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    Graceland: Bradlee Dean on enemies of the state on CommDigiNews Hour

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    On Graceland with Jennifer Meadows and Curtice Mang welcomes Bradlee Deans, an ordained preacher, heavy metal drummer, and frequent college and high school speaker.

    The Obama administration continues to transgress the law and the rights of the American people. He continues to try to rule by arbitrary decree – see executive amnesty, for example. It picks and chooses which laws to obey and which to ignore.

    Obama freely admonishes Christians for centuries old transgressions, while he remains incapable of calling Islamic terrorism for what it is. It’s not that big of a deal, it’s that the media overstates the terror threat.

    Is the Obama administration an enemy of the Republic? We’ll discuss this and more with Bradlee Dean.

    Also on tap, if only ISIS fighters had jobs, it would be no trouble at all. At least that’s what the State Department thinks. And a federal judge temporarily halts Obama’s executive amnesty.

    Graceland airs live on Thursday’s at 6:30pm Eastern here on CommDigiNews.  The following chat is from that live show, starting with Critical Conversations with Lisa Ruth


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    GRACELAND: T.J. O'Hara guests to talk about ISIS, IRS and Keystone

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    Author, speaker, consultant and Communities Digital News contributor, T.J. O’Hara, stops in to talk with Jennifer Meadows and co-host Curtice Mang this week on Graceland. The converstion begins with politics and ISIS and the "whatever ideology" of President Obama. 

    T.J. O’Hara will join us to talk about the trial of getting the IRS to not kill you off or let you rest in peace. When one dies, the IRS sometimes doesn’t take no – or a death certificate – for an answer.  Well, in a slightly different twist, being alive may not convince the IRS that you are in fact still alive.  Stop confusing it with the facts. 

    And if you thought wading through healthcare.gov was taxing, wait until you have to have to figure it out on your tax returns.  There is the 1095A form to complete, which also requires the 8962 form.  And if you can’t figure it all out, the IRS is there to help.  Seriously, that’s what they say!  We’ll try to sort it out.

    What does the United States Post Office have to do with the Keystone Pipeline?  T.J. will fill us in on efforts to attach an amendment the Keystone bill in the Senate that would prohibit the Post Office from moving ahead with its planned closing of facilities.  Would this help or hurt chances of a presidential veto?

    And then we have some fun with millennials.  A recent survey sheds a bit of light on some of their political knowledge and leanings.  For example, they like Hillary for President in 2016 and really like whoever their current home state US senators are, if they actually knew who any of them were.

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    Graceland w/Jennifer Meadows

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    Well, I know everyone was concerned about whether Hillary Clinton was too old to run for President in 2016.  Good news for everyone, she's been projected to live to age 86 allowing for many more years to possibly accomplish something while in office.  We'll talk about why we keep talking about such an unaccomplished person as a possible Presidential candidate.

    Also, the Supreme Court's 6-2 decision on affirmative action for college and university admissions means states may use affirmative action, but are not required to.  How much success have we seen with affirmative action?  Are minorities, women, and / or religious groups any better off?

    BLM continues to wage war on the Western part of the US as the focus begins to shift to Texas.  90,000 acres along the Oklahoma / Texas border are in question as the intent to seize private property for federal use are made known.  The Texas Attorney General has a message for the Federal Bureau of Land Management, "I am about ready,” General Abbott told Breitbart Texas, “to go to the Red River and raise a ‘Come and Take It’ flag to tell the feds to stay out of Texas."  It's becoming incresingly clear that states and the federal government are headed for a showdown of major proportions.

    Lisa Richards, writer and radio personality, will join us this evening.  Lisa has written articles for a number of Conservative news outlets and maintains her personal blog: http://lisarichardsrocknrollpolitics.wordpress.com/

    Graceland, every Thursday from 9:00 - 10:00pm Central/ 10:00 - 11:00pm Eastern.

    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows, author, Curtice Mang and radio personality KWAM 990, Charles Johnson

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    Graceland w/Jennifer Meadows

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    New information about IRS targeting of Tea Party groups indicates those groups could have faced criminal charges.  Judicial Watch obtained e-mails that show that the IRS, and the DOJ were working together before this scandal was brought to light.  It now appears prominent Democrats like Elijah Cummings - Maryland, were applying political pressure to target Conservative Americans based on their beliefs.  We'll discuss the latest on this story, and the mounting evidence of more corruption, and lawlessness with the administration.

    Joe Wolverton, journalist and host on Utah talk radio for the New American will be our guest this evening as we talk about the BLM and the small victory for Liberty in the Nevada desert.  At this point we expect this dispute will be taken up both administratively and judically. 

    Graceland, every Thursday evening from 9 - 10pm Central / 10 - 11pm Eastern on Conservative Nation Media.

    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows, author, Curtice Mang and radio personality, Charles Johnson

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    Graceland with Jennifer Meadows

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    Standoff between Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy, and federal authorities continues supposedly to protect an endangered tortoise.  The dispute between the Bureau of Land Management and ranchers is over 150 square miles of Gold Butte scrub land in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. We'll discuss details and updates.

    Also, we'll be talking about the House Overight Committee that voted to hold IRS official, Louis Lerner, in contempt of Congress.  What does it mean if anything?!  Will she go to jail?

    Attorney General, Eric Holder claims racism this week in an argument with Texas Republican, Louie Gohmert during Al Sharpton's National Action Network Convention.  What's racist about not turning over documents on Fast and Furious and being held in contempt which is what Gohmert was reminding Holder about.  Will the race card ever stop being played by this administration?  Are Americans finally catching on to this as a way to side step the REAL issues?

    Join us tonight for a lively discussion with author, Curtice Mang, radio personality, Charles Johnson and Project 21 member, Nadra Enzi.

    Graceland, every Thursday evening 9 - 10pm Central/ 10 - 11pm Eastern on Conservative Nation Media

    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows, and, Curtis Mang

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    Graceland w/Jennifer Meadows

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    Ft. Hood had another shooting this time involving a veteran from the Iraq war.  3 were killed and 16 wounded.  What is happening on our military bases both home and abroad. We'll discuss what the MSM will not.  Gun free zones, mental health, medications, are all factors.  We'll talk about the real issues, the agenda of the left to disarm our veterans and simple solutions to the problem.

    Christopher Agee, senior staff writer at the Western Center for Journalism, will be our guest this evening.  We'll be discussing a few of his latest articles and my personal favorite story, "If You Are An NRA Member, This Liberal Wants You “Slaughtered”..."

    Graceland, every Thursday night 9 - 10pm Central / 10 - 11pm Eastern, here on Conservative Nation Media.

    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows and author, Curtice Mang

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    Graceland w/Jennifer Meadows

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    Our guest this evening is author and patriot, Jake Danishevsky.  As a Russian-born American citizen, we'll discuss his memoir, "Aftertastes and Tales from Russia".  Also, we'll be talking about the coming Russian-American crisis as Putin readies for war in the Ukraine, and the problem of Communism. Will America learn from the mistakes of other nations that have fallen into authoritarianism or will we see history repeat itself?  

    Graceland, every Thursday from 9:00 - 10:00pm Central/ 10:00 - 11:00pm Eastern on Conservative Nation Media.

    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows and author, Curtice Mang

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    Graceland w/Jennifer Meadows

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    Big victory in the states of Kansas and Arizona for enforcing voter registration. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach was quoted as saying, "They have successfully protected our sovereign right to set and enforce the qualifications for registering to vote. We have now paved the way for all 50 states to protect their voter rolls and ensure that only U.S. citizens can vote.” We repeat ONLY U.S. citizens! No dead people, cartoon characters, or illegals need apply.  Couldn't happen at a better time as the fall elections are just months away!

    Our guest this evening is Allen Mendenhall who is the Staff Attorney to Chief Justice Roy S. Moore of the Supreme Court of Alabama, and the managing editor of Southern Literary Review.  We'll be discussing his latest article in the American Spectator titled, "Call a Constitutional Convention, Already! Article V: A gift from the founders."  What is Article V, and why this could be our road back to freedom?!

    Graceland, every Thursday night at 10:00pm Eastern/ 9:00pm Central on Conservative Nation Media.

    Cohosts: Jennifer Meadows, and author, Curtice Mang

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    Critical Conversations: From Libya & Syria to Moldova & Greece

    in Politics

    Listen to the singlularly most brilliant hour of headline news as this week's headlines are widely spread across the political and foreign policy spectrum.  

    Dr. Jim Picht and host Lisa Ruth will discussing the  2016 Presidential Race.  Ruth, an expert in terrorism, will be talking with Dr. T.J. O'Hara and Dr. Jim Picht about the White House's recent suggestion that the way to fight ISIS and terrorism is jobs - is there some truth in that statement? 

    Jeb Bush declared himself his own man while making his foreign policy speech - its it a problem. No, it's not.  Listen and find out why. 

    Ukraine, of which Dr. Picht holds expertise, dominates and Jim helps to decipher those questions. Then there is the communication breakdown in Greece.

    Find the show live chat and more at Communities Digital News

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    Critical Conversations: Is a Constitutional Convention Right For America?

    in Politics

    Lisa Ruth and Senior Editor Jim Picht welcome Nick Dranias from Compact with America and Tom Mullen, a nationally recognized journalist and author to discuss the The National Debt and the initiative that calls for states to propose and ratify a balanced budget amendment.

    February is Black History Month and Jennifer Oliver O’Connell discusses her article Black History Month 2015: Let’s promote a return to literacy with Dr. Jim Picht. 

    Also, Plant expert, Jim Mumford an award winning plant expert and living wall designer, those beautiful green and growing walls taking root in public spaces and private homes, joins Lisa Ruth to talk all things green and growing. 

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    Interview with The King

    in Music

    I cant have a show called life of a rockstar without having the king of rock n roll elvis presley well in this case its as close as we can get.Tonight live from doubletake studio its award winning elvis tribute artist my good friend michael chambliss.  As we find out a  few   things about the man behind the legend.and his future shows.also if time permits will take questions and always will be  taking questions and comments on my fret michaels facebook fan page...https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fret-Michaels/181864125218901 spread the word. call 718-766-4118. The Fret Michaels Show"Life As A Rockstar"

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