in life's toughest spots to bring you through.  Our show this day celebrates Rain's birthday - the day the Berlin Wall came down and is dedicated to resolution to personal and global conflicts.

    Judith K Moore recordsofcreation

    Book  Visions of Wisdom: Messages of the 13 Grandmothers

    White Buffalo Radio is hosted and produced by Rain on the Earth, sponsored by the White Bison Association home of the sacred White Buffalo herd.

    Blog: medicinetalkradio.wordpress.com

    Music:  Intro Arizona Spirit  Outro:  White Buffalo from Charles Button and Friends double album White Buffalo, Bigger than Real released by Sacred Mountain Records

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    Healing The Emotional Trauma From Your Ancestors

    in Women

    Many of us are angry all the time and don't even know why. There's even a name for our perpetual attitude, "The angry black woman syndrome." But we are the sum total of our life experiences, and more than that, we carry with us, in our genes, the sum total of our ancestors' experiences. We have great grandmothers who survived rape, beatings, humiliation, and a threat to their very lives. These memories are in our genetic code, and they impact how we feel about ourselves and others. How can we heal from generations of pain. Energy healer Myeka Bevel takes us through a healing excercize.




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    Tonight we will continue with Dr. Huey P. Newtons “HE WONT BLEED ME The Revolutionary Analysis of Sweet Sweetbacks Baadassss Song…” Yesterday we started this chapter and we will continue until we are finished. I think it is important analysis of the lives of our mothers is something we have to face with realism. Black Women in White Establishment  Male Society have always been used as prostitutes and we have many accounts of this during slavery. In the years following the reconstruction of the United Snakes of America Free Black Women found that it was a matter of survival to use their bodies in every way to provide for their families and themselves.  When they took control of this industry as a way of making money they were looked down upon, but during slavery it was acceptable even by the husbands of some who were the favorites of the Masa and they looked the other way.  When Black Women used this to bring the money home and put food on the table it often caused cruel and disgusting reactions from children, husbands and family members.  Lets face it if there were no Prostitution of Black Women in the world a lot of us would be dead, or would have never been born. i am a realist and I look at things analytically, so we will look at this chapter the way it was meant to be a study of how our mothers and grandmothers made sure we would be the liberators of our People!

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    "SUMMER LOVE" on Cocktail Conversations with David Glover on KLJN 107.7

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    Host: David Glover, The Controversial Counselor

    Produced by: LadyJaz

    Title: SUMMER LOVE

    Call (347) 237-5342 and press "1" to join in on the discussion LIVE on the air.

    Music: Terry Tate: BABIES HAVING BABIES

    Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff: SUMMER TIME

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    Wisdom of Our GrandMothers.

    in Spirituality

    March is Women's History Month and what better way to embrace Spiritual Awakening then by tapping into "Wisdom of Our Grandmothers" on a very special Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show featuring  Muti Emily Gunter,  Margaret Marshall (Mama Margie), Joan Bunney and Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner. 
      Imagine you are sitting at a camp fire with a group of wise elder women - GrandMothers.   What would you most like to hear while you are in this powerful circle?   Reap the benefit of their sage advice and love as they share how they navigated life and discovered who they are.   Call in 347 426 3346 or post your questions on "Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show" fan  (LIKE) page on Facebook.   Also, don't miss Celestial Moment with Celeste Morgan. She offers the energy of the day!   This show will shift your consciousness. Empower you to create a space and a place for inspiration, transformation and healing.   For more information about Life Conversations Radio visit www.LifeConversationsMedia.com 

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    Spiritual strength, health & happiness

    in Self Help

    a self-help and spirituality resource focusing on healing & health from indigenous and mystical traditions.  Diva Brenda Kelly will guide us in yearly, monthly & daily Feng Shui for yourself & home--including Flying Stars, 24 mountain stars & elemental luck of Earth, Heaven and the Human Being. Pathfinder (Canku Woksape) will share spiritual healing technologies of holistic, indigenous and mystical sources--including Reiki, Universal & Spiritual Laws, the Seven Arrows, ethnomedicine & shamanism, spiritual interpreting & relationship with the Mystic, Real World. Find out more about us:  http://www.pathfinder1111.moonfruit.com/# and like our Aloha Healers Network community facebook page!  Mahalo