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    Derek and George Live!

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    Join Derek and Jimbo for this special Thanksgiving Show. We will have all kind of good triva and some recipes for you.We hope all of you have a good Thanksgiving and safe travels to and from home.Derek and George will be back together next week to bring you up to date on all the lastest news. Stay Safe!

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    Pounding on the table, shouting from the rooftops...

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    Any sense of normalcy in America is an illusion. 


    Don and Doug have been calling out milemarkers on the American decline since December 2010, and each is convinced we're well into critical territory. 


    The stock market is showing increased volitility. For the time being, it's still managing upswings as well as down. But volitility makes people uneasy. Things look dicey for the months ahead. 


    As we near year's end, expect a new wave of health insurance cancellations, or extreme price hikes. It's Obamacare striking again. 


    A new polio-like epidemic may be shaping up in American cities.


    Policians treat the emerging Ebola epidemic like a political issue, and speak of travelers and patient rights, rather than even consider basic, but effective counter measures that have worked for centuries.


    In St. Louis, mobs unleased more unrest because a police officer shot and killed a perp who started the alteration by shooting at the cop.


    And ISIS continues on its march. Photos out of Kobani, Syria show women from teens to grandmothers, clutching Kalishnakovs, vowing to fight to the death in opposition. 


    How soon before we see American moms and grandmothers clutching arms, vowing to protect their homes, as our own socieity unravels?  


    In reality, it's already here. How many stories have you seen of moms or grandmas using arms to repel or kill home invaders, in American cities and suburbs?


    Things are getting worse, people. Not better. 


    Where do they go next? 




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    Redondo Beach Lobster Festival

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    Our guests this morning are Leslie Page, Chair Elect of the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce and Lorrie the Lobster!

    Leslie Page is often referred to as the queen of the harbor - she has worked for the Redondo Beach Marina for 25 years and has been with the Chamber the entire time. She was on the front lines when the first Lobster Festival was created 19 years ago and has been active ever since, watching the festival evolve into the premier event it is today.  Leslie is a 4th generation southern Californian, loves the ocean and all it has to offer.

    Lorrie the Lobsta has been around and seen it all and you wouldn’t want to bite into this crustacean……even with lots of butta. She originally hails from New England and happily washed up on the shores of Redondo Beach when the Lobster Festival started in 1995. Lorrie lives for the last weekend in September when she can again strut her stuff, dance to the Village People songs, and take pictures with her numerous fans at the Lobster Festival. Babies, toddlers, teens, couples, singles and grandmas - everyone loves having their picture taken with the Lobstas as part of their festival experience.

    This morning, we’re going to hear all about the 2014 Redondo Beach Lobster Festival taking place this weekend at Seaside Lagoon in Redondo Beach.


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    Get Real! with Mark and Kally - How to Avoid Whatever Bug is Going Around

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    There are lots of 'bugs' going around your school, office or home.  Do you find yourself living in a never ending world of going from one sickness to another with someone in your family?  We will share with you our secrets of staying healthy.  Our family of 9 didn't pass every bug around the family, nor do we get sick from all the germs that come into our wellness and toy store and there are lots of sick kids and adults that pass through our doors.

    You may hear of "magic cure-alls" to treat different ailments.  We'll debunk of of those myths and share with you some truely magical 'old wives tales' and 'grandmas remedies' that really do work.  We've got some science to back it all up as well.   We'll cover essential oils, herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies and more.

    We are not diagnosing or prescribing.  Please talk with your doctor.  

    Our family went from the sick care life style and industry to our Wellness Lifestyle.  Our passion is to help you Get Real and bridge the gap to a joy-filled passionate life with good health and vitality.  Read more about us by clicking here.   

    Mark and Kally Efros

    Indigo Mountain:  Wellness, Toys & Gifts

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    Images courtesy of jscreationzs and David Castillo Dominici at Freedigitalphotos.net

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    Healing Disease With Living Vegan Foods

    in Health

    Heal diabetes and more listen in with Reggie In The Raw Bisi ,  and Grandma Rene Abdullah of Grandmas Healing Hands. Healing our community with community

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    Regina McRae Revels In Grandmas Secrets

    in Business

    Meet Regina McRae!  She began Grandmas Secrets in 1994 to personally deliver the goodness of Grandma's home baked to New York's public. Starting with $10 and 9 pies, 17 years later Regina is recognized as one of New York City's premiere cake artists. 

    Premiere?  Yes! Find Grandmas Secrets in NY Daily News Critics Choice, NY Magazines Editor's Pic, Nickelodeon Parents Pick, USA Today Best of New York.

    In this show, you'll learn why Regina attracts featured status in Black Enterprise and O Magazine as well as a a Food Network Challenger. In addition, she is author of Taking the Cake, the ultimate cake guide, and host of Business Matters, a weekly broadcast for small businesses. Business Maters is one of the fastest growing shows as a Featured Host on Blog Talk Radio!

    Click to email or call Soul Dancer at 312-268-0000. Discover how Soul may be of service to you, your company, community or cause.

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    Regina McRae, of Grandmas Secret on Let's Talk Strategies

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    Join Let's Talk Strategies with Danette Moss as she interviews Regina McRae, Founder and owner of Grandma's Secrets. NY's only dessert delivery company. Founded in 1995 with $10 and 9 pies, Now one of NYC's premiere cake artists. She was chosen NY Daily News Critics Choice, NY Magazine's Editor's Pic, Nickelodeon Parent's Pick, and Google Small Business Spokesperson, as well as having been featured in Black Enterprise, "O" Magazine, and most recently as a challenger on the Food Network's "Sweet Genius".  Regina is host of the weekly broadcast "Business Matters, Where Your Small Business Matters".
    For more information about Regina visit: http://grandmasecrets.com/

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    Grandma G-Thang Is Back & Catches You Up On What's New!

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    "Grandma G-Thang", C Niambi Steele, has lots of updates from the last broadcast! "Grandma G" apologizes for the long delay between broadcasts! Between dental visits at Columbia Presbyterian Dental Clinic & finishing a "solopreneur" workshop, taught by Latonia Phipps, resulting in a perfomance piece entitled, "Tha Dog Got Ta Bark Ta Eat Around Here"--- she has been very busy indeed!

    Moving on, she will talk about writing & an excerpt from her generational spoken word piece, "Connected To The Disconnect"

    All listeners have an invitation to the S.T.A.R.(Special Thanks And Recognition) program which will be held at the historic First A.M.E. Church: Bethel on Sunday, June 15th, 2014 at 3:00pm, located at 60 West 132nd Street (between Lenox & 5th Avenue) in Harlem, New York. Not only will "Grandma G-Thang" be bringing her culinary talents, but will be performing, as well.

    From praising the GRACE of GOD to cooking GREENS, Grandma G-Thang loves the letter "G"! She encourages people to have more "G" in their lives-- GENEALOGY,GEOGRAPHY, GENERATIONS, GOVERNMENT, GENESIS, GUTS, GLORY, GRATITUDE, GRACIOUSNESS, GIVING....So many G's-- so little time!

    Shout out to all the CONNECTED families in GEORGIA-- Starting with the Lees & the Fords in LAGRANGE

    Shout out to all my TAPLIN FAMILY cousins from my father RICHARD TAPLIN

    Shout out to my children, grandchildren, & great-grandchildren in INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA & FT SAM HOUSTON TEXAS.

    Shout out to all the BABY BOOMER GRANDMAS & GRANDPAS who are still relevant in a changing world & want to be part of the solution evolution.


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    How to Babysit Grandma!

    in Women

    Many of us on the Feisty Side of Fifty are blessed to be grandmas and know the special joy of spending time with our grandchildren. But, when they come for a visit, how can they best babysit us?

    Learn the special tips for taking care of grannies from Jean Reagan, author of the delightful book, How to Babysit Grandma. If you’re lucky enough to be a granny yourself, you’re going to want to be sure to catch this one!

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    Grandma Does Her G-Thang At The WENDY WILLIAMS SHOW!

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    Grandma does her G-Thang with a girlfriend who provided the tickets to the Wendy Williams Show in New York City. Listen to a real adventure with two good friends.

    Grandma met Ampora McLean when they were both cast in the play, "THAT L-WORD". The play, written by Bill Beasley, of Harlem Playwrights 21, NYC, was part of the Midwinter Madness Play Festival which is the brainchild of prolific NewYork producer, John Chatterton, of The Midtown International Theatre Festival celebrating in 2014 their 15th year as a leader in presenting powerful theatre works from around the world.

    Friendship is a powerful remedy that can relieve the aches, pains, trials and tribulations that many of us elderly experience. Since meeting Ampora and discovering our mutual likes and dislikes-- like girlfriends do so well!-- I've got a renewed attitude about life and living. I am thankful to have the friendship of such a competent young woman! Even a know-it-all Baby Boomer like me, is learning new thangs! And I'm feelin' GOOD!

    When you enter the studio where the Wendy Williams Show is taped, you are pulled into the Wendy Vortex-- she is a force to be reckoned with; a veritable natural energy of high velocity! That's what Grandma Doing Her G-Thang is all about-- finding that "G" force in your life! WE ARE FAMILY!! And however you get your G-Thang, whether it be FACEBOOK TWITTER MYSPACE or CHURCH or TALKSHOWS -- get yours-- all  you Grandmas and Grandpas out there--- we are the biggest group in the world-- BABY BOOMERS---"Rise & Shine"!

    I truly enjoyed my adventure to the Wendy Williams Show. WENDY? If you're listening, I dub thee "Lady Wendy The Good, And Grateful To Her People"! How you doo-an??

    Do something "G:" today and everyday. Encourage somebody & be encouraged!  Uplift with kind words! Stay blesssed and highly favored!

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    How Whistleblowers & Grandmas Are Fighting Wall Street Fraud

    in News

    Saturday, September 14 at 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST Linda Almonte - the JP Morgan Chase former VP, currently working with state and federal regulators, consumers, consumer attorneys and community organizations nationwide. We will talk about the true experience of being a "whistleblower" at these banks how hard it is to fight internally externally to help customers and battle to be heard by regulators or media in order to help consumers. The Covington 7 - next hearing is on October 8th They are back to give us an update on their case: *On May 22, seven brave women - six of them grandmothers and all victims of the foreclosure crisis - conducted a peaceful sit-in at the entrance to the office of the Covington & Burling law firm, one of the major representatives of Wall Street with a “revolving door” with the government officials who are supposed to hold Wall Street accountable. Foreclosure Fraud Survivors DISCLAIMER
    I am not an attorney and I am not engaged in rendering legal advice. It’s my opinion and advice, not counsel. I am not responsible as an “expert” and for what you do with my advice and knowledge.

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