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    The Great (?) Google Glass

    in Marketing

    Ready for Google Glass? Ruth Papazian and I have worked together for years in health care writing/communications. Well, Ruth was one of the Google Glass beta-testers! Now that Google glass is available, hear what she was thinking in the repeat of my exclusive interview with her, here on Piggy Bank Promotions.


    Don't forget to post your own experiences on our Facebook page!--Wendy Meyeroff

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    Google Glass All the Positive

    in Social Networking

    Once again Gettysburg Gerry and Cassius Wright delve into the world of Google Glass. The Google Glass Explorer program was started roughly 1 year ago, and both Gerry and Cassius are original Glass explorers. They have been throught the ups and downs, growing pains and successes with the product. 

    Discussion topics include favorite Glass apps, most useful apps, and everyday use as a business tool. Google Glass is technology wonder, yet it does have it's limitations. Clearly the usefulness of the technological device has yet to be mastered, but it is coming along. Stop on by and join the conversation....

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    Google Glass XE16 Update

    in Social Networking

    This week our Google Glass episode will focus on the latest update to Google Glass XE16, how Google is doing with it's marketing of the product, how the public is responding, and how the Glass Explorers are resonding. 

    Hosts Gettysburg Gerry and Cassius Wright are both early beta testers of the product, and report on both the good and the bad, heck they even report on the ugly. 

    More specifically tonight we will discuss:

    > the recent one day sale to the public

    > the overall success or failure's that Google has seen for the rollout

    > the new features that come with XE16

    > reaction and opinion on the recent remarks Robert Scoble regarding his departure    from the Explorer program

    Should be interesting, informative, and fun. 

    Join us and connect, engage, and enjoy...


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    Keeping Up With Google Glass

    in Social Networking

    SteamFeed Radio host Gettysburg Gerry and co host Cassius Wright spend the evening talking about all the latest regarding Google Glass. Both Glass Explorers, they have on guests, talk about the "hot" topics. Whether you are an explorer or not, if you have interest in Glass or new technology this is the show for you....listen and learn and have fun doing it. 

    From personal casual use, to those utilizing the product in the marketing world, they discuss it all. 

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    SteamFeed Radio Google Glass Episode

    in Social Networking

    This week is our Google Glass episode. Join me and co host Cassius Wright as we welcome guest Bryan Foster to discuss the latest upgrade XE18.11...It seems the Glass team is just about there with latest update. Glass is operating at peak performance, and many of the perforance issues seem to have been addressed. We will also be talking about a interesting project that Cassius is involved with . The is going to be a fun discussion as always with these informative gentlemen. 

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    Our Experience Testing Google Glass

    in Entrepreneur

    Kelly talks tech with Matthew Barksdale, the president of Engage Mobile, a company that has seen significant growth in its business of mobile apps and software applications. Engage Mobile was one of the first in the world to beta-test and build software for Google Glass. The company is considered to be one of the most promising enterprise mobility companies in the United States.

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    Google Glass with Cassius Wright & Bryan Foster

    in Social Networking

    Each week Cassius Wright, Gettysburg Gerry and Bryan Foster talk about the never ending journey of a Google Glass Explorer. We discuss the good, the bad, and yes the ugly. 

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    Google Glass and The Glass Squad

    in Technology

    Tune in to Hilary Topper On Air this week to hear from "The Glass Squad!" After a trip to Fort Myers/Sanibel, Florida along with four other influential Google Glass Explorers, the team decided to create "The Glass Squad" consisting of Hilary Topper - CEO and President of HJMT Public Relations Inc. and your host, Keith Kaplan - Social Brand Strategist at IBM, Jeris Miller - Creator, Founder and Executive Producer of Dakini 3 Media & Sky Dancer Productions, George "Loki" Williams - Owner of Social Gumbo LLC and Eva Smith - Founder and Publisher of Tech Food Life Magazine. "The Glass Squad" is a Google Glass Explorer partnership between these five influencers highlighting content produced by the individual Explorers and larger combined projects. With a hand in all different industries, platforms and areas, find out how "The Glass Squad" is breaking barriers using Google Glass and pioneering the distribution of innovative content using this new and emerging technology. If you love technology, marketing and innovation, this is a show you don't want to miss!

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    Through Google Glass Darkly

    in Internet

    Even though they aren't yet on the shelf, Google Glass is already stirring up controversy and causing legislators to create bills designed to limit where, when and how the device is used.   Currently, only 2,000 people who paid $1,500 apiece have access to this next wave of cybertechnology.  But even they have to contend with a number of hurdles, including those imposed by Google that make it impossible to resell the device.  Also in question are everything from privacy issues of those being photographed or videotaped via Glass, to safety and liability issues.  Only one thing is certain, using Google Glass is going to not only change the way we percieve web devices, it is also going to alter our perception of the world at large once they become commonplace.

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    Google Glass Intro: Ruth Papazian

    in Marketing

    Ruth Papazian is one of those go-to ladies. As the editor of "Heart Insights," the American Heart Association's consumer mag, she brought turn-key issues on heart wellness (not just clinical, but social--like family caregiving) to attention.

    Now, she's one of a select few chosen to work in the Google Glass experiment, bringing it to the Bronx, NY. She gave an exclusive, pre-recorded, interview to Piggy Bank Promotions. Trust you'll enjoy!--Wendy Meyeroff

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    Glasslandia: The First Google Glass Reality TV Show

    in Television

    Have you heard of Glasslandia? If your answer is no, be sure to tune in to this episode of Hilary Topper On Air. Glasslandia is the first ever Google Glass Reality TV Show premiering on October 16th, 2013 on Youtube at 7:00 pm. The show will follow the real life story of Hilary JM Topper, President and CEO of HJMT Public Relations Inc. and one of 8,000 chosen to beta test Google Glass as a Google Glass Explorer. Listen as Hilary and the HJMT team discuss the show and reveal behind the scene information. If you are a techie or reality show lover, this is the show for you!

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