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    186pointDUCE (WWR) "Fresh From the Hospital Monday"

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    186pointDUCE (WWR) "Fresh From the Hospital Monday"
    1st HR Current Events
    2nd HR "PARTY TIME
    San Jose police said the asian woman who crashed her car into Gangsta Rapper “GoofyBone” on Tully Road early Saturday afternoon, admitted she lost control of her Toyota Camry because she was texting.“While speaking to the officer at the scene, she admitted she was reading a lengthy text message and not looking at the road,” San Jose police Sgt Ronnie Lopez said.
    Sgt Lopez confirmed the texting law includes, “composing, sending or reading electronic messages”. After the accident, San Jose Police cited the driver, Amanda Vu, 28, of San Jose with texting while driving along with failure to stay within marked lanes. San Jose Police said Vu lost control of her 2010 Toyota Camry while traveling North on Tully Road and crashed it into a 2006 Dodge Charger owned by Damiano “GoofyBone” Vasquez.  After the collision, which occured at around 2 p.m., police said  the Charger then spun around and landed across the road.
    Vasquez was transported to Regional Medical Center Hospital but Vasquez was not injured from the crash, police said. Pictures from the crash show his Dodge Charger was totaled. The Dodge Charger which she struck is in front of is noticeably damaged and parts of Vu’s smashed car still remain by the street's sidewalk.
    Twitter Shot outs @goofybone and much much more call in 646-595-4136.....day 58 with out weed

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    Goofy Bone Sucks Of 57 Chevy Bumper #3 Part 3

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    Goofy Bone has no functioning bone.

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    186.DUCE (WWR) "HIGH NOON 2009 WRAP UP "

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    WE LIVE ON http://tinychat.com/186duce

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    Disorderly Conduct with co-host Goofy Bone

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    Join Vince and Goofy Bone for 2 hours of open lines and the latest tracks from the San Jose based rapper currently on a world wide tour!!! Raised in San Jose, California, Goofy Bone grew up during the peak years of the 1980s' crack epidemic and started dealing drugs at an early age. Born and raised on the streets of the East Side of San Jose. Goofy was the one of 3 childen. His father left the family when Goofy was 7 years old, leaving his mother to work three jobs while raising him. In high school Goofy excelled in class, winning several awards in math as a student.

    He was nicknamed "Goofy" because of his Buck Teeth at the age 8 and "Bone" when he was 15 from the high school cheerleading squad. Goofy started selling drugs when he was 11 years old, unbeknownst to his mother. According to his mother, he was a good student but developed a "smart-ass" attitude. Goofy eventually dropped out of high school and became further involved in crime. In 1992, he was arrested on weapons charges and sentenced to five years' probation. In 1994, he was arrested on a violation of his probation. A year later, GOOFY was arrested for dealing crack cocaine. He spent 8 months in remand in ElmWood until he made bail.

    Not long after Goofy was released he made his hip hop debut with the 1995 record "Prop. 187" and he became a central figure in the Norteno scene and increased San Jose's visibility at a time when west coast hip hop was mostly dominated by Hollywood rappers and nobody bothered to look North. Until now.

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    Goofy Bone Sucks Of 57 Chevy Bumper #3 Part 2

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    Talking about how goofy bone has no bone.
    PART 2

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    NSR Sports Radio (11/25/15)

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    NSR Sports Radio provides a new and fresh, interactive online radio experience to the listeners. Join your host Coach P as we tackle the trending topics in football from youth to the pros.

    Phillip Blackwell, NFL regional combine director

    Sports Mom on the Go Segment

    NSR Sports Radio is proud to announce the newest member of our media team, Shoshana Harvey of www.sportsmomonthego.com.  The Sports mom on the go segment of our show will feature trending topics in youth sports from the perspective of the Sports Mom, and let’s face it; the sports mom is the real back bone of the sport!!!


    NSR Baller Sport Light!!!!!

    Each Week NSR Sports Radio will highlight a youth or High School baller that is making national noise. This week we have:


    Jordan Jefferson LB,  

    Anthony Richards WR/DB, Camden Catholic HS, NJ

    Coach David “the Duck" Riley, Speaker coordinator for the Glazier Clinic and founder of the unsigned senior showcase is here to answer your sports related questions in our “Ask the Duck” Segment.  Former NFL Quarterback Akili Smith rounds out the crew.  Akili brings his “Real Talk” segment to the listeners from the perspective of guy that has played at every level. For more information visit www.nsrfootball.com

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    Krazyie Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony

    in Hip Hop Music

    Intro to Info host Mikeisha and co-host Queen of Hearts chat with Krayzie Bone about his final solo music project entitled "Chasing the Devil."  

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    T- Cell Immunotherapy in Myeloma Treatment w/ Dr. Ivan Borrello, John Hopkins

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    A lot of research is being done in immunotherapy for myeloma that is leading to new treatment options for patients. Dr. Ivan Borrello of John Hopkins is working on a completely, novel approach. This involves enhancing white blood cells to create a customized immunotherapy for patients. The T-cells from the patient's bone marrow are extracted, enhanced, and expanded in the lab, and are given back to the patient, allowing for a more specific immune response targeting the proteins found on their myeloma cells. The use of bone marrow T cells is more precise than the use of cells from the blood which makes this therapy more effective. Join our myeloma panel talk on this new area of research, as they discuss the difference between CAR-T cells and MILs (marrow infilterating lymphocytes), and how body's natural immune cell growth can be used to fight myeloma. 


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    Mental Addiction vs. Physical Addiction/Project Paperclip

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    Mental Addiction vs Physical Addiction: Is It Really That Easy Forming Habits. Also a look into another conspiracy: Project Paperclip, found out whats that about tonight with NLTH and Poegossi. Also a new song from Michael Piccard and one from Krayzie Bone off his new album "Chasing the Devil".

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    All Queens Chat (Return To Sisterhood)

    in National

    This show brings the Black Woman back to the Respectable Plane where we discuss the issues of our community and being. For too long We have been the back bone of any Movement of our People and it is time for us to come back together as Sister's bring the respect back to our Gender and Families! The Village IS important! The Movement IS important Power is in OUR Hands! IT'S TIME TO RETAKE OUR THRONES! Bring your Spiritual Soulful Thoughts, Share your Solutions! Power to the People! 

    Tonights OpeningTopic :Domestic Violence against Men 


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    Friday Night Get Right!

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    Join your host Bone as he brings you good music and pop culture with a Florida Boy twist.