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    Graceland w/Jennifer Meadows

    in Politics Conservative

    Our guest this evening is author and patriot, Jake Danishevsky.  As a Russian-born American citizen, we'll discuss his memoir, "Aftertastes and Tales from Russia".  Also, we'll be talking about the coming Russian-American crisis as Putin readies for war in the Ukraine, and the problem of Communism. Will America learn from the mistakes of other nations that have fallen into authoritarianism or will we see history repeat itself?  

    Graceland, every Thursday from 9:00 - 10:00pm Central/ 10:00 - 11:00pm Eastern on Conservative Nation Media.

    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows and author, Curtice Mang

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    Graceland w/Jennifer Meadows

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    New information about IRS targeting of Tea Party groups indicates those groups could have faced criminal charges.  Judicial Watch obtained e-mails that show that the IRS, and the DOJ were working together before this scandal was brought to light.  It now appears prominent Democrats like Elijah Cummings - Maryland, were applying political pressure to target Conservative Americans based on their beliefs.  We'll discuss the latest on this story, and the mounting evidence of more corruption, and lawlessness with the administration.

    Joe Wolverton, journalist and host on Utah talk radio for the New American will be our guest this evening as we talk about the BLM and the small victory for Liberty in the Nevada desert.  At this point we expect this dispute will be taken up both administratively and judically. 

    Graceland, every Thursday evening from 9 - 10pm Central / 10 - 11pm Eastern on Conservative Nation Media.

    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows, author, Curtice Mang and radio personality, Charles Johnson

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    Graceland with Jennifer Meadows

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    Standoff between Nevada rancher, Cliven Bundy, and federal authorities continues supposedly to protect an endangered tortoise.  The dispute between the Bureau of Land Management and ranchers is over 150 square miles of Gold Butte scrub land in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. We'll discuss details and updates.

    Also, we'll be talking about the House Overight Committee that voted to hold IRS official, Louis Lerner, in contempt of Congress.  What does it mean if anything?!  Will she go to jail?

    Attorney General, Eric Holder claims racism this week in an argument with Texas Republican, Louie Gohmert during Al Sharpton's National Action Network Convention.  What's racist about not turning over documents on Fast and Furious and being held in contempt which is what Gohmert was reminding Holder about.  Will the race card ever stop being played by this administration?  Are Americans finally catching on to this as a way to side step the REAL issues?

    Join us tonight for a lively discussion with author, Curtice Mang, radio personality, Charles Johnson and Project 21 member, Nadra Enzi.

    Graceland, every Thursday evening 9 - 10pm Central/ 10 - 11pm Eastern on Conservative Nation Media

    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows, and, Curtis Mang

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    Graceland w/Jennifer Meadows

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    Ft. Hood had another shooting this time involving a veteran from the Iraq war.  3 were killed and 16 wounded.  What is happening on our military bases both home and abroad. We'll discuss what the MSM will not.  Gun free zones, mental health, medications, are all factors.  We'll talk about the real issues, the agenda of the left to disarm our veterans and simple solutions to the problem.

    Christopher Agee, senior staff writer at the Western Center for Journalism, will be our guest this evening.  We'll be discussing a few of his latest articles and my personal favorite story, "If You Are An NRA Member, This Liberal Wants You “Slaughtered”..."

    Graceland, every Thursday night 9 - 10pm Central / 10 - 11pm Eastern, here on Conservative Nation Media.

    Hosts: Jennifer Meadows and author, Curtice Mang

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    Graceland w/Jennifer Meadows

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    Big victory in the states of Kansas and Arizona for enforcing voter registration. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach was quoted as saying, "They have successfully protected our sovereign right to set and enforce the qualifications for registering to vote. We have now paved the way for all 50 states to protect their voter rolls and ensure that only U.S. citizens can vote.” We repeat ONLY U.S. citizens! No dead people, cartoon characters, or illegals need apply.  Couldn't happen at a better time as the fall elections are just months away!

    Our guest this evening is Allen Mendenhall who is the Staff Attorney to Chief Justice Roy S. Moore of the Supreme Court of Alabama, and the managing editor of Southern Literary Review.  We'll be discussing his latest article in the American Spectator titled, "Call a Constitutional Convention, Already! Article V: A gift from the founders."  What is Article V, and why this could be our road back to freedom?!

    Graceland, every Thursday night at 10:00pm Eastern/ 9:00pm Central on Conservative Nation Media.

    Cohosts: Jennifer Meadows, and author, Curtice Mang

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    What to do with the promise of God?

    in Spirituality

    God promises many things unto us: One promise is that the Lord says, "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you!" (Deuteronomy 31:6)

    My Top 20

    Tamela Mann-This Place
    Tasha Page Lockhart-Different...
    . Erica Campbell feat Lecrae-Help
    The Walls Group-Fast Forward
    Miss. Mass Choir--Declaration
    . Dorinda Clark-Nobody But God
    Donald Lawrence-Best For Last/The Gift***
    Canton Spirituals-Keep Knocking
    .Ricky Dillard & New G-Amazing
    .Beverly Crawford-Thank you Lord
    Dietrick Haddon-LXW
    .Kendra Smith-Something New
    .James Fortune &Fiya-Live Through it
    . Hezekiah Walker- Every Praise-
    . Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago-War
    Smokie Norful-Forever Yours
    Kierra Sheard-Graceland
    .Tamela Mann-I can only Imagine
    Lisa Knowles and the Brown Singers-The Evolution Continues
    William McDowell-Withholding Nothing

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    in Women

    "THE EMILY PEARLS SHOW", broadcasting "LIVE", this Friday, August 15th from Graceland, ELVIS WEEK.  With my Co-Host Sybil Marie Presley, meeting, greeting, and interviewing all of our ELVIS PEARLS here from all over the world.   Autographed "postcard" of the show for you!

    We are anxious to see all of you.  Our Videographer, Richard Self of VIDEO 1 PRODUCTIONS wil be on the scene with us as we meet and greet the ELVIS FANS, and our "pearls".   We have a "postcard" of the show that we will personally autograph for you to take back home.  So be sure to look for us, come up to us and say "hello" and let us know that you are there!  We are also "THE OFFICIAL "You're An Elvis Fan If..." Fan Club.  Sybil is the President, and I am the Vice President.  We really really thank Graceland for allowing this wonderful opportunity to spread the word through our Fan Club!

    From Marlowes Restaurant, to Heart Break Hotel, to Graceland Gates.  We will be all over.   SEE YOU THERE!

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    in Entertainment

    For over three decades Ginger has held the truth of their relationship close to her heart. Now she shares her unique story, and while a lot has been written about the King, the Elvis we meet in her long-anticipated memoir is a revelation. In her own words Ginger details their whirlwind romance - from first kiss to his stunning proposal of marriage. She details his spiritual side, his perception of being a 'legend', his devotion to family and friends, and her attempt to know the insular group surrounding Elvis. And for the very first time she talks about the devastating end of it all when she found Elvis, and the 50,000 mourners and reporters who descended on Graceland in 1977, exposing Ginger to the reality of living in the spotlight of a short, yet immortal, life. 

    Above it all, Alden rescues Elvis from the hearsay, rumors, and tabloid speculations of his final year by shedding a frank yet personal light on a very public legend. From a unique and intimate perspective, she reveals the man - complicated, romantic, fallible, and human - behind the enduring myth, a superstar worshipped by millions, and loved by Ginger Alden. 

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    in Women

    On the show this Friday, July 25, 2014, ELVIS PRESLEY is in the studio, "LIVE", special guests from all over the world will be talking about "JUST ELVIS".  Guests include fans, writers, performers, actors, etc., talking about their memories, and experiences with Elvis both, before he died and after.  The show is a pre-cursor to ELVIS WEEK, which is held here in Memphis, Tennessee in the month of AUGUST.  Special tribute to the REAL KING OF MEMPHIS, Mr. Elvis Aaron Presley, is held on August 15th, which includes a “CANDLE LIGHT” service.

    THE EMILY PEARLS SHOW, will be broadcasting "LIVE", directly from GRACELAND MANSION.  We will mix and mingle, and interview fans from all over the world.  Some fans will travel thousands of miles, just to be here for ELVIS WEEK, and we are looking forward to meeting and greeting them.  We will also be filming the show, as we mingle through the crowd of fans and it is going to be a "FINETASTIC" time.

    So tune into the show this week, Friday, July 25, 7:00PM(CST), so you can get a small glimpse of what the August 15th show will entail, "live" on THE EMILY PEALS SHOW!


    (picures courtesy of WiKipedia.org)

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    Ursula Bielski on PARANORMAL GEEKS RADIO

    in Paranormal

    Ursula Bielski is the founder of Chicago Hauntings, Inc. and the host of PBS' "The Hauntings of Chicago" (WYCC). 
    An historian, author, and parapsychology enthusiast, she has been writing and lecturing about Chicago's supernatural folklore and the paranormal for nearly 20 years, and is recognized as a leading authority on the Chicago region's ghostlore and cemetery history. She is the author of five popular and critically acclaimed books on the same subjects, all published by Lake Claremont Press. 
    Ursula grew up in a haunted house on Chicago's north side and received an early education in Chicago history from her father, a Chicago police officer, who introduced Ursula to the ghosts at Graceland Cemetery, Montrose Point and the old lockup at the storied Maxwell Street Police Station. Since that time Ursula has been involved in countless investigations of haunted sites in and around Chicago, including such notorious locales as Wrigley Field, the Congress Hotel, the Indiana Dunes, the Red Lion Pub, Hull House, Bachelors Grove Cemetery, Rose Hill Cemetery, haunted Archer Avenue, Chinatown, the Eastland disaster site, Dillinger's Alley and the St. Valentine's Day Massacre site. Her paranormal travels have also led her to investigate sites as infamous as the Bell Witch Cave in Tennessee; the Oshkosh, Wisconsin Opera House; New Orleans' House of the Rising Sun; the City Cemetery in Key West, Florida; and the Civil War Battlefield at Gettysburg.
    Aside from her writing, Ursula has been featured on numerous television documentaries, including productions by the A&E Network, The History Channel, The Learning Channel, SyFy, The Travel Channel, and PBS. She's been a judge on "Paranormal Challenge" and a regular guest on "Ghost Adventures" and the "Maury Show," as well as a favorite lecturer at Darkness Events. 

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    Demian Lichtenstein

    in Motivation

    Demian Lichtenstein, writer, director and producer of the movie 3000 Miles To Graceland, (2001). He is also the director of the critically acclaimed movie Discover The Gift starring Jack Canfield, Michael Beckwith and His Holiness The Dhali Llama and many others.

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