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    Cherokees Forrest Liggett & Brian Wilkes of 28 Grandfathers Council

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    Forrest Liggett and Brian Wilkes  discussed Out of the flame: Cherokee beliefs & practices of the ancients" by James Adair

    Both are a members of the Council of 28 Grandfathers which is a gathering of indigenous men from across North America and the Pacific, dedicated to preserving our cultures and traditions, and sharing appropriately with the rest of the world for healing, reconciliation, and justice.

    Websites mentioned:

    Original Keetoowah Society

    Ancient Cherokee Origins

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    Sun Circle Mixteca Ceremonialist Jaime O. Perez

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    Prerecorded 5/29/2004


    As Members of the Sun Circle Community, We Honor Our Ancestors And Our Grandfathers And Grandmothers; That Beliefs Evolve; That Fire Is The Symbol And Manifest Reality Of The Memory Of Our Ancestors; That Fire Was Handed Down To Us As A Ritual Practice By Our Ancestors; That We Demonstrate Love For Our Ancestors When We Hold Place Around The Fire And Honor Its Warmth and Energy In Our Ceremonies; We Honor Our Ancestors When We Establish Guardians For The People And The Fire; When All Men And Women Hold Their Place In Ceremony And All Cultural Practices, Rituals, Quests and Pilgrimages; When We Honor A Balance Of Male And Female; When We Honor Our Tradition By Consistent Words And Deeds; and Participate In The Civic, Cultural, Traditional, Social And Political Life Of Our Community.

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    A Special Tribute To All Grandfathers

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    Many grandfathers played a very important role in the lives of their grandchildren. Teaching them many life long skills that many of us carry with us today.  In today's societies, we hear more about the role of grandmothers. Today we would like to reflected upon our grandfathers and all the great contribution they made to their children and grandchildren. Please join host Antoinette Harrell and her call in guest for this tribute to our grandfathers. 

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    Bonnie Albers On Air: Tuesdays! Special Guest-Andrew Dee!

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    Join us today, Bonnie Albers On Air, call 347-838-8864 to listen live, or join the que to ask a question today! Special Guest, Andrew Dee, an Amazing Spirit Medium from Liverpool is with us today! Check out Andrew's website: http://www.andrewdee.com/ to see what Andrew offers to his personal clients!

    Bonnie Albers RN LNC CLC Spirit Medium specializes in Romance, Love, Relationships and Sexual Issues with a TWIST of SPIRIT. Bonnie and Guests talk about Past Lives, Karmic Ties, Psychic gifts and ALL sorts of different topics that metaphysics has to offer. Spirit, Angel messages come through to our callers too. For private sessions with Bonnie, email her at : balbers714@aol.com, and/or come by Facebook and message Bonnie there too! Archive links are posted on Bonnie's FB page, as well as in Spiritual Learning Connection, FB group page, membership open to all.

    Andrew Dee is an Amazing Spirit Medium! "My own change of frequency came only 8 years ago when I was an Royal Air Force Communications Officer stationed in Basra, Iraq, providing welfare communications for British Troops.  I was enjoying some rare time off when I happened upon a half buried, painted Dutch clog key ring in the sand, 3000 miles from home. So what, you ask? It is not by coincidence that my Grandfathers were Dutch. Not only that, my father had a restaurant named Clogs and even today, my mother, aged 70, still runs a pub and one wall in particular is adorned with Clogs, collected over the years during frequent trips from and to Dutch family." Call in to have Andrew connect with your loved ones on the other side! Andrew is on Facebook too! http://www.andrewdee.com/

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    Jim Hanor debuts The Grandfathers

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    Jim Hanor's inspiring trilogy starting with Beyond the Gates of Splendor, followed by End of the Spear, concludes with the inspiring film- The Grandfathers. Produced by Mart Green, the film follows Jesse Saint as he searches for his identity deep in the Amazon jungle while living amongst the tribe that murdered his grandfather decades earlier.

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    OFFICE 323-957-7322

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    Lets talk with Grandmother Marian Dawn SkyWeaver

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    Today, we talk with special guest Grandmother Marian Dawn SkyWeaver, with Magdala Ramirez.

    Grandmother Marian Dawn SkyWeaver value her Native American and African ancestors. She received her indigenous education from many grandfathers, grandmothers, sisters, and aunties along her path.

    She is passionate about reminding all that we are indigenous to Mother Earth, we have the responsibility to show respect, walk with wisdom, consider balance in all things, recognize peace as the right of all, know that we are an expansion of our ancestors and the next 7 plus generations. She is a member of the Grandmothers of the Nation Of Waitaha, of the Four Directional Rainbow Grandmothers and the Grandmother Who Circle the Earth Foundation.

    She has walked the Oneness path for many years, her tools are intuition, visions, dreams, and she has a humbling connection to ancestors, nature, animals, and those beyond the veil. Her walk have taken her many places, both nationally and internationally, awakening the fundamental knowledge of Mother Earth and All her Relatives.

    She values time preforming ceremony as directed by the Ancestor. Her recent travel and teachings lead her to spend time in forest/bush learning the way of the indigenous hunter gatherer Algonquin Nation and indigenous people of Hawaii. She walks, talks and lives in the Essence of Oneness in the Spirit of Love, Truth and Peace.

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    Interview with Myria Webber

    in Country Music

    MYRIA WEBBER is a Canadian Country Music singer/songwriter. Born in farm country and raised in apple country in Quebec, Myria is the only child of her French Canadian mother and English Canadian father. She has been singing and performing since she was seven and is happiest to be on stage and share her music with others. Her love of music is a family affair as both her grandfathers were musicians too. 

    Myria’s country music influences include the likes of Miranda Lambert, Casadee Pope, Blake Shelton, and Scotty McCreery to name but a few. The more and more she has immersed herself in the country music scene, she has become a fan of many artists from all eras, both north and south of the border. 

    Myria’s latest project is the recording of her self-titled EP recorded this summer in Nashville produced by Eddie Gore at Steve Cropper’s Insomnia Studios in the heart of Music Row. 

    Her first single to country radio is called "Movie Kiss."

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    Please enjoy watching the video interviews with some of our guests at www.QigongMasters.com.

    Al Dacascos is know as one of the grandfathers of Kung fu in America. Since the founding of his unique fighting art, Wun Hop Kuen Do in 1969, he has become one of the most noted martial artists of our era. An eighth degree Black Belt, Dacascos has won over 200 Championships and appeared on just as many Martial Arts magazine covers over the years. In 1977 he was indoctrinated into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as Instructor of the Year and again in 1992 by Inside Kung fu Magazine. Two of the worlds most prestigious martial arts magazines.

    Al Dacascos was the first practitioner of Kung fu to compete in the American martial arts tournament circuit. As a visionary, he has manifested the dream of creating a network of schools and five generations of black belts to reflect his style.

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    What do kids know about hobbies?

    in Family

    Kids have a lot of hobbies. Some hobbies require aduts, some don't. Maximus is our guest today on Cross Link Radio and we talk about his long list of activities that he enjoys. From rock crawling with his Dad, to building Legos kits when he's alone. Find out what hobbies he enjoys with his sister and his mom too. 

    Maximus is a brand new 6 year old boy who lives in California. He really likes a wide variety of hobbies, and he likes talking about them. Join is in this fun conversation.

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    TRUNEWS 7/17/14: World on the Brink

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    With NATO and Russia on the edge of war following the downing of the Malaysian airliner, Rick goes unscripted with no guest today. Among the topics discussed is the cryptic warning a U.S. general passed to “V” several days ago about the dismantling of the USA between 2015-2017.


    Revelation Ready: 

    Ben Kinchlow and J.A. White

    "The Declaration of Independence and the Gospel of our Grandfathers"

    Today’s program will be featuring two guests and two subjects. Up first will be internationally recognized author, speaker, and businessman Ben Kinchlow. We’ll be talking about family, the Declaration of Independence, and we’ll also get into the things going on in the Middle East. In the second half of the program we will be talking with Pastor JA White who is the author of the book “The Gospel of our Grandfathers”. 

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