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    USA Held Hostage

    in Lifestyle

    What are they thinking? More importantly, what are we thinking?

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    The Government Shutdown and Effects on the Economy

    in Politics

    What  effects does  the government shutdown have on the economy? Dr. Michael G. Zey (futurist, sociologist), author of “Ageless Nation,” “The Future Factor,” “Seizing the Future,” “The Mentor Connection,” and several other books will be on our show to discuss his views on the current state if the economy.. He will share with us what will happen should we see another four years of Obama or a change in administration to a Romney one.  He will also discuss the issue of the Federal Reserve and the effects of printing too much money.  Dr. Zey is a full professor at Montclair State University and Executive Director of the Expansionary Institute.  At the School of Business, he teaches courses in Management Processes &Training and Development and Career Planning.Dr. Zey is a consultant in the areas formal mentor programs, future techno, social and business trends. Education BA, Sociology, Hunter College, NY,NY Other, Labor/Work Economics, 1983, CUNY-Graduate Center, NY, NY Ph D, Sociology (Spec.Organizations), 1980, Rutgers University Published Proceedings Zey, M. (2009). Energizing the Global Economy: The Coming Revolution in Energy Development. Chicago, IL: World Future Society. RefereedZey, M. (2009). Guidelines For the Future: Making Predictions in an Unpredictable World. Chicago, IL: World Future Society. Refereed Publications Other Publications Zey, M. (2011). America Needs a 21st Century Health Care System.(pp. 1st) Morristown: Daily Record.Awards and Honors Beta Gamma Sigma. (May, 2004)campusteaparties.comlog onto youthforindependenceforum  

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    Hostile Gospel - ft The Untamed Blogger & MADD BLOGGER

    in Politics

    Today the first day of the week we just are going to come together and build on today's issues feel free to drop in for REAL TALK....

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    Sept. 28- The Senate Can't Hear You!

    in Politics Conservative

    Well, it seems like your senators just can't seem to hear you. Yet again, the Senate does not listen to the majority of Americans, the more than half of Americans that want Obamacare defunded and gone. Republicans betrayed their principles and neglected to listen to their people and democrats didn't even consider the bill. In today's episode, the kid conservative will take up this issue, point out which of your senators voted for cloture and what happens next.