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    Our Corrupted "Grand Juries"

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    Our Corrupted Grand Juries.

    We have a stellar lineup tonight to help us understand how the Grand Jury system has been turned from “The Peoples' Jury”, one that stood between the people and government tyranny into a rubber stamp at under the control of the government.

      The danger to our liberty can not be overstated for the Jury- Grand or Trial is the base apon all others stand. Destroy it and we are again Subjects instead of a free people with inalienable rights.

     Tonight we have as guests:

     Dr. Roger Roots, J.D., Ph.D. Attorney and Founder, Fair Procedure Initiative, and nationally recognized criminologist, legal scholar and civil liberties activist. He is the only lawyer in the history of the U.S. 8th Circuit to ever overturn a conviction on venue grounds. Roots’ legal scholarship has been cited in the Harvard Law Review and the Yale Law Journal and been relied on by courts across the United States.

    Kelly Z. Mordecai  Author of, “The Hidden 4th Branch: A Corrupt Government's Worst Nightmare”.

    We will also discuss, The Fully Informed Jury or as some call it, Jury Nullification and how the individual can make a difference.

    Co-Hosting with me, Chuck (Smithfix) Smith, is Lorri Anderson, Blogger and internet researcher who has been often featured on “The Freedom Outpost” and other well-known forums.

    Join us and learn something, or when we open the line chime in your input or questions are welcome. You can listen on your phone or speak to the Hosts and guests at: 619-924-0883.


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    The First Amendment Right of Access to Grand Juries?

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    Discussing First Amendment implications of Grand Juries in the wake of the Ferguson and Garner decisions to release Grand Jury documents.

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    Citizen Grand Juries ARE the Answer!

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    Enough is enough! TVFM listeners know that we have been constantly asking for solutions to help reign in this out of control government. To bring it back to the size that the Founders "chained" it to with the Constitution.
    I've come to the conclusion that besides the "final solution"  left to be implemented by the brave, individual  freedom fighters there are two alternatives. One, Citizen Grand Juries, adopted county by county and two the jury oath that ALL judicial officers must take: to support,protect and defend the constitution of the U.S and State of Whatever! BTW that "state" doesn't include  the state of  suspended sensory activity!
    The courts, the judiciary,  the third branch of government is supposed to be OUR final remedy against a despotic government. OUR protection against the over reach of power by the other two branches. Lately, as we will discuss, that is not the norm. The "courts" no longer represent US but swear to the lies of the other two branches.
    This episode we will discuss the several incidences and the solutions.
    Your input shedding light on your "neck" of the woods is always welcome!

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    More on Grand Juries Refusal to Indict the murders of Innocent Black Men

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    Welcome our Guests Attorney Ibrahim Awad and Rev. Mathis K. Wright on their insights on the broken Grand Jury System. How are we going to fix it? Is the system really a two class system by design? How can more non-whites participate in a Grand Jury?

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    Sheryl & The Sheriff- Common Law Grand Juries

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    TOPIC: What is a Common Law Grand Jury? Is there a foundation in our history for "We the People" Grand Juries? Who forms a CLGJ? What authority does it have? 
    This is a LIVE CALL- IN show!
    Please give us a call with your comments or questions!
    Sheryl & Ken

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    Common Law Grand Juries: National Liberty Alliance

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    GUEST: John Darash from National Liberty Alliance
    Tonights show will be centered on taking back our power from the  criminal organization that is the judicial system and the BAR Association. 
    We cannot keep returning to the same criminal courts and expecting a different outcome.  Judges and attorney's should never be above the law, and immunity never given to those who intentionally ignore the common law and violate the rights and protections of the elderly, disabled and minor children.
    The human trafficking of elderly and disabled individuals as well as minor children in order for quota's to be filled, estates to be looted and Medicare/Medicaid defrauded, must stop.  We can do this by taking control of the system and holding those who have trafficked the elderly and others civilly and criminally liable for their actions. 
    Please join us as we discuss the possibility that common law grand juries could stop much of the corruption in our courts.

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    Ferguson: The Grand Jury Decision

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    The Grand Jury decision is expected to be annouced tonight. Regardless of what is annouced, we need to talk with each other, support each other, pray for one another and heal together. What are you feeling tonight? What can we do to make this a moment that changes the world? How do we move forward? What are our next steps to eradicate systemic racism? What do we tell our children? What do we tell ourselves? Let's talk about all of this and DON'T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!

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    Ferguson and the Grand Jury Decision

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    Hear about real societal issues we face in our society. Informative, Motivating and at times hilariously funny. Life Coaches, Experts, Comedians and everyday people are live on the air each week. Lifting up our Youth and finding solutions to the problems they face daily. Our children is a Nation's Problem, coming together for the betterment of society as a whole. The show for the people it's Shay-Renae & Friends! Call in each week and join in on the conversation 917-889-8224 and make sure you sign up and follow the show so you don't miss and episode.

    Talking about Ferguson and the Grand Jury Decision and all that is taking place in Missouri. How has this outcome effected you as a citizen? Call in at 917-889-8224!

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    Tonight we shall discuss the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision. Why are so many unarmed Asiatics being shot by police officers? Is Officer Wilson the problem, or is this a symptom of a larger issue? What is the solution to "The Negro Problem"? These questions and more will be discussed. We shall also observe four and a half minutes of silence, while on air, in respect of the wishes of the family of Michael Brown. Call us at 646-478-4713 at 6:30pm EST. 

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    Grand Jury No Indictment for Michael Brown Case

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    What are your thoughts on the grand jury decision for Michael Brown case?


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    Documents from the Ferguson grand jury pt 2

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    Listen to my show at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/soundoff97413/2014/11/26/documents-from-the-ferguson-grand-jury - Hello Sound Off Forums family, We will be looking at the grand jury decision and the documents they used to not convicted officer Darren Wilson. He was the officer that murdered Michael Brown. If he was convicted of murder, than a trial would have followed. But since he was found not guilty, he was set free. What are your thoughts about this matter? There is no wrong opinions just your feelings on this mattter. Come see us at this broadcast at 10pm PST, call in at 347 989 1014.

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