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    There is a national movement growing to pass an amendment to the constitution that will establish that money spent to influence campaigns is not protected speech. In order to see this happen, we need to build the largest coalition possible. No group understands that more than the Money Out-Voters In coalition that started in California and has spread to New York.

    MOVI supports any efforts to deal with the core problem of government corruption by corporations and the rich, whether legislative or consitutional. It has the potential to provide an umbrella under which all organizations fighting the consequences of corruption of the US government can gather.

    In this episode of Taking Back America, I discuss with MOVI cofounder Holly Mosher where the anti-corruption movement is going and how we can get there. Mosher is the director of Pay 2 Play, due for release in August, just in time for the peak 2014 campaign season. 

    This show was rebroadcast on May 31 at 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST on the Star Com Radio network.

    Take Back America for the People is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to educate the American public on true costs of corporate control of the US government.

    Know the truth and the truth will set us free.

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    FPA - Fighting Government Corruption For Parents and Kids

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    It is the mission of Fostering Progressive Advocacy Foundation Inc. to build the power and capacity of low-income people especially low income people of color to have significant impact in improving their communities and the policies and institutions that affect their lives. Help improve the quality of life for children in foster care. 

    They help organize the community around social justice issues and people affected by the child welfare system. such as  Parents,foster parents,grandparents,fathers, and children.  They provide community advocates for foster youths and organize parents around injustices that they are having with the child welfare system. 


    Dorin C. Matthews has a Bachelor’s in Human Services and a MASTERS IN
    SOCIAL WORK. She has been a foster/adoptive foster parent for the past
    eleven years and has faced many obstacles and challenges, with limited
    support from foster care agencies. While working as a foster parent advocate
    within a foster care agency, she observed that services were not being
    adequately provided to the foster parents and youths. 

    Sylvia M. Hooper is an adoptive child who went back into the system after
    her adoptive parents passed away at age 15. She has made it her
    personal mission to advocate for children, individuals and groups who are
    unable or incapable of doing so. Ms. Hooper has a Bachelor’s degree in
    Psychology from Adelphi University and has her MASTERS IN SOCIAL WORK. http://www.fpafoundation.org/index.html

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    Beyond the Mainstream

    in Politics

    Why won't mainstream media tell the us the truth, are they apart of bring this country down?  Join us tonight

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    The Wake Up Mission Radio Show With Chelene Nightingale and Randy Dees

    in News

    By popular demand,there will be no guest on today's show as hosts Chelene and Randy catch up on all the news of the week.

    They will discuss politics,faith,business,history,economcs,finance,government corruption in all three branches,media corruption,political freedom,political oppression,economic freedom,economic opportunity,economic oppression,financial freedom,financial opportunity,financial oppression,government over reach,Christian values,Conservative values,agenda 21,the ndaa,the patriot act,illegal immigration and a host of other topics that may come to mind.

    With Chelene and Randy you will get the the truth,not some white washed "approved version" of what happened,when and to whom.They expose the lies and corruption the government and media spew forth on a daily basis.

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    Rage against the Regime with KC Massey

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    Come join us for a discussion on the motions filed this week with the Honorable Judge Hanen. My lawyer has file suppliments to our original Motion to Supress and the Motion to Dismiss. The government is going to have real problems if they refuse to adhere to the Constitution. All of our motions are based on the constitutionality and wording of the law, and the flagrant violations of my constitutionally protected rights!

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    Stand Up Hudson Valley #20

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    Please tune in to Stand Up Hudson Valley Episode 20 tonight at 7 PM.  Hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers will discuss the latest on "Salt-gate," the manufactured controversy that has roiled the relationship between the Town Board and the Monroe Highway Superintendant over the past months.  It's so bad that the April 20 Town Board meeting degenerated into a shouting match between the Supervisor and the Hwy. Superintendant that lasted about an hour.

    All this prior to announcing a "rules of civility" for meeting attendees.  

    John and Emily will also detail the plan by the KJPE to drive down property values through annexation.  Also, how this annexation - if passed - will have grave consequences on the MW School District and our childrens' education.

    Stand Up Hudson Valley is a live, call in podcast, where public comment is not only welcome, its encouraged.  Even if it's NOT ON THE AGENDA!

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    Restoring the American Republic with Thomas Mick

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    America was founded as a republic with strict limitations of police power and an emphasis on liberty of the individual. The God-given natural Rights of the people were recognized in law and the Bill of Rights was insisted upon in the first Convention, passed by the first Congress, and ratified by the States by 1791. ALL sworn officers of the United States and the states are duty bound to respect and enforce those limitations on government power, no matter how inconvenient such limitations may have on their jobs.

    Whenever a LEO enforces an unconstitutional law it undermines our republic; whittling away at everybody’s liberty, usurping our power, and weakening our republic… this needs to stop and the people need to start insisting that it does.

    When I was a little boy in Detroit, Michigan, I remember cops in my neighborhood… they were always friendly and gave me the sense that they were a force for good. They walked a beat and throughout their day interfaced with the community… the best PR a city can have.  I had no fear of walking up to one and saying hello or asking him for help; the thought never even crossed my mind that they were somehow against me or my best interest.

    Now officers patrol in squad cars, separated from the people and seeing mostly the evil in society. A sense of us versus them has replaced the friendly chats and goodwill and for the most part is viewed as a threat to liberty and property. Today I look at them with mistrust as I’ve experienced the violation of my God-given Rights multiple times at their hands.

    The oath to support the Constitution means something to citizens, even those who care little about such matters; people who only desire to pursue their dreams and happiness… it’s not a formality to get the job but an obligation to perform a specific duty.web site: http://commonsensetome.com/

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    Stand Up Hudson Valley #18

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    Join hosts John Allegro and Emily Convers for "Stand Up Hudson Valley" episode 18.

    We have breaking news this week - a Woodbury to Kiryas Joel annexation plan is in the works.  It was reported in the latest "Hakiryah" - the local Kiryas Joel newspaper.

    We are working on obtaining more translated details, and hope to have them by showtime.


    The last Monroe Town Board meeting was chock full o' legendary Peter Martin quotes and calculations regarding the former Monroe Cinema, now affectionately referred to as TWACC

    Tune in tonight!  

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    The Goddess Rising Network : Does the Government Own Your Children?

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    Common Core is an undisputed and unmitigated disaster. The two rollout states, New York and Florida, are already taking steps to remove themselves from Common Core. This is largely due to the fact that both New York’s and Florida’s student test scores have gone into the toilet since they embraced Common Core. Many advocates are clamoring for the dismantling of this UN inspired approach to education which perverts both math and English and will force children to read government propaganda as opposed to classic literature.

    No teacher and no school board member was asked to contribute to the Common Core standards. Nor was any State Legislature involved in the creation of this monstrosity.

    Under this plan, every teacher will teach the same material with much of the same teaching strategies as every other teacher. This is the 21st Century educational version of the Stepford Wives. The Tenth Amendment is dead and individual freedom is being stamped out.All federalized education programs have thrown billions of taxpayer dollars down the toilet, while contributing to the dramatic decrease in student performance.

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    Beyond the Mainstream

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    We talk about news that the mainstream media don't,  some say conspiracy we call it the truth!  Join us 

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    Rage Against the Regime with KC Massey talking about the governments setup!

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    We will be discussing the lies and perjury in my case by government agents. We will be pointing out the contridictions in affidavits and testimony by the government in their persecution and setup against me. I will be using their own documents and testimony to show America how they will go to all ends to lie and persecute Patriots trying to defend our country and constitution. The same constitution they swore and oath to and yet break it whenever they see fit. Come join us for an evening of truth!