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    #HOWCEE Internet Blog Talk Radio Gospel Music Special

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    Howcee Band Profile

    Howcee Productions Gospel at Ourstage

    #‎HOWCEE? http://howceeproductiongospel.blogspot.com/…/gospel-plus-j-… Our internet radio broadcast  Last  night. March 25 2015 night. 10PM CST

    Posted by Freddie Collins Howard on January 24, 2015 at 4:30pm
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    J F Shields High School Athletic From 40 50 60 70 80 90 2000 2015

    Come One Come All.. J F Shields/M.C.T.S. Athletic Reunion/Banquet

    J F Shields H.S.17688 HWY 21 NORTH Beatrice Al.

    MAY 8-9 2015

    Hometown: Beatrice, AL

    Genres: Christian/Gospel / Jazz / Electronic

    Label: Howcee

    Members: Freddie collins Howard

    Freddie Collins Howard Artist CEO Howcee Productions Gospel Music One Man Band. Voice Of The J. F. Shields Panthers Beatrice, Al. 36425. Began Promoting Gospel music in 2000. Worked as a DJ and Radio Jock Total Gospel Psalms WYNI Monroeville AL. Playing all styles of gospel Music for a time. Sings, Choir President Antioch #1 Baptist Church Tunnel Springs Al. Rev, W. Oliver Pastor. Married for over 46 years=Mary+4 Children=7Grands. Deacon, Sunday Sch.Teacher. love all Styles/ of music. Keyboard player writer of all styles of music. Home recording Studio. Production and mixing. Sound Production.

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    What Is Gospel Music? Feature:The Williams Brothers. The Supreme 7.

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    What Is Gospel Music? The Williams Brothers.

    What Is Gospel Music? The supreme 7

    What is Gospel Music? Truth/True Gospel music is (The Good News about God in Songs/Psalms) All Gospel Music, no matter what style/genres has one single thread that runs through all gospel music. telling the good news about God (The Father) God (The Son Jesus) God (The Holy Spirit) Gospel music is singing praise to God about God to the saved and unsaved. The Sound Doctrine of "The Trinity" means that God is (3 Three) persons and yet one in (Essence). In this passage all (Three 3) persons of the The Trinity are present and active (Matthew 9: 17-16-17) And (1. Jesus, God The Son) when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and lo, the heavens were opened unto him and he saw the (2. Spirit of God, God The spirit)) descending like a dove, and lighting upon

    him: And lo a voice from heaven, saying ( God Speaks 3. This is my beloved Son,) in whom I am well pleased.

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    "Friday" H O W C Productions Gospel Internet Radio Gospel Music (713) 955-0464

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    Noam Chomsky on the Roots of American Racism

    Howcee Productions Gospel HOWC Internet Radio Box 104 ...


    BlogTalkRadio - ‎Howcee Productions Gospel

    Nov 20, 2014 - What is the common factor in all gospel music? that is sang played written regardless of what genre. The answer God ... 'Howcee Productions Gospel H O W C Internet Radio Box 104 Beatrice AL. 36425' ... (713) 955-0464.

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    Sacredheart Old TIme Gospel Hour_Moden Day Satan

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    As this last ERA of time for man is now setting up Satans Firm RULE...LIES upon LIES the Gospel tells us, We shall know Satan by how he lies and makes the sheep take his lies as the FULL TRUTH ...!!! This world is now fully accepting lies as full truths..and TRUTHS as LIES !! The Bible says that in the END OF DAYS, man will not be able to tell which is which, Jesus warned us that ,, " In that day, you will not be able to tell the seasons one from another." As Jesus used medifores , a use of words that was not up front, because he wanted only people that wanted to THINK for them selves to TAKE HEED...to be the ones that would follow after him..so they could teach the real meanings of SATAN WORDS against that of GODS...Thinking OUTSIDE of the BOX was what Jesus used, as he also tired to teach us to use...but as we became lazy..we use all the short cuts and we dont care if the world is told LIES or that we follow said LIES..Tune in to hear how those lies will lead to mans destuction today..Saturday at NOON...12 pm USA EST..God Bless ALL: 

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    Mid-Week Independent Music Playlist - Powered by Author Kelly Neil

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    New Music from:

    Mob Story 'Ready To Flow'

    Tyree Swagg 'Beautiful'

    Grizzly James 'TGIF'

    Cage & Focx w/ Todd Taylor 'Country Style'

    DaZs 'H A R Money'

    Dekorah & Jeff Radi 'Send Me Your Smile'

    JDG Artist 'You'

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    Saturday Nite Gospel Jamz (Hebrew Hood Music)

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    Welcome to Saturday Nite Gospel Jamz. Its gonna be powerful, its gonna be Retro, Throwback, Thought provocative, Tonight we feature the music of Peezee and Shod from the Righteous cd.  Check it out at RealJudah.com    Our Co-host Sister Fiyah Harris, live from Dallas, TX and Brother Malachi live from Hattiesburg, MS. Chat room is open and to ask questions or make a comment on the phone press #1 if listening. (347) 205-9279 Tonight we get started with New Artist to SNGJ in Hebrew and Truth Music........( Please note: we are still growing and learning in the word. From time to time you may hear our Guest speak another name of The Father and Son, Men-Empowered has studied and found from the Hebrew text the name of The Most High is AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH and The Savior( YASHAYA ) Get at them at www.realjudah.com

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    Mid Day Sexy Show

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    Come enjoy your favorite mid day sexy show with the Queen of Wetness.

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    OneMoreLifestyle.com presents... a Mid-Week Indie Music Playlist

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    'SwageU' by Rokit Boost



    and new music from:

    Finn w/ 'City Living'

    LexiSugar w/ 'All My Love'

    LeeBangah w/ 'Hating On Me'

    Nalyd w/ 'Void'

    Rapso_De w/ 'What Difference Does It Make?'

    Jae London w/ 'It Wasn't Meant To Be'

    Feuergeist w/ 'Walking Through The Fire'

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    Mid Day Sexy Show

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    This is one you don't wanna miss....

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    NFI Radio Gospel Network

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    11:00AM TIL 2:00AM SUN MARCH 29, 2015 from the STUDI of the NFI Radio Gospel Network, Raleigh N.C. in HD2 sound. takeing you into the Noon day drive It's your hsot. the ANOINTED 1 playing the very best in gospel music and the word of God. on the number 1 QUARTET STATIO in the WORLD, the NFI Radio Gospel Network, Raleigh N.C. catch the WAVE.

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    "The Joy of Gospel Music"!

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    Join us this Sunday, December 21, 2014 @ 6:30 p.m. with  your hosts Evg. Globee Pope and Min. Derrick Tuggle as they kick off another episode of "Glorious Gospel Vibes"!  Christmas is on the table and we are going to enjoy the feast!  Our special guest this week will be Gospel Recording Artist Katharine T. Williams, aka "COCO", sharing her new release "Let Me Live Just A Little While Longer"!  Also in da house will be Min. Lois "Candee" Vernon with 'Inspiration Corner' along with none other than Sista Vangelist Peppercorn.  So don't be square, be dare or Sista Peppercorn gone have to see bout cha, be bout cha!


    Call-in (347) 677-0645

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