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    "New Heights Show on Education" Are Grades Important to Learning?

    in Education

    There are some schools who are abandoning giving grades to students as they believe that a simple letter or number does not demonstrate a student’s learning ability. However, majority of the schools in the US and other countries in general use report cards as a primary means of measuring a child’s progress in school. Reason being is that many schools and teachers believe that grades measure the student’s understanding in a specific subject.

    Today’s we are discussing whether students should be given grades in school and whether they are important or not when it comes to learning.

    Interview with Alfie Kohn: http://www.education.com/magazine/article/Grades_Any_Good/

    The New Heights Educational Group, Inc. promotes literacy for children and adults by offering a range of educational support services. Such services include: assisting families in the selection of schools; organization of educational activities; and acquisition of materials.

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    Direct Snap 2015 NFL Draft Grades And Recap

    in Football

    Join Joe Kleine and Tyler McMullen alongside top insider David West as they recap the 2015 NFL Draft. 

    Each team had a very solid draft, so it's going to be quite an interesting show for the Direct Snap crew to give you draft grades for each team pinning their favorite and least favorite pick for each team's draft crop. 

    The fun does not stop there, however; The crew will also be dishing out their favorite picks from each of the seven rounds!! 

    Don't be afraid to give us a call at 714-333-3302 and chime in! Let us know what you loved or hated about your favorite team's draft strategy this year! 

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    The NFL Front Office Show - NFC Draft Grades

    in Sports

    On this episode of the NFL Front Office Show with hosts Brian Hughes and Rhodri Jones from the sportcitychefs.com studio. Our hosts will revisit the NFL Draft and how each team in te NFC did. Want to find out if your favorite team selected impact players for next season? How did you team do in the draft? Find out what our experts say as they will provide team by team analysis and grades for every NFC team. Don't miss the show this Tuesday 9am pacific time, 12pm eastern time. Have a question? Call in the phone number is 1-917-889-9592.

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    The NFL Front Office Show - AFC North and South Grades

    in Sports

    Join our hosts Brian Hughes and Rhodri Jones as they discuss the NFL Draft for both the AFC North and South. Our experts will discuss their NFL Draft grades and provide insight as to the rookies who could make an immediate impact. Plus our experts will aslo discuss some of the NFL news that has happened in the last week. Have a question? Call in our experts will provide you the answers to your sports questions. The call in number is 1-917-889-9592!! Show airs Tuesday morning 9am pacific time 12pm eastern time.

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    Grades of Green – Verte 2015 Fundraiser

    in Current Events

    Our guest this morning is Emily Gee, Marketing and Movement Manager for

    Grades of Green.

    Emily has a passion to create environmental change in our community, and feels 

    the best way to do this is through our students. Emily began interning with 

    Grades of Green in 2009, and was originally drawn to the nonprofit because of its 

    core values and mission. Truly inspired by the passion of the Directors and 

    motivated by the energy of the school communities, she feels Grades of Green’s 

    dedication to instilling environmental values is vital to affect environmental 

    change. A recent University of Southern California graduate, she double majored 

    in Public Relations and Political Science with a minor in Environmental Science 

    and now holds a masters degree in Strategic Public Relations. Emily worked in Los 

    Angeles south central public schools through the Joint Education Project (2008-

    2012) and continues to help with after school tutoring and mentorship programs. 

    Emily has conducted environmental field research abroad in Belize (2009) and 

    China (2011). Her work on environmental advertising is published in the American 

    Political Science Association Journal (2012). 

    This morning, we’re going to learn about Grades of Green and talk about their big 

    annual fundraiser, Verte 2015.


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    Episode # 210: NBA Grades

    in Sports

    Tonight on Sports Talk with Bryan Nolen, we look back at all of the 28 eliminated teams in the NBA and give our grades for them based on how they did this season! We will discuss what they did well, what they need to work on and what they need to do to get better in the offseason/NBA Draft. We will also update you on the #Pacers/#Heat Game 5 from Indiana as well as my thoughts on the game. Top headlines and more as we are LIVE!

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    What's Hot: Pittsburgh Steelers 2015 Draft, AFC North Grades and more

    in Football

    "What's Hot" will get you up to date with the most recent NFL news, which currently is the aftermath of the NFL Draft. We'll discuss who will have the better career between Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston along with the reason why the Cowboys didn't draft a running back to replace DeMarco Murray.

    We'll talk plenty about the Steelers draft, what you need to know about all eight draft picks and which rookie we think will make the biggest impact in 2015. We'll also see how the rest of the AFC North did in the draft along with trying to figure out what happened in the second round between the Steelers, Ravens, and Baltimore rookie tight end Maxx Williams.

    As we all know, the Steelers have a rich history that very few franchises in professional sports can match. Talking about our team's great moments from the past and sharing our memories of those moments will be a staple of "What's Hot". Tomorrow night, we'll look back at our favorite moments from the 1975 Super Bowl X champions, the 1995 AFC Champions (as is the unwritten rule of BTSC, we will refrain from saying the name of one player from that team) and the 2005 Super Bowl XL championships team.

    Be sure to tune in LIVE Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. ET.

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    Direct Snap NFL Draft Grades and Recap Part 2

    in Football

    Join Joe Kleine and Tyler McMullen for a part two edition of their NFL Draft Grades and analysis for each NFL team's draft haul joined by our guy over at the Miami Dolphins Draft Experts facebook page, David "DW Scout" West. 

    Last week we were able to get through the Arizona Cardinals all the way until the Miami Dolphins and this week we will continue our look as we finish up the remaining teams with our favorite, least favorite and overall grades for the remaining team's draft hauls. 

    Per usual we will be kicking off the show with some news circulating throughout the league. 

    Dont be afraid to give us a call either. We would love to hear your thoughts on your team's draft haul, and hey, even if we covered them last week, give us a call and we'll gladly talk about it once again!! 

    Call in number is 714-333-3302 and don't forget to "LIKE" US ON FACEBOOK BY CLICKING HERE: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/THEOFFICIALDIRECTSNAP

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    The NFL Front Office Show -Draft Grades NFC West & East

    in Sports

     Join hosts Brian Hughes and Rhodri Jones as they discuss the NFL draft grades for both the NFC West, and East. Our experts will breakdown the teams selections, and explain to you the fan exactly what you can expect from your teams rookies this year. So sit back relax and enjoy the next 60 minutes as our chefs discuss the NFL Draft!! A special guest will be stopping by the studio to join the conversation. Have a question? Call in 1-917-889-9592!

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    NBA Playoffs 2nd Rnd / Draft Grades / Manny Faces

    in Sports

    The 2015 NBA Playoffs have taken quite a twist, as the defending champion Spurs fell to the Clippers. Now, the Cavaliers, Warriors, and Hawks are faced with possible early exits. The NFL also has our attention. Which teams received passing grades and which teams failed to improve through this year's draft. Last but not least, Manny Pacquiao has always been a sympathetic figure, but after his uneventful loss to Mayweather, he's facing law suits and the weight of public opinion. Join Kevin and Ed for an action packed INtheZONE!

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    NFL Draft Grades PLUS Special Guests Dominique Robinson and James Chaney

    in Sports

    Today Jay and Jesse will be discussing the NFL Draft, the aftermath it leaves and some team Draft grades sent in by a couple Twitter Followers. 

    Jay and Jesse will be joined by the Great Chris W. Power, Chris will help the fellas break down some draft grades (including his own Chicago Bears) 

    The guys will aslo welcome to the show special guest, hailing from Team #GOONSquad Dominique 'Fallen Angel' Robinson and James 'Dr. Jekyll' Chaney. We will discuss their careers thus far, upcoming fights and their social media attempts at sponsoring and garnering fights.

     Come, sit, stay for a while [!]