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    The Three Amigos of GOP Defeat in 2016

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    Romney, Bush, Christie.  We ran moderate Republicans in 2008 and 2012.  These defeats continued the losing streak for the moderate, establishment, wing of the Republican Party. History shows that the moderate GOP presidential nominees lose in the general election to the Democrats as it occurred in the presidential races of 1976, 1992, 1996, 2008 and 2012.

    Jeff Crouere (Crew-air) is the host and publisher of Ringside Politics, live from The Big Easy on WGSO 990 in New Orleans LA. Crouere is also host of Ringside, a television version of the radio program, which airs on WLAE-TV, a PBS affiliate in New Orleans.




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    Republican Ignorance...and they do it with such ease and stupidity.

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    To listen to the Republicans, this host at SevsDeadSerious has learned that there is NO limit to the level of stupidity, arrogance and downright hubris by those who think that being stupid is something to be proud of and to rejoice in..."Hey, look at me, I'm the dumbest motherfucker on the planet".  THe don't believe in climate change because they're not "scientists", believe in white priviledge while watching it take place under their noses, raising the minimum wage because it would stall economic growth for the wealthiest Americans (and why would they care about anyone else), believe that women are an active and equal part of the fabric of the country and that the threat of Ebola in W. Africa is a way bigger problem than a bunch of knucklehead idiots running around killing anyone within range (and we ARE way out of range...like 5000 miles) while filming for YouTube.  Republicans really have reached a new apex of total irrational stupidity.

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    AMCPress #434 "Gamergate Showdown: Stupidity on The Rise"

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    We are satirical news source which provides  uncensored news on numerous topics from around the world. We ransack political figures butcher them to size while keeping a keen eye on current news and events.   AMCPress & Co is the brainchild of Redhood and Alison.  Johnnie is our resident  Techie Wizard. Redhood is our resident international news satirist along with Alison who is the feeder of jokes and frank opinions. Tonight's episode we’ll be ransacking gamergate and the stupidity that is going on and more topics that relate to stupidity in action. AMCPress & Co is also apart of the Uncensored Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio. You can find out more about Uncensored Radio at http://myuncensoredradio.com/.

    ** Some Media  (sound effects, news clips and other sounds. etc) is protected by Fair Use.  Beginning theme song is composed by Redhood & Alison and is owned by AMCPress &Co Digital Entertainment. All rights Reserved.  No copyright infringement intended**Find all of our links at http://itsmyurls.com/amcpress.


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    The New GOP Congress is a JOKE, and why Obamacare will NOT be repealed

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    No conservative can talk honestly about Obamacare, they resort to half-truths and outright lies to try and discredit a program that is WORKING !!!

    And why the new GOP Congress will a laughing stock and get nothing done.

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    HOUSE GOP to Block Protection of Undocumented Workers

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    Civil Chat with Lee looks at What's Trending: 1. GOP votes to block protections for undocumented immigrants  2. Rand Paul says Disability Insurance wasted on people on people with anxiety and back pain. Whaaaaa???  3. House Republicans Approve New Perk for Wall St.  4. Mike Huckabee Obama shouldn't let daughters listen to Beyonce's Mental Poison. Whaaaa??  5. The GOP new Congress The Real Freak Show??  6. Is there a false equivalency Progressives and Republicans regarding name calling, showing disrepect.  Charlie Hebdo in full force.

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    The GOP Sucks; We Told You So!

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    The grassroots tried to oust Squish of the House, Boehner, but the useless piece of whiskey-soaked orange beef jerky remains. Now he is seeking vengeance against the members who voted against him. As we discussed last week, would ousting Boehner really have mattered?  The 113th passed a budget funding Obama’s agenda for 2015.

    Republicans will bluff and bluster against Obama while funding Obamacare and the constellation of scandals won’t be addressed because they permit the GOP to talk against Big Government while funding Bigger Government. Obama is soft on the terrorism; the Republican response? Push for even more Neocon wars, for your safety of course.

    Fall in line ‘conservatives’ we have to save our country by electing anybody but Hillary. As the monetary scheme collapses, jihadis up their global assault and the military-industrial complex prepares for war with Russia and China, the only allowable solution is more squishy RINO Republicans furthering the same anti-American agenda as the jack asses. But, Boehner and McConnell are going to be different this time and the voters are gonna hold their feet to the fire, right?

    Tyranny persists UNLESS liberty-loving people band together to restore Constitutional governance from your own neighborhood on up to the District of Corruption. Restore The Constitutional Militia, sound money, free economies, religious and civil liberties as well as a sensible foreign policy of non-interventionist defense backed up by the most powerful Navy.  Now is the last chance to stop those who perpetuate an empire abroad and a police state at home.  To defeat the lawless hordes of kleptocrats, useful idiots and their fellow travelers especially the Democrat-socialists, first you MUST CRUSH the Neocon RINOs. . .for liberty!

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    A Vote of No Confidence in GOP Leadership: Gohmert, Issa, Gowdy Vs Boehner

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    Join #CRLive tonight w/ Patrick Read & guests Chip Jones, James Dick, Joe Hackos as we discuss the lack of leadership exhibited by GOP over the past 6 years.

    Media RINOs credit McConnell & Boehner's "fundraising" for the GOP Wave, but DEMS far outspent the GOP. These are the same pundits whom refuse to acknowledge the internet's impact in the GOP Wave. We'll take up the cause to remind them until more of a spine is located.

    Benghazi Bombshell: Valerie Jarrett, Commander In Chief

    Christmas Grinch Scrooges US Voters: Dump Boehner

    More Debt! Boehner's Christmas Gift to DEMS

    Shutdown McConnell's $3B ObamaCare Kickback

    Real Deal, Cruz Exposes GOP Debt Surrender

    House Leadership Vacuum


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    While most political shows will be talking about the year that was, we will be talking today about the year to come. Obama has already said that he is not going to be afraid to use the veto pen. If the GOP is true to recent form, just that threat will be enough to stop their leadership from doing anything meaningful under the logic that this creep will veto it. SO WHAT??? We gave them control of the Senate to do something not just get along and collect perks. They think they were elected to eradicate the Tea Party. Also, Putin has declared NATO enemy #1.

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    Quagmire America Radio: A New #GOP Congress & The Political Scarlet Letter

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    Please join hosts, Jason Taylor/Randy Hahn @QuagmireUnity & Watson Prunier @Battle4FreedomX every Monday night at 10:00pm EST here on Quagmire America Radio. The best two hours of LIVE hard hitting, honest Conservative radio on the Net.

    On tonight’s show we talk about the ‘Political Scarlett Letter’ who wears it, and why. In other words, who have become damaged goods inside our beloved Conservative party.

    Also, plenty talk about who’s in and who’s out for the 2016 Presidential race. Along with the swearing in of our new GOP Congress, and what changes we are hoping to see from this newly controlled Republican House and Senate.

    I am excited to announce that my dear friend, Watson Prunier will be joining me every Monday night. Watson is a Strong Christian Conservative, with powerful words and a calming voice. Make sure to tune into Watson Prunier Tuesday nights at 7:00pm EST on Vigilant Liberty Radio, and check out his incredible website Battle4Freedom.com.

    Call in: speak with the hosts and guests. 347-989-1665

    “The army of the emboldened and gleefully ill-informed is growing.”

    ? Andrew Breitbart

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    The new GOP Congress, Gov Huckabee 2016 plus GO Cowboys!

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    We will look at front page stories, from Gov Huckabee thinking about 2016, the new GOP Congress, President Obama and those Dallas Cowboys pull out a great win over Detroit.

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    Looking for a good book?  Check out my book: 


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    Headlines: GOP in Iowa, Netanyahu & Congress, Market Watch & Super Bowl

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    This week on Critical Conversations Host Lisa Ruth will be talking to Senior Political Editor Jim Picht about last weekends Iowa Freedom Summit that gathered some 1,200 conservatives along with presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Scott Walker and others.

    Jim Picht will be discussing who was there, and who was not there including home state Louisianan Bobby Jindal.  Jim asks if Jindal is serious about running for President.

    In DC, House Speak John Boehner and President Obama have locked political horns over Boehner’s invitation to Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress. New killings in Israel and increased threats from Iran’s nuclear program that Lindsay Graham is calling “Obama’s biggest mistake" make this a a must read headline.

    Business Editor Terry Ponick will join Jim and Lisa to talk about money, Switzerland’s franc falling and Europe's ongoing struggle with the Euro, all impacting US markets, while in Greece the new government is making anti-austerity moves, seeking partial loan forgiveness to help restore Greece’s economic stability.

    Terry will also weigh in on Shake Shack’s upcoming IPO. – A healthy meal or just empty calories.

    This weekend all eyes are glued on the Super Bowl, for the game or the ads. Footballer Eric Golub will be on the show with his predictions for Sunday’s game.

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