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    Grandmothers Speak with Sharon McErlane

    in Spirituality

        Sharon McErlane is a psychotherapist from Laguna Beach, Ca. who in 1996 received a vision that changed her life.  The Council of the Grandmothers appeared as she walked her dog and revealed what must be done to bring the masculine and feminine energies on Earth back into balance.  “Earth has suffered too long from an excess of yang and insufficient yin,” they said.  “We have come to correct this.”  Sharon has been sharing their empowerment into the energy of yin for over ten years.  She will take the Grandmothers’ message and empowerment to Lithuania and the Netherlands in May and June and hold ceremonies in five cities there.
        Each month she holds a Grandmothers’ Empowerment ceremony and meeting at her home in Laguna Beach, Ca. and passes on the Grandmothers’ latest teachings to women and men.  At this time, thousands of women have received the Grandmothers’ Empowerment, many men have received the Cloak of Comfort and almost seventy Grandmothers’ groups have sprung up over the world.  Sharon has written “A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak,” which describes her experiences with these wise women.  To find out more about the Grandmothers’ message and a group near you, go to www.grandmothersspeak.com.

    Contact Information:
    To find out more about this powerful, life changing opportunity, you may contact Sharon at info@grandmothersspeak.com

    Web: www.grandmothersspeak.com

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    Linda Forsythe: "The Power and The Plight of Grandmothers!"

    in Women

    A Hopi Indian Prophecy says, " When the grandmothers are heard, the world will heal!"

    A grandmother plays a major role is the raising of our children around the world and in establishing a peaceful planet!  What might that look like?

    She may have to take action by saying no to anything that is inappropriate or harmful for herself or her grandchildren or even her grown children.
    She may have to courageously refuse to be a party to petty issues raised by others by taking nonaction.
    She may have to think enough of herself to respect her home, her space, her body and her life with great self-care.

    Join me on The Sharon McWilliams Show with the third in my May Series:  Mothers, Motherhood and the Sacred for a look at Linda Forsythe:  The Power and the Plight of Grandmothers! Take the Walk of the Wise Woman with us as we look frankly and courageously at what we as grandmothers need to do for our grandchildren...and seven generations forward.  We have the power to create peace on this beautiful planet;  we have the power to promote a healthy environment for our grandchildren's children;  we have the power through prayer and chutzpah!  We can do this!  Linda Forsythe shares her story and her grandmother rules! 

    Next Monday evening join me for the 4th in my May Series:  Mothers, Motherhood and The Sacred!  with Susan Newton:  Honoring the Sacred Through the Divine Feminine!

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    Mothers and Grandmothers

    in Family

    Grandmother Mazina an authority on the topic shares African Proverbs, Hebrew Proverbs, American Proverbs, and wise words from Ann Taylor, William Thackeray, on Mothers and Grandmothers.

    Visit our New Website at: www.storytalesradio.webs.com



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    Straight Talk : Riots, Poverty in our own Community

    in Radio

    We are getting into deep conversation tonight with local activists and mothers / grandmothers from the community.  We will be talking about Baltimore, New York, Houston and other places people are rioting and protesting.  We will discuss the reprecussions of their actions and how they affect everyday life.  You definitely want to tune in and listen to this program.  No doubt, we will happily be offending people !

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    Wisdom of Our GrandMothers.

    in Spirituality

    March is Women's History Month and what better way to embrace Spiritual Awakening then by tapping into "Wisdom of Our Grandmothers" on a very special Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show featuring  Muti Emily Gunter,  Margaret Marshall (Mama Margie), Joan Bunney and Rev. Mary Louise Ruffner. 
      Imagine you are sitting at a camp fire with a group of wise elder women - GrandMothers.   What would you most like to hear while you are in this powerful circle?   Reap the benefit of their sage advice and love as they share how they navigated life and discovered who they are.   Call in 347 426 3346 or post your questions on "Ask Life Coach Ade Radio Show" fan  (LIKE) page on Facebook.   Also, don't miss Celestial Moment with Celeste Morgan. She offers the energy of the day!   This show will shift your consciousness. Empower you to create a space and a place for inspiration, transformation and healing.   For more information about Life Conversations Radio visit www.LifeConversationsMedia.com 

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    A Warm Campfire Memorial Tribute for Grandmother Mazina

    in Current Events

    Link: Press Release

    Our beloved Host and Administrative Assistant passed away in March 2015 and our Staff will Host a Memorial Tribute to Grandmother Mazina. 

    We welcome you to join us as we share some highlights of her life, accomplishments and some favorite memories. 

    Grandmother Mazina was the Host for the well known Grandmother's Basket Series which was heard in over 100 countries around the world through Storytellers Campfire Radio Show.

    We will have a short Video for Grandmother Mazina and we will have a Special Feature in the Video and show regarding the Special Memorium by her fans.

    Host: Rich Gehlhausen

    Host: Charlie Checkers

    Program Director: Lady Selah SuJuris

    Link: StoryTales / Grandmothers Basket

    Link: Grandmother's Basket on Storytellers Campfire


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    WATER & SACRED SITES: Hearing the Voice of Earth with Spiritual Advisor Jyoti

    in Spirituality

    The Earth is speaking to us. Yet, are we listening?

    Water is the essence of life. Water is the blood of the planet, our Pachamama, our mother Earth.

    When our blood is compromised, we humans fall into dis-ease. Why would we expect our planet to respond any differently?

    Jyoti, (Jeneane Prevatt, PhD) is one of the founders of Kayumari, a spiritual healing community located in the Sierra foothills of California, the North Bay of San Francisco, New York, Switzerland, Prague and the Brazillian Amazon. She is the Spiritual Director of the Center for Sacred Studies, a church dedicated to protecting and sustaining the spiritual practices of first-nation peoples around the world. She was one of the original conveners of The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

    Jyoti and host, Linda Lombardo speak about the Fukushima disaster and what is being called the death of the Pacific Ocean by scholars and teachers, and, bringing a ray of hope, the Fukusima Solutions project, designed to heal our waters. They talk about what the planet is telling us with the droughts; the receeding waters all over the world.

    Jyoti also shares her vision and work to restore sacred sites worldwide and entrust their care back to the indigenous peoples who revere them, for the sake of healing the Earth, it's energy and all beings.

    Jyoti is an internationally renowned spiritual adviser and psychological consultant. She has devoted her life to bringing unity to the planet by facilitating the development of alliances between individuals who are the guardians of indigenous culture and traditional medicine ways.

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    Jeju's 4.3 Massacre Remembered

    in Travel

    On April 3rd, 1948, Jeju Island was caught in a civil war-like time of violence and human rights abuses. This is when the period known as the Jeju Uprising and Massacre began.

    The Korea File spoke with participants at the Jeju 4.3 Commemorative Street Festival last Friday to hear their impressions of this tragic event in Jeju's history.

    Live music performances include Hallasanhoe's Songs for Jeju 4.3, Dedicated to 4.3/Antiwar Peace by the Parkbo Band and The Changwon Grandmothers Singing Group's songs from yesteryear with "Girls’ High School Days”.

    Activist/Artist Lee Do-hee's work can be found at http://www.doheelee.com

    The image for this episode is a still from the film '?? (Jiseul)', a semi-fictionalized account of the events of 1948 and after. A review on the award-winning film can be found at Koreana, a quarterly journal of Korean arts and culture at http://www.koreana.or.kr/months/news_view.asp?b_idx=3025&lang=en&page_type=list and the film is wildly available online.

    For a long read on Jeju's 4.3 tragedy see the official governmental document The Jeju 4·3 Incident
    Investigation Report at http://www.jeju43peace.or.kr/report_eng.pdf

    For a brief summarization, go to http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Jeju_Uprising

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    Wisdom from the Grandmothers

    in Radio

    Violence Against the Girl  and Child Marriage: Voices from  Grandmothers        Host: Dr. Ada Okika Co-Host: Mrs Chi Ezekwueche Research and News-anchor: Dr. Ifechukwu Anikpe,  Ms. Amara Nwosu   Discrimination and violence against girls and violations of their human rights still happen till today. The United Nations felt a need to raise awareness of the challenges that millions of girls face every day. In December 2011, the UN declared that it would annually observe the International Day of the Girl Child, starting from October 11, 2012. Just as Violence against women is a global course to the United Nations’ Community, the International organizations and working groups, violence against the girl child has much rooted concerns in the global pursuit on the Future Women Want. This calls for more serious commitment that in the end the future women want will include total eradication of all violence against the girl child that in the end what the girl child wants is equality between boys and girls.

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    Presto! Innovation - Magic in the Card$

    in Business

    How does a printer rise from dusty board games & playing cards to become the international reigning guru of this new generation's new  generation of international participatory games?  Part 1 of The Art of the CEO's Innovation Series features the amazing lady who had done just that.  Ms. Shari Spiro, CEO of Ad Magic, comes on board as Host Bart Jackson's featured guest to reveal exactly how she has reinvented her custom printing company to become the go-to resource for gamers across the globe.  Yes, board games, puzzles and playing cards are still very much part of the thinking class' recreational scene.  But no, these are not your grandmothers' whist, bridge & Monopoly.  Today's games have stormed the internet.  They are iconoclastic, edgy, novel, and involve players in the hundreds of thousands.  Tune in and learn the masterful way to seize and profit from a burgeoning market.


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    Mothers & Daughters - Let the Love Blossom

    in Women

    Discussions on relationships/bonds with mothers and grandmothers. When does the bond beween mothers and children start? Examining the strength of the bonds: "today" vs. "yesterday." Discuss how to make the bond last a lifetime. Do young female adults still value and/or feel they need their mothers as much as they did when they were kids? Or do they feel they can conquer the world without them?