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  • Author, Miranda Parker

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    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".

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    Grandma G-Thang Is Back & Catches You Up On What's New!

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    "Grandma G-Thang", C Niambi Steele, has lots of updates from the last broadcast! "Grandma G" apologizes for the long delay between broadcasts! Between dental visits at Columbia Presbyterian Dental Clinic & finishing a "solopreneur" workshop, taught by Latonia Phipps, resulting in a perfomance piece entitled, "Tha Dog Got Ta Bark Ta Eat Around Here"--- she has been very busy indeed!

    Moving on, she will talk about writing & an excerpt from her generational spoken word piece, "Connected To The Disconnect"

    All listeners have an invitation to the S.T.A.R.(Special Thanks And Recognition) program which will be held at the historic First A.M.E. Church: Bethel on Sunday, June 15th, 2014 at 3:00pm, located at 60 West 132nd Street (between Lenox & 5th Avenue) in Harlem, New York. Not only will "Grandma G-Thang" be bringing her culinary talents, but will be performing, as well.

    From praising the GRACE of GOD to cooking GREENS, Grandma G-Thang loves the letter "G"! She encourages people to have more "G" in their lives-- GENEALOGY,GEOGRAPHY, GENERATIONS, GOVERNMENT, GENESIS, GUTS, GLORY, GRATITUDE, GRACIOUSNESS, GIVING....So many G's-- so little time!

    Shout out to all the CONNECTED families in GEORGIA-- Starting with the Lees & the Fords in LAGRANGE

    Shout out to all my TAPLIN FAMILY cousins from my father RICHARD TAPLIN

    Shout out to my children, grandchildren, & great-grandchildren in INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA & FT SAM HOUSTON TEXAS.

    Shout out to all the BABY BOOMER GRANDMAS & GRANDPAS who are still relevant in a changing world & want to be part of the solution evolution.


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    Grandma Talks Life, Love, and Why Aren't You Happy?

    in Family

    Grandma "G-Thang",  award winning actress, vocalist, lyricist, poet and playwright,  C Niambi Steele, talks about the journey that brings her to the life she currently lives. Her greatest accomplishment and joy she finds in her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren; but auditioning for roles, as well as, creating original ones is also a great passioin which keeps her motivated to face and conquer even greater challenges. She also feels that life's ups and downs create the tools that allow us to become the unique person we are meant to be with a distinct personal toolbox meant just for us. Culling from the wisdom acquired in her early 20's from being in 24Carat Black, an iconic recording group at Stax Records, to being a rocking member of the Baby Boomer generation, she now finds herself living the 21st century life of email, facebook, & smart phones.  This professional vocalist, actress/grandmother just wants to "Bring A Little Grandma Back" into your life! Live from the theater of your mind, is Grandma Talk with Grandma G-Thang!

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    What Does The Word Say?

    in The Bible

    Today, we continue in John 6.

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    Favor Life, The Process Of There..........................

    in Spirituality

    Favor Life  is a 15 minute radio empowerment segment designed to encourage the Christian Believer in their walk of faith and trust everyday through life situations and circumstance. The goal of this radio broadcast is to spiritually empower each believer in their process of growing and maturing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ daily. For the Christian Believer ,who is in this world but operate and live in a different system of faith , we learn to manifest the glory of the Lord in our everyday life by faith , trust and obedience to God's Word. The journey of faith and trust is one that is to be enjoyed as we walk in the victory, purpose  and destiny of our process to "there". Our "there" place is the place of our making that expresses the identity and character of Jesus Christ to a world who does not see or know Christ unless we show Him even in the conflicts that we face in our everyday life. So join in as we go through the process of "there" and see the favor of our King in everyday life on "Favor Life".

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    When We Care from a Distance, What Do We Need?

    in Caregiving

    Claire Day, our dementia care expert, has been taking a break from sharing her wisdom about dementia care to share her story of caring from a distance for her parents. In this show, we'll ask Claire for her thoughts about the tools, technology and support she needs as a long-distance family caregiver.

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    Fresh Manna Strengthening the Families:Building Strong Communities

    in Religion

    STRENGTHENING THE FAMILIES:  Apostle Williams is available for Conferences, Seminars and Workshops that will build your ministry or church group.  Our Ministerial Team is comprised of educational and motivational speakers for your church meetings and special events to strengthen members, individuals and families, within the community or church. 

    Her goal is to provide Educational Seminars and resources for victims and families dealing with domestic violence, mental and emotional stress, and substance abuse that weaken the family structure and values.  These seminars are to help improve parenting skills, promote abstinence among our youth, and provide Christian counseling relating to family values and issues.  To strengthen, encourage and motivate men and women. Strengthening the Families Outreach Ministries Programs airs on Tuesdays on Fresh Manna Our Daily Bread Blog Talk Radio.  


    Apostle Loretta Williams is also on Facebook, Google + and Linkedin.

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    Authentic Leadership with Colleen Slaughter

    in Self Help

    Coach Cafe' Radio is excited to welome Colleen Slaughter! 

    Colleen has an amazing story of overcoming her humble upbringing and pursuing a life in Europe. Acquiring her Master's Degree from a Paris University, excelling at several high-end consulting positions, and then making the choice to step back and start her family. Now, she's helping other women make BOLD MOVES in their lives and their businesses.

    Founder of Authentic Leadership International, Colleen Slaughter blends an energetic delivery style with her vast international business experience to propel audiences to cultivate greater authenticity and fulfillment at home and in the workplace. 
    As a speaker, Colleen is powerfully committed to showing others how to achieve greatness. Her dynamic background enables her to speak authoritatively on a variety of key topics, including leadership, change management, and organization development.
    Colleen uses an innovative approach during her presentations to engender lively, engaging discussions among audience members. Colleen’s international focus allows her to serve the widely expanding market of emerging women leaders. 

    Learn more about Collen Slaughter-www.boldermoves.com

    Get to know your hosts:

    Kathleen Martin-www.kathleenmartincoaching.com

    Estra Roell- www.americaslifepurposecoach.com

    Visit us in the Coach Cafe'- www.coachcaferadio.com

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    My Miracle

    in Self Help

    With Debbie Soul

    Writing your story, with Debbie Soul. If  you have a story to tell, this is where you can follow along and share your story with the world

    Today we discuss the heart of her story, the miracle that made it all possible, and how it can change  your life.

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    How to Be Irresistibly Magnetic to Mr Right with Dating Coach Sandra Fidelis

    in Relationships

    Are you a successful woman who has yet to find a fulfilling relationship or connect intimately with a man who is right for you? Do you look around at your friends who are in love, have started families and wonder when it is your turn?

    My special guest today, Sandra Fidelis is a dating coach who is here to teach you how to step into your greatness, recognize all you have to offer in a relationship, and draw the ideal man right to you.

    Sandra Fidelis empowers women just like you to shift how they view themselves and to redefine what they believe they deserve in every area of life. She creates groundbreaking virtual programs for women all over the world that help them to remove whatever obstacles stand between them and their "Mr. Right." Sandra is the co-author of the book Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Life.

    If you are ready to shift how you see yourself, how you view men, and to eliminate whatever is holding you back this is the show for you! Sandra will be taking your calls so don't be shy - take advantage of this great opportunity to call in and ask your questions.

    To learn more about Sandra Fidelis, please visit her website http://sandrafidelis.com/confidence

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    Interview with Sandy Peckinpah

    in Writing

    Sandy Peckinpah is a fiery redhead who never gave up. She mentors woman through those great big life challenges to find meaning and purpose in the next chapter. She is an award-winning author, a lifestyle mentor, writing coach, and a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® with the Grief Recovery Institute in Los Angeles.

    She discovered the power in storytelling when she wrote her first book after her daughter was born with a facial defect. Rosey…the Imperfect Angel was a magical fairy tale that focused on the beauty of imperfection. It was recorded as a CD, and starred actress, Melissa Gilbert (best known for “Little House on the Prairie”). It made it all the way to the Grammy Ballot in 2009.

    Her newest book, “How to Survive the Worst that can Happen,” a parent’s guide to healing after the loss of a child is based on her own insight and experiences in the tragic loss of her 16 year old son. The book recently won several awards including the Pinnacle Book Award, The New York Book Festival Award, The USA Book News Award, The London Book Festival Award, and the Readers Favorite Award.

    Sandy’s website and blog focuses on resilience and transformation no matter what the challenge.  She encourages women to define the next act of their lives using their past life story as a stepping stone to transforming the next act with passion, purpose, and possibility.

    Website and Blog: www.SandyPeckinpah.com

    Facebook: Sandy Peckinpah

    Twitter: @SandyPeckinpah