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    praise in the Temple & a praise in The house Of God

    in Christianity

    Topics coming  enter in his Gates with Thanksgiving and into his courts with praise be thankful unto him and bls his name. oh magnify the lord with me, I  will bless the lord at all times and his praise will continually be in my mouth .bless his holy name. Message will  be Taught by Pastor Maurice& Prophet Tahesha  with Spiritual  Prophecy and prophectic insight .tune in and listion for this word for it will encourage you lift you up and give you your daily bread amen and God speed to all that hear thios annointed word .

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    The fruit of Gods Spirit

    in Christianity

    Topics concerning Gods fruit of the Spirit Taught by Pastor Maurice&Prophet Tahesha  with Spirtual  Insight

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    Be Goodness Over Doubt Radio (BGOD): with special guest Crystalline Jordan

    in Spirituality

    Hello From My Heart,

    Please join me and my special guest, Crystalline Jordan and my co-hosts, Monica Dee, Lynette Sportsman and special prayer to Garner Cowan for not crossing over yet! Yay! We will have a fun filled night of love and laughter and Spirit and Wonder! 

    Tonight at 8 PM EST till 10 PM EST time we will have BGOD Radio on...link below...
    You can call in at this phone # 646-929-1371

    P.s. If you are a reader yourself and you would like a free reading or you would just like to introduce yourself. I would love hearing from you. And if you would like to do free readings on the show, just let me know. 

    Crystalline Jordan:

    I'm currently in Portland, OR

    You can contact me by E-mail

    Facebook: Crystalline Jordan
    I run the Facebook group

    ~Wire Wrapping Etsy.com/ReiKiChargedCrystals

    ReiKi infused Crystal and Stone necklaces
    ?Contact for custom work?

    ~ReiKi Master since 2013 Usui, Karuna, Imara, Ascension ReiKi

    I was first attuned in April, 2011 into the Takata lineage of ReiKi

    ?Physical & Distance work available?
    ~Oracle Card Reader

    ?Personal Readings Available?
    ~Angel Healing~

    Lightworkers feel free to contact me or add me on FB
    Namasté _/|\_

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    in Spirituality

    On this new series from the Way Walkers, we will be talking about the fruit of the Holy Spirit! We have spent PLENTY of time dealing with the works of the flesh and it is about time that we get to talk about the FRUIT of the Spirit. These are evidences of growth in the Holy Ghost!! The Bible calls them FRUIT and not FRUITS because they are all from the same Spirit and grow at the same time although as you grow, you may notice one or two at a time. Join us as we delve into the beautiful signs that one is a true Way Walker!! These are things you cannot produce-NOT BY MIGHT, NOR BY POWER, BUT BY GOD'S SPIRIT!!!!! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!! Call in live (917)889-3226 or www.blogtalkradio.com/thewaywalkers . Call in live to talk to the host or just listen.

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    Back to goodness in America with Norm

    in Politics Conservative

    So many people in this country are decent and good simply because they have they have grown up in the United States of America, a society that encourages charity and neighborliness.  Decency is not an accident; in countries such as the old Soviet Union, indifference was rampant and kindness rare because virtue was crushed at every turn.  America, on the other hand, has cultivated freedom and virtuous behavior, which allows goodness to flourish.


    The greatness of America is not in question. The real question is, with leftist ideology steadily gaining a foothold, can that decency continue to flourish?



    When virtue is defined as that which the government deems acceptable, and when that same government aggressively assumes the role of caring for those in need, can the goodness survive?  Goodness is not something that a beneficent government can bestow; it flows from the hearts of free citizens reared in a tradition of morality, independence, and resourcefulness.  When the left denigrates that tradition and seeks to replace it with a materialist, deterministic ideology that empowers an ever-expanding government, American goodness -- and hence American greatness -- is gravely imperiled

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    Gods Miricles

    in Christianity

    Believing God for his devine works Taught. 





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    You Reserve The Right To Keep Your Goodness

    in Motivation

    This Wednesday, the Sunshine Brown Show will discuss how all of us "Reserve The Right To Keep Your Goodness to those worthy of it"! 

    So often we find ourselves in situations, where we have shared our best qualities with someone, only to find that we have "cast our pearls before swine"; meaning - you can give until your all given out, and if that person does Not celebrate you and only seeks to take, and Not share any good in your life;

    You reserve the right to hold onto your goodness; get rid of toxic people and situations and share with those that celebrate you and meet your goals of love, goodness, kindness and peace with you!  You Reserve The Right

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    Gods Righteousness

    in The Bible

    topis  pertaining to Gods Truth Taught by Pastor Maurice & Prophet Tahesha  with spiritual insight

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    Be Goodness Over Doubt Radio (BGOD): Personal Spiritual Experiences

    in Spirituality

    Hello From My Heart,

    Please join me, Rev. Sylvianne Tuggle, Rev. Monica Dee, Rev. Lynnette Sportsman tonight on Be Goodness Over Doubt  radio. We will be telling you our personal stories with encounters we have all had with Spirits, Spooks, Ghost, Crossed Over, entites, Energies and No-Bodies! Call in and tell us your experiences too and maybe we can get a reading on it for you and us! Yeah! 

    Our Special Guest Reader will be: Stacey Stephens

    Be Goodness Over Doubt Radio (BGOD): Personal Spiritual Experiences

    Lamplight Group presents:

    Be Goodness Over Doubt Radio: Free Card Readings and Spiritual Advice on Soul Talk Radio Show

    Monday; June 29th from: 8 PM till 10 PM, EST.

    Call in at: 646-929-1371


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    Why Do We Testify Of The Goodness Of Almighty God

    in Christianity

    Testify(being a witness to the fact of what has happened.) Have you ever had something good to happen to you and you had to share it with everyone who would listen?The True Believer in God does this day and night. The testify to the fact of what God has done for them or someone else. Many times it is so over whelming they can't help but to share it. When God does something that you know no one else can do or are ven capable of doing, you have to tell it. Today each and every Believer can testify to the goodness of God it is open mic morning. Sometimes what God has allowed on't feel or look good but it is good for the believer because it has taught them a valuable lessn that no one else could ever teach.