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  • Author, Miranda Parker

    in Books

    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".

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    Good Vibes With Sonia Choquette

    in Spirituality

    Tis this season to celebrate all the postivie energy and memories that were created in 2013. Good vibes and positive thinking will lead you into 2014 happier, healthier and more secure than ever.

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    Good Vibes ~ Something New

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Good Vibes!
    This weeks topic is SOMETHING NEW. We will talk about how to make small changes in your life which will help you to create a new look on life in general. To bring positivity back into your life.
    Isn't that something we are all look for? At the beginning of a new year we all are determined to do it differently this year around. Unfortunately with most of us after a few weeks or months life has the tendendcy to slip back into what it used to be. Not because the fact that our determination is slipping, but mostly because we do not have the tools to make it stick! Every week we will discuss a different topic to help you to make bigger or smaller changes in your daily life that in the long run will help you to become the person you know you want to be. So lets not dwell on what we can not change but start working on the one thing we can change .... US!!
    Tune in, lets get to work and together we will make it happen!
    I am your host Rosita and I am looking forward to join up with you.
    Don't forget to tune into the show 'Currents' of my good friend Lucia Read. She will focus on everything that makes you happy, so get the positive juices flowing by tuning in every Thursday at 2pm GMT for 'Currents'. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/currents Then switch to my show 'Good Vibes' http://www.blogtalkradio.com/amarae
    @ 2.30pm GMT

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    Good Vibes from the Road

    in Spirituality

    Welcome back Sonia!!!! She will discuss the good vibes and amazing experience she had walking the Camino. In addition she will be taking questions from live calls.

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    Good-Vibes 2-Minute Affirmation/Visualization

    in Pop Culture

    Good-Vibes 2-Minute Affirmation/Visualization

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    Summer time a the best time. What better way to enjoy it than some new music. Major-Music-Mafia, Blaq-Odessy and Cruise2fame Records. From the latest dancehall to the newest tracks from the camp. Dem know already how we set it. Follow the link for the Friday Vibes , subscribe to the channel to stay updated repost and share. Network for the net worth. If you ain't talking money then it don't make sense. Feet first mi ago burst. Cruise2Fame Records.                                Two time.

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    Good hebrew bible reading and interpretation

    in The Bible

    I read and explian hebrew bible.Interpreting the scriptures as i go along reading them to you.I use the complete jewish bible to read from.The tanak or original version the king james version was interpreted from.I go into detailed explanation of scriptures that i read from.Telling the hebrew names of characters as well as english.I use all of Gods holy names in my readings as well as jesus christs.I relate scriptures to modern day experiences and actions of listeners.Driving home a point of the old to the new life experience in christedom.Christianity is the life of the original hebrews passed down generation after generation to none isrealites.To help support these ministries please shop at one of our online stores instead of making a donation.Productadvertisements2014.com for clickbank store products.For clickbank products like arts and entertaiment,computers,employment,green pods,home and garden,P2P,reference,alternative,betting,cooking and food,health and fitness,languages,parenting,self help,sports,business,E-business,games,education,mobile,politics,software,and travel go to productadvertisements2014.com and for vehicle auto body supplies,parts and mechanical parts for model 1900-2014 go to partsautomotive.biz.For some good spiritual music to worship to go to http://www.songcastmusic.com/profiles/roderickwhite

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    Author/Speaker/Challenge Conqueror Michelle A. Roberts stops by Good Deeds

    in Motivation

    Michelle A. Roberts of Atlanta, Georgia, is a fighter and a winner. She describes her impressive life change in this way: “After being married for 17 years, I finally awakened to the realization that my drug-addicted husband was not going to change. I had remained in the marriage—for too long—largely for two reasons. One was because I thought no one would want a fat girl with three babies. The other, deeper reason was because I was not raised with my father and always longed for that relationship, so I clung to the hope that my husband would be the man who would fill that void. He did not. In fact, he put our children and me through the maddening frustrations and disappointments that come with sharing life with an addict. I became so depressed I began carrying 268 pounds on a five-foot frame. Finally, however, I took charge of my life. I had life-altering surgery, gastric bypass, and lost more than 110 pounds. I got a divorce, began a lifestyle of fitness, went back to school, and obtained bachelors, masters and is currently a Doctoral Candidate. I opened several businesses and authored several books. Yes, the years of schooling and attitude change were hard. Yes, I cried. Yes, I complained sometimes. But whenever I felt on the verge of giving up, I had only to look at my three children, and a fight for dear life would arise in me.” Michelle A. Roberts, is a professional speaker & published Author she specializes in training and encouraging Women that they are overcomers, and can comeback from any challenge. Ms. Roberts is a member of the American Business Women’s Association, Airport Charter Chapter and National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Mecca Chapter.

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    Live at Hills Barber Shop with Never Had It So Good Sports Radio Show.

    in Sports

    We will discuss Tim Tebow of course. And we, talk about Andrian Peterson and Tom Brady. We will talk about the NBA and the match up for the finals are set. Warriors v Cavs. Who is the best player in the Finals? Curry or James. Thibodeau is no more at the Bulls. Whose fault is it? 

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    The Good News of the Glorious Gospel

    in Christianity

    Hello everyone, I pray this message finds you in good health.  Well Teaching Tuesday is upon us, tune into hear a life changing word from God.  If you need agreement in prayer, if you would like to give a testimony, or just praise the Lord tune in Tuesday May 26, 2015 and give me a call at 646-649-1068 I'd love to hear from you.  Until then let the Lord God bless you real good.

    Blessings First Lady Doniele Wilson All in the Bodyof Christ www.allinthebodyofchrist.org    allinthebodyofchrist@yahoo.com.

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    Destination Health - #24 - Doing Good is Good for You!

    in Health

    Our good health is so much more than a number on the scale or your cholesterol or bold pressure numbers. YOU are more than these numbers. Our emotional health is a difficult one to measure but vital to our sense of purpose, our feelings of connections with others near and across the country....and our overall quality and joy in life. How do you give back? What is important to you? How do you fit this into life on the road and at home? You make a difference - share with us how and why. If this is an area of your life you want to give more to....listen and leanr and make your own plan to set out on this valuable road.