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    The Humanity Party™ - Real Change for the World

    in Politics

    The Humanity Party™ (THumP™) is an effort to organize a worldwide political party representing all of Earth's inhabitants.  Our efforts are to establish a new world of law and order under ONE unified world government.  This BlogTalkRadio Show is where THumP™'s premise is discussed and challenged.  It provides a platform and venue where anyone in the world can participate in the establishment of a new government and help promote THumP™.

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    Spirit Therapy Radio - Release Old Hurts

    in Spirituality

    Each week, Nicole brings you topics designed to address the current vibe. The themes are universal to everyone living on the planet. We are all making the same transitions with unique personal details.  Join Nicole every Monday for a taste of life from the metaphysical view. 

    Visit our Website: www.spirittherapynyc.com Contact Nicole: spirittherapynyc@gmail.com

    Spirit Therapist Nicole Tomassini is trained in Psychology, Education and the Intuitive Arts. She is the founder of Spirit Therapy NYC and has dedicated many years to the practice of Happiness and Well-Being. Nicole does daily research into planetary aspects, holistic teachings, channels and automatic writings. She invites you to benefit from her findings.

    Sponsored by the wonderful creations of Daughters of Isis: Essential oils, Flower essences and Spirit given tools to aid you on your life journey. Daughtersofisis.com

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    A chat with award winning author Liah Penn

    in Lifestyle

    There is just something about daughters and their dads. When a little girl hears golden words of wisdom from her father, it is something she seldom forgets.  Mandeville resident Laurie Pennison's dad once told her, "You can do anything you want but you have to work at it," and the lawyer, artist, and now author, has taken that advice to heart.

    Pennison, who writes under the name Liah Penn, studied creative writing in college but has worked much of her career as an attorney and as a commissioned artist.  It has only been recently that she has returned to her love, and talent, for writing and she has come out of the starting gate at record speed.

    Even though Pennison worked in the publishing industry in her early years, it wasn't until November 2013 that she was propelled back into writing.  She explained that her seventeen-year-old son, Cray, challenged her that year to complete in the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) event where, after writing for thirty consecutive days, a literary artist submits a 50,000 word composition.

    She noted that her son, who is also a writer, completed the NaNoWriMo challenge and that that month was "a real bonding experience for us" since they would talk about their manuscripts over dinner and every chance they could get.

    Her first book, Pure Death, received rave reviews and so much recognition that her publishers have asked her to pen a series of novels featuring her two lead characters.

    She explained that the success of her novel has totally taken her by surprise and the sudden success has been a wild ride.  

    Her second novel, Pure Justice, the sequel to Pure Death, should be on shelves sometime this month. Her books are currently available on line at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and Kobo. We look forward to her on the show.

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    in Motivation

    King of the 712s

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    I.A.M.S.:iMMa MoMMa aCuMeNS..."SAFE WORD"

    in Entertainment

     Kings & Queens Affirm:

    Through my consciousness of my God-self, the Christ within, as my source, I draw into my mind and feeling nature the very substance of Spirit. This substance is my supply, thus my consciousness of the Presence of God within me is my supply,

    And as so,

    Invest in myself by taking regular time to let go, play, and have fun. 

    A WORD FROM Ci MoMMA “Missy Mello”

    No one likes to be called a rookie. We like to think we know more than nothing about everything, especially when it comes to dealing with relationships. But, as much as what we like to think we know, the sky-rocket increase of the online Boo-Up sites and the overrated lover’s dual  reality shows, display many of us don’t know as much as we think we do.


    It’s interesting to see how we are quickly to point out potential round-away-rats and the dogs who are no longer walking on fours; but when it comes to dealing out our own sinner pies, we become muted saints. Its as if we are embarrassed to be seen as anything less than our own perfect perception of what we think others should see us as. Roles like the Video Vixen, the "Goody-2-Shoes" and the "Intellectuals" are played according to what we feel we are capable of perfecting and which would insure us the validation of which we are in search of. As long as we are able to hold that picture, it’s all good. In result, subconsciously, we allow our weaknesses to be pushed to the back burner so we can move on to more important things that requires less of our time; or so we think.

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    in Current Events

    On this show we will speak to the black nation on where we go from here. The 20 year anniversary of the million man march is now in the books, but the movement for justice continues. NATIONAL CHAIRMAN HASHIM NZINGA WILL ADDRESS US


    We will talk about the apparent fallout between some in our Nation of Islam Family and Chairman Emeritus Malik Zulu Shabazz of black lawyers for justice over what appears to be a public mishandling, hurt, and confusion. What lessons are to be learned and how to move forward. We'll talk on the black nationalist perspective of it all and what role we intend to play in MAKING JUSTICE  HAPPEN FROM OUR POSITION. Why are we so divided as a people? What lessons are to be learned from the treatment of Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad after he was suspended? What mistakes did he make? We will also cover the Tamir Rice report.. the upcoming election season and more . CALL IN ( 646) 478 4447 TO ASK A QUESTION OR MAKE A STATEMENT

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    in Podcasting

    Hillary Clinton faces heavy pressure during the first Democratic presidential debate Tuesday to outperform primary rivals cutting into her lead and perhaps keep her biggest potential challenger on the sidelines. 

     A Danish photographer who endured months of torture at the hands of Islamic State extremists says the terrorist killer known as “Jihadi John” forced him to stand for days and dance the Tango at a prison in Syria

     His twin daughters were told that the Air Force logo violated the dress code policy of the Aubrey Independent School District. The 11-year-old girls were told they could face disciplinary action if they wore the jackets on school property. 

  • DJ Thuvo Indie Talk Live with Los Cartel

    in Indie Music

    Carlos Yensi A.K.A Los Cartel was born on December 26, 1986 in Bronx New York, Growing up in the Bronx, music was always a huge part of his life, At 8 years old he began playing and writing music on his free time, In 1998 he decided to put his talents to professional use; He got in touch with two childhood friends of his, Raymond Diaz a.k.a Outlaw and Kelcey Marrero a.k.a Kilo Yetti, and together they founded their first record label, Chop Shop entertainment.



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    AL PORTER Man in the Street

    in Music

    A 12 year old being shot by the police&the prosecutor has figured out a way to let police off the hook-M.A.N.in the Street was invited to be a strong part of the Inner City Republican Movement(Who else was there?)Black on Black Crime inc.'s Hip Hop Workshop is inviting people to come down in person to meet a winner&a nominee from the Ohio Hip Hop Awards at Cleveland State Univ.E.22 ND 1899 Main Classroom Bldg.Euclid ave./Chester ave. large room 136!!Was Farakhan's message-the right message needed for today!!!Your phone calls-comments-concerns at 646-478-0944&new misic!!Peace!!

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    Flowing With Spirit- Ascencion Update: Wave X

    in Spirituality

    In Flowing With Spirit Muse hosts have been noticing an array of energetic shifting. We will be sharing upon the most current energetic transitions.  Muse Hosts have come to find there have been shifting as we shed old patterns as we step into highest potential. Learning more aspects as ourselves.  Going through waves of highs and lows as we ride Wave-X. 

    For the Ascension Update regarding Wave X, Essence Ka tha'ras, Kyra Mernen and Katsura will share insight and wisdom through the assimilation process.

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    Intimate Realness w/ Meka Rae and Renair: Aging in Relationships

    in LGBT

    Hi All!

    Join Renair and I as we discuss aging in relationships. What happens as we grow older with partner? How do we maintain a sense of individuality, fun, and excitement? Do we have to "party" in order to have a good time? What are alternatives to enjoying our partner as we grow in the relationships and our needs, wants, and  desires change. How do we keep from being bored? How do we maintain a loving and enjoyable relationship as time passes?

    Tune in and share your thoughts!

    Call in number: 347-996-5394