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    93.Tweed FM.. Presents (Surprise Celebrity Guest Spotlight)

    in Music

    93.Tweed FM..Presents a Surprise Celebrity Guest Spotlight.I Dot want to give away the Names of the guest until showtime..You will be surprised,and have a ball.Low-Rider Oldies,R&B and all the above will be played tonight.Make sure to tell a Hater,2 Tell a Playa...Im breaking some new singles from a couple of the industrys finest.

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    Racetrackers Nyquist Jockey Mario Gutierrez Keenel Dan;C Carter;El Potro Roberto

    in Sports

    This week we have Kentucky Derby favorite Nyquist's rider Mario Gutierrez as our guest and we speak to horse behavioral expert Calvin Carter as well as Keeneland Dan and Roberto El Potro

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    Min. King Samir Shabazz Black Riders LiberationParty Monthly Recruiting Drive

    in Motivation

    Min. King Samir Shabazz Black Riders LiberationParty Monthly Recruiting Drive

    BLACK POWER. Here is the link to listen remotely: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2016/04/24/min-king-samir-shabazz-black-riders-liberationparty-monthly-recruiting-drive

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    The Bernie Sanders Campaign Post Mortem

    in Politics Progressive

    On the April 27, 2016 episode of Liberal Dan Radio:

    The Democratic Party nomination process is over. While not technically eliminated, Hillary's wins were so large yesterday that her pledged delegate lead is, for all intents and purposes, insurmountable. Last night his campaign shifted the discussion from that of winning the nomination to that of trying to get as many delegates to push the party platform leftward. And today, the Sanders campaign started laying off staff.

    I will be discussing where the campaign went wrong, the benefits of their continuing to amass delegates, and some of the ridiculousness coming from the Bernie or Busters.

    I will also discuss the GOP campaign. Cruz has named a running mate despite being mathematically eliminated from the first ballot. Trump steamrolled over the rest of the field making a 2nd ballot much less likely. And Trump also got a very fitting endorsement.

    Those issues and more at 8pm central on Liberal Dan Radio: Talk From The Left, That's Right.

    If you want to support the podcast please go to the Liberal Dan Radio GoFundMe page.

    If you need new rider credits for Lyft Or Uber, please go to RideShareDan.com.

    And if you are listening after the live broadcast, please leave your comments, questions, concerns, etc at the show thread on LiberalDan.com.


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    Canadian Moto Show with Brent Worrall

    in Sports

    The Canadian Moto is on the Air with our 110th 'Live' episode. Tonight we have a great show lined up with a wide variety of guests. The Show goes Live at 6:00 PM Pacific 9:00 PM Eastern. Tonight we will hear from Gopher Dunes Honda Canada's Colton Facciotti. Colton will look to set out in quest of his fourth MX-1 title when the gate drops at Kamloops on the 2016 Rockstar Nationals. Also newly signed to ride an S&G Power Sports Honda Canada bike in 2016 National number 18 Brad Nauditt will also check in to tonights show. Cody Matechuk from Alberta who hit the top step this weekend in Kelowna will make a first ever Canadian Moto Show show appearance tonight. Cody has a ton of talent and a great winning attitude.

    Pro Women's National West organizer Sierra Roth will check in tonight as well. This series is in high gear and will see four full rounds in both the West and East in 2016. Ryno Power Sports Supplements - Bow Cycle rider Tallon Unger will talk some Moto. This up and comer is no stranger to the home of this years WCAN in Raymond Alberta as we build up to that event. Bill Petro of The Legends of Canadian Motocross will also check in tonight.

    With round two of the MCQ-MX Seires in the books this past weekend we will look back on that with Maple Ridge Motorsports Ryan Lockhart. We will also set up this weekend Future West Moto action at Show supporter the Popkum Motor Park. Many last minute guests are being added here as we amp up to gate drop on what promises to be a great Show. Our ever popular Canadian Moto Show giveaways continue tonight thanks to our friends at  DND Moto, Ryno Power Sports Supplements and The Legends of Canadian Motocross. All you have to do is be the first caller through when the gate drops on giveaways, 1-347-677-0979. Log in and hit up the always fun and ever popular chat board, the Canadian Moto Show is on the Air - Lets Go Bench Racing


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    93.Tweed FM.. Presents The Thursday Night Flight..Starring The Delfonics

    in Music

    93.Tweed FM...Welcomes Back The Delfonics 4 another go Go Round of all your favorite Ballads,news,trivia and the Wonderful World of R&B Music..This is going to be another monumental episode into the world of The latest inductees to the R&B Hall of Fame..So Tell a Hater,2 Tell a Playa,and Tune in...We plan to Play Everything Delfonic 2 the 3rd Power...

  • 02:30

    Canadian Moto Show with Brent Worrall

    in Sports

    The Canadian Moto Show 'Live' from Vernon B.C. at 6:00 pm pacific 9:00 pm eastern here http://www.canadianmotoshow.com  With another wide open week of racing aciton in the books, there is lots to talk about. Tonight on the show we will take a quick look back at the Future West action at the Popkum Motor Park as well as a look at what lays ahead across the country in 2016. We have an 'All Star' cast of guests lined up tonight which include the man behind Amateur Motocross Ontario, Ryan Gauld. 

    Tonight we also catch up with Cycle North race team manager and team Canada's Motocross of Nations boss for 2016 Kourtney Lloyd. Also one of her top riders Summer Knowles who was in action this past weekend will check in with tonights show. Gibson Tyre Technology rider Kyle Beaton raced this past weekend and we look forward to catching up with our friend KD-Beats. The Peace Motocross Association is a long time supporter of the show and tonight look forward to chatting with Reed Lepine and Jason Berlinger as they look forward to another great season of action. Bill Petro of the Legends Of Canadian Motocross will check in tonight as well to update us on that great project.

    The show also tonight will have lots of chat with our guests about this years WCAN scheduled for July 1st in Raymond as well as the 25th annual Parts Canada Walton Trans Can. Our great show giveways continue thanks to Maple Ridge Motorsports as we have an Atlas Brace 'Tyke' up for grabs for one lucky winner. Tell a friend and log in and hit up the ever popular chat board as the Canadian Moto Show is on the 'Air' - Lets Go Bench Racing.

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    FTH #137 "Things are heating up!"

    in Video Games

    Ghost Rider replaces Thundra as the next Worthy , Don't forget to do your Dailies -Death Locket Covert ops continues, SpOps 33 has ends, PVP 29 ends Friday the battle for Cloak & Dagger , Civil War is coming ...........

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    Humpday with Harrell#27 / Rehabwithleaf

    in Entertainment

    Awesome night in store tonight One of the fastest most insane Superbike racers ive ever known will be in the studio tonight, Corry "Booty" Call will behere talking about the AFM , How he is doing this season, what he expects outta the rest of the season and what he has done in the past We are talking AFM #1 p;ate holder as well as AMA now Moto America Superbike wins... He is a very talented motorcycle rider on a road course, motocross track or speedway If it has 2 wheels this boy will tear it a new one... Also lets recap the weekends kart race at prairie citys All Star Karting,,, So do not miss this show people and call in to talk to Cory Call About ,, well, anything,,,, 929-477-1660 

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    Source Material #068 - "Vinland Saga" episode 1 (manga)

    in Pop Culture

    Today we bring you the first in a series of what hopes to be many excursions into the world of manga.  Ronnie adams of the Screaming Boy Productions podcast joins me once again.   And making his first Source Material debut, a man I have done many a podcast with here on the Radulich in Broadcasting Network, the host of the Sentai rider podcast and co host of the Metal hammer of doom, Robert Cooper joins the show.

    This is what I would like to call a primer episode.  Letting the listeners in on what brought us to this point.  Also Coop educates us on the world of manga and the wide variety that is out there.  The conversation then takes a turn from our experiences with manga to our familiarity with anime (something i have a little foothold in).

    From the wiki:

    Vinland Saga (Japanese: ????????? Hepburn: Vinrando Saga?) is a Japanese historical manga series written and drawn by award-winning manga author Makoto Yukimura. The series is published by Kodansha, and was first serialized in the youth-targeted Weekly Shonen Magazine before moving to the monthly manga magazine Afternoon, aimed at younger adult men. As of March 2013, the series has been compiled into twelve bound volumes. The series is also licensed in English by Kodansha Comics USA.

    The title, Vinland Saga, would evoke associations to Vinland as described in two Norse sagas. Vinland Saga is, however, set in Dane-controlled England at the start of the 11th century, and features the Danish invaders of England commonly known as Vikings. The story combines a dramatization of King Cnut the Great's historical rise to power with a revenge plot centered on the historical explorer Thorfinn, the son of a murdered ex-warrior. The presentation and style of the series has been compared by reviewers to the more realistically grounded segments of Kentaro Miura's classic dark fantasy manga Berserk.

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    93.Tweed FM Presents.. Deniece Williams (Black Butterfly)

    in Music

    93.Tweed FM Welcomes, Deniece Williams(Black Butterfly) to this one-on-one sit down with Tweed Cadillac.You saw her on TV One(Unsung) You have been blessed to hear her vocal stylings over the last 3 decades,She will be live on the premises with a candid interview with the only station playing Funkadelic with the Temptations...Low-Rider Oldies R&B and all in between...Tell a Hater,2 Tell a Playa to tune in via phone or online...Dont miss this monumental radio event..