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    14th Episode of the U.P. Schlock Show: Gothic Meets Ghosts

    in Film

    What makes a scary movie? For some it has to do with a masked killer for others it might be that creepy castle! If you're in that category, then you'll want to listen to the show tonight 10 p.m. central! The Shrieking Ghoul is going Goth tonight! The following movies will be talked about during the night:

    "The Innocents"
    "The Haunting"
    "The Haunted"
    "The Uninvited"

    And many many more....

    If you are afraid of creepy old houses with Victorian appeal you may want to listen tonight just for kicks of course!

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    Will and Thunder Welcome MN Gothic Metal Band, Heliosaga

    in Rock Music

    Heliosaga- “Towers In The Distance” is the anticipated album rooted deep in European tradition, combining the best elements of power, symphonic, and gothic metal. Drawing comparisons from such bands as Xandria, Delain, and Leaves Eyes.

    The name Heliosaga is a metaphor derived from helios, the Greek word for sun, and saga meaning the story/ history; thus, Heliosaga represents the journey of life. 

    “Towers In The Distance” lyrics are deeply personal, and the primary themes revolve around the state of the world, mortality and the personal struggles that all encounter. Mixed by Michael Hansen (Phonomik, Chainfist) at Phon Studio and mastered by Jacob Hansen (Epica, Volbeat) at Hansen Studios. Bass guitar tracks were recorded by Chad Novell (Fibonacci Sequence) and a guest guitar solo was performed by Gilbert Pot (Elegy). 

    Heliosaga was founded in 2010 by Damien Villarreal (keys/guitar) in San Antonio, Texas, soon after joined by Jordan Ames (drums). By September of 2010, the line-up was complete and the first practices were held. The ensuing year would see a five song demo, the first shows and various line-up changes. In 2012, Chelsea Knaack joined as lead vocalist and the band recorded the single “The Light of Ardor”, which was released in January 2013. Shortly before the recorded single was release, the band relocated to Minnesota and continued the writing process.

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    The Gothic Wanderer

    in Books

    Interview with Tyler R. Tichelaar
    Topics of conversation:
    Definition of "Gothic and how is it different from Horror Man's pursuit of forbidden truth Relevance of Gothic figures today Gothic literature past, present and future British Gothic vs. American The Gothic Wanderer: From Transgression to Redemption Tyler R. Tichelaar, Ph.D.
    Modern History Press (2012)
    ISBN 9781615991389
    Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (10/12)

    Read interview with author on ReaderViews.com
    Read the review on ReaderViews.com

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    Ep 72 Grant Wood Regionalist Artist

    in History

    "American Gothic," the frequently parodied painting of the old couple (really father and daughter) standing in front of a white farm house with a gothic style window holding a pitchfork, is one of the most recognizable paintings in the world. You know the painting, but what do you know about the artist? Wood was one of the school of Regionalist painters, but his art ranged from recycle art to murals to stain glass. Wood was born and raised and returned to work in Iowa. Tune in to learn about Wood's life, his art, his Iowa connections, and a new display coming to the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.

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    King for a Day Fantasy Football - 2015 Post-Draft Review-Gothic Conference Cont.

    in Football

    We ran out of time in  Part One of the Gothic so we're back to finish it off here in Part Two!  Join the Commissioner of King for a Day, Rick Gureski and fellow King for a Day owners Tim Sevor of Lost int he Sauce and Steve Wellman of the Meat Puppets as they discuss the 2015 King for a Day drafts.  Discussions topics will include what makes the King for a Day draft special; the impact of the Offensive and Defensive Flex trial rules; first ever defensive player taken number one overall; favorite teams from both the Gothic and Renaissance Conference Drafts and, time willing, a recap of pre-draft predictions.

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    EndZone FalconZone Super Pro Football Show 1-14-16: Another One(s) Bite The Dust

    in Football

    Jeremy "The Impact" York talks Coach Caroussel updates, RGIII's sense of humor, playoff updates and predictions and advice for the Falcons front office! Special Guest Connor from national recording band Southern Gothic calls in to talk Bengals and the new upcoming album from SG! Join them in the EndZone, presented by Impact Media!

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    The Women Show with your Host Elizabeth Black

    in Pop Culture

    Tonight your host on The Women Show is Elizabeth Black. Her guest is Leigh Lane

    Lisa (Leigh M.) Lane has been writing dark speculative fiction for over twenty years. She has ten published novels and dozens of published short stories. She is married to editor Thomas B. Lane, Jr. and currently resides in the outskirts of Sin City.


    Her mainstream works include the Revelations urban fantasy trilogy and the Jane the Hippie Vampire dramatic horror series. Her more literary works include the traditional Gothic horror novel, Finding Poe; the World-Mart trilogy, a dystopian tribute to Orwell, Serling, and Vonnegut; and the dark allegorical tale, Myths of Gods. For more about Leigh and her works, visit her website at http://www.cerebralwriter.com.

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    Baron's Crypt

    in Film

    91st horror themed show, with special guest Ari Boyland from Blood Punch at 730p, Who is the Horror Icon of the Week? Tune in to find out! Latest News, Horror History, Releases, Spirit of the Week, The Start of Christmas Horror!

    In addition, featuring music from Midnight Syndicate - Gothic Christmas Album - featuring 4 tracks!

    More Horror Anniversaries from the Horror Historian!

    The Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/Barons-Crypt-278247652362419/

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    It won’t happen. What won’t happen? Just know it will never happen. Never again will the Hip-Hop community be treated to a lyrical story telling genius that’s interested more in entertaining, extremely creative, and super informative facts instead of aimlessly promoting negative and often false images that continue to be the killer of the most beloved genre of music for Generation Next, Hip-Hop. Sadly, it just will never happen again. Dungeon Masta is here, and to the displeasure of mediocre MCs worldwide, true lyrical skills are back to being a must, not an option. Born in New York City’s largest and deadliest borough, Brooklyn, served as the rearing site for a future MC who would later adopt the performance moniker of Dungeon Masta. Poised to bring the real back to rap music and I mean the realest, hardest, most in your face and thought-provoking lyrics to bless Hip-Hop since the legendary Wu-Tang Clan is the labor of love inherited by Dungeon Masta. A proud disciple of original Wu-Tang Clan General, the late great Ol’ Dirty Bastard is who majorly helped mold Dungeon Masta into the one of a kind rhyming wordsmith he is today.

    As one of the family members of ODB’s famed Brooklyn Zu, regiment Dungeon Masta has exchanged lyrical blows with many of the biggest names in Hip-Hop to include but not limited to O.D.B., Public Enemy, Rakim, Special Ed, Professor X (X Clan), Peedi Crack, Popa Wu, Buddha Monk and Kid Capri. Following in the long tradition of immensely popular as well as highly successful Brooklyn rappers such as Big Daddy Kane, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, and Fabolous comes the “Big Apple’s” best hope of reclaiming Hip-Hop’s #1 spot since 50 Cent. A veteran on the tour circuit and media sensation complements of countless videos on the internet has made the originator of “Gothic”, a new edgy style of music that’s taking New York City by storm.

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    Dark Gothic Poetry by S.B. Lacroix and Karen Elizabeth Waters

    in Poetry

    Tonight two of our favorite Poets/Authors return to the show to help us usher in a month of Halloween Themed episodes! If you love Dark Gothic Poetry and Tales as much as we do, you will certainly enjoy this show! S.B. Lacroix's books A Dark Quill: Tales & Poems and Shattered: A Collection of Dark Poetry and Prose can be found on Amazon.com. She can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/sb.lacroix, http://sblacroix.blogspot.com/, https://plus.google.com/108706132795303558606/posts, and https://www.youtube.com/user/LacroixSB/videos

    Karen Elizabeth Waters' book A Completion Of Unfinished Thoughts can be found on Lulu: http://www.lulu.com/shop/karen-elizabeth-waters/a-completion-of-unfinished-thoughts/paperback/product-21131488.html  Karen's writing can be found at: http://filthyvictorian1872.blogspot.com/ and her Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/filthy.victorian1888

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    The Star Chamber Show #65, Featuring Paula Hardin!

    in Books

    It's time for the first Star Chamber Show of 2016 and co-hosts Alexander S. Brown and Selah Janel have a great guest to bring you to start the new year off strong!  Paranormal romance and steampunk author Paula Hardin will be coming into the Star Chamber to visit with Alexander and Selah, to talk writing and much more! Tune in Wednesday at 9pm EST to catch a great kickoff show for 2016!

    About Paula: Paula Hardin is a New Orleans girl born and raised. She’s married to her soul mate of over nineteen years. Paula has three children and two step-children, and eight grandbabies. Her passion is for the paranormal, mystical, and anything other than the norm. She also loves the Sci-Fi channel. Some of her favorites are dark artwork, gothic, dark pictures and paintings. She writes paranormal romances, steam punk, contemporary, which has lots of suspense, but ends with a happy ever after. Look for her in Face book, or visit her webpage for upcoming new works.

    Visit Paula's website at: http://paulavhardin.com