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    I Graduate. Now What The Hell Do I Do

    in Dreams

    I will never forget when I graduated from undergrad I was so excited! I wanted to take over the world, scream and do something amazing but I didn’t really know where to start and for the 1st 3 months after I graduated I was working at Kohl’s! Scanning items thinking to myself, "This can’t be what the world has to offer". On this show we will talk about ways to avoid this stump and for any recent graduates we will give you a few pointers on how to get your foot in the door or at least get started on your journey to being awesome.

    Click here to listen to the show next Sunday: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/selfgoodd/2014/05/18/i-graduate-now-what-the-hell-do-i-do

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    Racism Sucks! Especially In 2014!

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    Join us on another episode of GoOdd Radio as we talk about the state of racism today. Many people are still curious why it exist and if this is a matter that will ever go away.  We encourage everyone to tune in and join the conversation! This is a subject that many people have a hard time talking about but we would like to have a healthy conversation regarding the matter.

    Special Guest: Deandre Upshaw, Mr. Upshaw was recently with a group of White friends but was denied entry into the bar. Upshaw was not allowed entry into a bar in Dallas called Kung Fu Saloon, which has on several occasions denied access to minorities. Find out what measures he is currently taking to make sure that other individuals don’t have to experience what he did.

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    SelfGoOdd Goes Global

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    Have you ever stood in the middle of the street and wondered what could possibly be happening more than 100,000 miles away from you? On this episode of GoOddRadio SelfGoOdd will cover global issues that are currently going on today. In the recent wake of the issue revolving the Clippers Owner Donald Sterling many are confused why this has received more awareness then a recent situation in Nigeria where militants seized about 230 girls. All in all SelfGoOdd will challenge listeners to look at things from a global perspective rather than a local one.


    Tune in and press 1 to join the conversation.

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    SelfGoOdd Presents: The Entrepreneur Checklist

    in Motivation

    In today’s society many individuals constantly say, “ I want to start my own business” or “ I wanna work for myself” well do they really understand what all it entails? In this broadcast of GoOddRadio we will go through the steps of things people should do prior to starting their own business and working for themselves.
    Guest: Kenzie Biggins, President (Uniquely Defined) & Chris Duncan, Brand Architect ( The J. Lewis Group)
    Music Selections From: Brandon Hines (http://brandonhinesmusic.com/)
    Call in number: (714) 364-4345
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    SelfGoOdd Presents: Your Self-Value

    in Motivation

    When you look into the mirror what do you see? Do you know your self values? Before others can evaluate you should. 

    This show we will discuss the following:

    1. Marketing the most important brand- YOU.
    2. Enhancing your value through honesty.
    3. What's adding value  to you; what's taking it away?
    Listen online or call (714) 364-4345

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    SelfGoOdd Presents: The Power of Knowledge

    in Motivation

    The importance of education is slowly slipping away day by day. On this show we will be discussing
    Educational inequity Failures endured at the K-12 level The value of attaining a Bachelor's degree The importance of pursuing a Graduate degree And the launch of SelfGoOdd University
    Hosted by: Adu and Robert Williams
    Special guest: Moshae Elise Donald, J.D (2nd Grade Teacher)
    Music selections from artist: Olu Bliss (http://olubliss.bandcamp.com/)
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