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  • Rex Sikes Movie Beat chats with actor Clint Howard

    in Film

    Clint Howard, actor, has a career spanning over fifty years,and over two hundred film and TV shows.  He has spent his entire life entertaining us in a variety of interesting and unique roles. From childhood roles in The Andy Griffith Show and Star Trek to of course, the hit TV Show Gentle Ben, Clint was a well recognized personality by the time he was ten.Making the transition from juvenile to adult actor was no problem for Clint. Cult classic Rock N Roll High School and horror genre Evilspeak showed as an adult he could be versatile and affective. Whether Clint works in comedy classics like Waterboy, the Austin Powers film series or a hilarious episode of Seinfeld, he comfortably slides into dramatic roles such as Apollo 13, Frost/Nixon and Alabama Moon. Recently, Clint can be seen in the campy, B Horror title, Bloodrayne Third Reich and Rob Zombie's Lords of Salem. He's also put on the producing hat, teaming with long time colleague Gavin Grazer on an indie comedy. Born and raised in Burbank, California, Clint has always balanced his professional career with a 'hometown' oriented life. He continues to live with his wife Melanie in Burbank and stay active in the community. Stay tuned to Rex Sikes Movie Beat for other great archived interviews, cast and crew listings, events, festivals, premieres, and more at rexsikes.com

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    David Banks of Enchantment on Everybody is a Star with Choclet Banks

    in Music

    Formed in the late 60s at Detroit's Pershing High School, Enchantment became one of the most enjoyable but underrated groups of the late 70s and early 80s. Consisting of lead singer Emanuel "EJ" Johnson, Bobby Green, Mickey Clanton, Joe Thomas and Dave Banks, Enchantment was for many years a local favorite, playing gigs in the Detroit area while hoping to ultimately score a record contract.

    Enchantment had its first big break in 1976, as the group signed with the Roadshow label and recorded a debut album with young producer (and future Motown executive) Michael Stokes.
    Enchantment's debut album, "Enchantment", boasted two top ten R&B hits, "Sunshine" and the beautiful ballad, "Gloria," both written by E.J. Johnson.

    As we enter the second decade of the new millennium, Enchantment continues to perform in multi-group Soul Music shows around the world.
    While their time topping the R&B charts was brief, Enchantment certainly made an impact with a string of lush, extremely well performed songs that still sound great nearly four decades after the group's peak!

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    A Conversation with a Dark Skin Activist

    in Self Help

    Rashida Strober coined the phrase "dark skin mental abuse." Since 1998 the "dark skinned activist" has been relentlessly advocating for what she calls “dark skinned beauty equality.” She has appeared on TV, the cover of the Floridian, on international radio and the featured story for many newspapers.

    In 2006 she wrote the play turned audio book, "She Black but She Ain’t Ugly: A Dark Skin Girl’s Triumph." 

    The story details her struggles of overcoming poverty and dark skin abuse. Sharing her personal story would not only be therapeutic for Rashida but would also help others. A true pioneer, Rashida’s dark skinned activism is the first of its kind. From France to Africa to New York and around the she receives messages of support daily. Rashida says the most rewarding part is helping dark skinned women, men and teenagers who confide in her about dark skinned struggles. 

    Join us on Thursday, April 28 @ 6:30pm for this conversaton with Rashida Strober and a open dialogue with you during the last 30 minutes about colorism.

    Website http://thedarkskinactivist.com/ 

    DONATE https://www.gofundme.com/bcqei4 

  • Samuel Brock Flynn Show Interviews S. Anthony BradForth ,Actor:

    in Entertainment

    Actor, Comedian and Voice Actor ,Anthony Bradforth .

    Call In Line 619-393-6781

    Former Asbury park police officer. Looking to make acting my final career. Indie movies I've been in. Dead dogs lie Craig singer director. Exit 102 director ran Ballard. Eyes of the kings director Frank calo. E.p for classic dream machines director ran Ballard. Gimme fuel director Dan jouette. Also a vocalist. Open for Aretha Franklin in Washington D.C.. My former gospel group the anointed sons of jersey song on the rising album of Bruce Springsteen. Acting coach john eyd from new york.

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    BOB GREENBERG (Comedian & Actor)

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview BOB GREENBERG (Comedian & Actor).

    BOB GREENBERG - This Improv Comic, Stand-Up, Legit Actor & Clown has been making people laugh for years. Film Credits include: Sad Sack Sally, Glow Ropes, Freax of the City, Heartbreak Hospital, Big Money Hustlas and Maid In Manhattan. TV Credits include: The Next Best Thing, Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, LateLine (starring Al Franken), Primetime Live (with Diane Sawyer), Guiding Light and Law & Order. Stage Credits include: The Honeymoaners, The Odd Couple, Pomp Duck & Circumstance (Circus Directed by David Shiner), Harvey and Running In The Red. Recent Commercials: NAPA Auto Parts, Time-Warner Cable Webisode: Missing Links, and Campbell Soup Select Clam Chowder with John Lithgow. He has appeared on Broadway with THE 39 STEPS Alfred Hitchcock Look-A-Like Contest (won the 1st year & Hosted the 2nd) and Hosted THE 39 STEPS Talkback Tuesdays Series as well. Bob is also a proud father & Friar!

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    DARC Enlightenment Series: Legal Researcher & Activist, Sheba Levi-Stewart

    in Culture

    Topic: Reasoning w/ Legal Researcher & Activist, Sheba Levi-Stewart, Director of the RasTafari Movement UK C.I.C.

    Dial In: 302-202-1110 
    Conference Code: 993851 
    ROLL CALL: 10:30pm EST 
    PROMPT START: 10:45pm EST

    * Please note due to Daylight Savings Time for some participants the conference start time is 9:30pm.

    TUNE IN: A 30-minute portion of the DARC Enlightenment Series will air on blogtalkradio.com/darclive from 11:30p-12a LIVE!

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    Welcome to another episode of the Liberator Speaks. Shyaam The Liberator and friends will discuss the heated twitter exchange between music artists Azealia Banks and Wale. We will discuss the deeper meanings between this dispute and its connection to the longstanding beef and conflict between Black Men and Women. We will discuss the origin of the conflict and possible solutions. We will also dissect and deconstruct each of their arguments line for line with great scrutiny so we can expose who is right and who is wrong. Don't miss this thought provoking and provacative episode of The Liberator Speaks.

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    Join Patryce Banks FUNKIN' IT UP with Harry Elston-Friends of Distinction

    in Music

    Join Patryce Banks FUNKIN' IT UP with the "Friends of Distinction's" original founding member, Harry Elston.

    About the guest:
    Friends of Distinction were one of the most like-able and vocally cohesive singing groups of the late 60's and early 70's. Formed in 1968, Harry Elston, Floyd Butler, Jessica Cleaves and Barbara Love made some of the most memorable pop/soul music of all time.

    Elston had been singing with the Hi-Fi's in the mid-60s, the opening act for Ray Charles. In 1968, Hi-Fi members Marilyn McCoo and Lamonte McLemore went on to co-found the Fifth Dimension, while Elston and Butler started the Friends of Distinction.

    They signed with RCA Records and hit the popular music scene with a breezy California pop/soul sound, with hits like, "Grazin' In the Grass", "Going In Circles" and "Love or Let Me Be Lonely”.

    The Friends of Distinction were quite prolific from 1969-73, releasing 6 albums.

    Over the next two decades, there was a rediscovery of the great music that the Friends had made together, and several artists, including the Gap Band and Luther Vandross, covered their biggest hits.

    In 2005, original member Harry Elston reformed Friends of Distinction. With a new and exciting lineup, the group currently tours and continues to entertain audiences nearly 40 years after the world first heard the Friends of Distinction.

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    Not By Sight Documentary with Director Content Johnson & Actor Carltaise Ransom

    in Entertainment

    Not By Sight is a comedy-documentary that features Sampson McCormick, an African-American comedian, author, and GLBTQ activist as he explores the State of Black Culture, Black Socioeconomics, and most importantly, the role and wrath of the Black Church. From Washington, D.C. to California, the cast is comprised of artists, academic scholars, ministers, and community activists who share diverse views from within multidisciplinary fields. The documentary establishes a bridge between comedy and spirituality while shedding light on the role religion continues to play in defining and shaping identity in the Black GLBTQ community.


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    Barbershop 3 Actor Sean Patrick Thomas

    in Sports

    We will be talking sports and having fun doing it.  We will be joined by one of the stars of "Barbershop 3" Actor Sean Patrick Thomas who will discuss the movie and his favorite team the Philadelphia Eagles. Also, former Colorado State University Pueblo RB Cameron Mcdondle will join us to discuss his prep for the NFL Draft. Motivational speaker William Hollis will join us to discuss his jounrey and more.  Discussing all things NBA Playoffs, NFL, MLB and so much more!

    Call 646-727-3070 to join the fun

    Follow on Twitter @goforitgant and like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Paul-Gant-goforitgant-98194872525…/