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    Sunday Moring Worship 6/8/14- Con GRADulations Graduates

    in Christianity

    Advice and encouragement  form the Bible for Graduates, and congratulating the high school and college graduates on a job well done, as it is not always easy to succeed!

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    Financial Independence Tips: Graduates, Under-employed Wives, Senior Citizens.

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    Do you feel like you need to BEG your partner, your parents or your providers for things you want?

    Some people may be financially dependent, but the relationship should not create a posture of begging on your part.  A respectful relationship built on love can be negotiated to where you feel heard and free to ask for your wants without a sense of fear, or the need to beg.

    This show is delivered in 2 PARTS.  This is Part1.  Please head over to www.TrudyBeerman.com and login (membership is free) to hear Part 2.  

    Financial Independence is a dream for most adults, but graduates, under-employed wives, the disabled, and senior citizens have the greatest displacement from this reality unless they take strategic action. Understand the cost of not stepping into your power and allowing your dependency to be treated in a less than respectable fashion.

    Well meaning family members who control the wallet, may have you doing an uncomfortable dance every time you have a legitimate need.   In Part 2, I show you HOW and I offer 10 strategies for effectively making that switch and earning more as a result.  I guarantee life will be more pleasant for you if you follow those 10 strategies. 

    Click HERE to Listen to PART 2 


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    Show 49: Health Care Graduates - Trish George & Michael Nan

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    John is back after a few weeks break to focus on two MSOL graduates who have are involved in the health care industry. Trish George graduated with a BSN from Carlow University in 1992 and a MSOL from Geneva College in 2007.  She worked in various staff nurse and unit leader positions until 2009 when she became the Director of Capacity Management and Nursing Support Services at UPMC Shadyside Hospital.  She currently oversees the entire bed placement program at UPMC Shadyside and has 110 direct reports that contribute to patient throughput in the hospital care continuum.

    Michael Nan was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area (Beaver County). He is a 1992 graduate of Duquesne University with a B.S in Pharmacy and a 2010 MSOL graduate from Geneva. For the last three years Michael has served as a Network Pharmacy Supervisor with Accredo Health Group (an Express Scripts company) -  a specialty pharmacy company. There his main responsibilities are to manage a group of 18 pharmacists (living in various geographical areas in the U.S.); lead or participate in many operational and cross-functional process improvement projects; and help to manage daily operations exclusively for Pulmonary Hypertension Patients.

    Both Michael and Trish join John today to talk about how the MSOL program has helped them do the health-related work they are performing today.

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    Pros Cons Of Venture Capital; The Pros And Cons Of PR; Hiring Young Graduates

    in Business

    Bernd Schoner, founder of tech startup, ThingMagic talks about the pros and cons of seeking venture capital. He is the author of The Tech Entrepreneur's Survival Guide: How to Bootstrap Your Startup, Lead Through Tough Times, and Cash in for Success.

    Diana Ennen discusses the pros and cons of hiring a PR professional to help in a small business marketing efforts. There are benefits to be gained from PR but a small business leader needs to commit.

    Kevin Paul Scott has spoken to leaders on six continents from more than 100 countries. An adventurer and past corporate communications executive, talks today as to why college graduates turn down jobs.

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    A Letter to All Our Graduates..

    in Comedy

    Comcast Accountant and Philadelphia University Student Commencement Speaker Nicholas Christian stops by to enliven college graduates. Also, for future grads: The Five Things You Need to do Before Graduation. Hahhaaa

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    Lessons for Graduates

    in Finance

    Congrats to the 2012 graduates. You've put in the hard work. Now celebrate the fruits of your labor. We're reviewing the sage advice we received and never followed. In all your learning, gain understanding.

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    Homeschooling and FAQs! on We Grow Ours

    in Education

    Homeschooling and FAQs!
    We Grow Ours
    on American Preppers Radio 
    Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Tiffany Davis is a Phoenix homeschooling mom of 4. She's an eclectic (and sometimes eccentric) homeschool mom with 19 years of success and failures under her Supermom belt! Homeschooling since 1996 she, and her husband Troy, now have 2 graduates, a high school senior and a 3rd grader. Tiffany also writes on her popular blog, Imperfectly Happy. On the blog she shares on topics related to backyard farming, DIY, and gardening; as well as homeschooling.

    Read More HERE:

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    Minister Kimberly Smith, Prophetic Writer

    in Motivation

    Ministers Michael and Kimberly Smith are a dedicated couple full of God’s Word, love, and His power. Currently residing in Florida, both Michael and Kimberly are graduates of Wilberforce University in Ohio. Minister Kimberly also studied at Kent State University earning a M.Ed. For more than thirty years, they have lifted up the name of Jesus with great affection and unconditional worship. Keenly sensitive to the moving of the Holy Spirit, the two function in flow with integrity and righteousness. They creatively joined together and made the powerful Spoken Word CD titled “The Pastor’s Journey.”

    Minister Kimberly, a woman who radiates the love and compassion of Christ emanates God’s great hope for people. The Lord uses her mightily in areas of intercession, teaching, counsel, and encouragement. She is also a prolific prophetic writer, watchfully scribing the whispers of God. God graced her with gifts that have brought inner healing and hope to many. Minister Kimberly is the founder and facilitator of With Open Arms Women’s Ministries.

    Minister Michael, a profound teacher of the Word of God also arranges and composes music. An anointed Psalmist, he melodiously enters the presence of the Lord and prepares the way for the King. Often singing prophetically as the Spirit of the Lord leads, he seasons the atmosphere for the all-encompassing Presence of the Lord. Audiences are captivated while God faithfully imparts into them. Many have attested to the fact that “surely the presence of the Lord was in this place.”

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    Random Talk with Sharea & Carol: Episode 27

    in Self Help

    Show aired 2/25/2015

    In this episode, Sharea and Carol talk about Grammy nominated recording artist Mali Music, the Oscar Awards, and  and we learn how old Carol is...really. Later the ladies shine a Black History Month spotlight on renowned astrophysicist, author and Director of the Hayden Planetarium in NYC, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

    About Us:

    Random Talk is a product of a long standing friendship, now coming up on 15 years. Recently on one of our weekly walks, Carol and I came up with this brilliant idea. We decided to give people a look into our great discussions and weekly rants.

    Our Friendship:

    Friends since 1999, our friendship has taught us patience, forgiveness, support and a host of other lessons. Since then we have both become college graduates, working professionals, business owner, wives, and Carol a mother. We hope to continue our loving friendship for years to come.

    Contact Information

    Website: radiantsunshine.org 

    Development Page: rsdevelopment.org

    Email: sharea@radiantsunshine.org

    Also like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRadiantSunshine

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    Being Perfectly Flawed

    in Education

    Being a successful college student is partially due to your acknowledgement that you need work.  In other words, you aren't perfect.  If you were and you knew everything, you wouldn't need college, right?  You could just skip over all the classes, quizzes, exams, and papers and go straight to work after high school.

    I suspect that for most of your career aspirations, that isn't the case.  So be okay if the first draft of every paper isn't A worthy and when you get less than a 4.0 on any quiz or exam.  You are in college to grow into the person you will be.  Otherwise, there is no point in being in college.  That applied to many generations of college graduates before you and many students who will come after you.  Most importantly, in this moment it also applies to you.

    We all have areas of growth and college can help you address those areas.  The only catch is that you have to be willing to do the work.  I know I am.  Are you? 

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