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    Lissa Warren Talks About The Good Luck Cat

    in Pets

    Lissa Warren’s father needed a retirement companion while his wife and daughter were at work. Enter Ting, a seven-pound Korat who changed his life, and the life of the family. All kittens are mischievous, but Ting “the cat grenade” was real trouble. She was also smart, endearing, and the soul of the Warren family. 

    In late 2008, Lissa’s father died of a heart attack. The images from that night still haunt her—especially the EKG readout ending in one long, devastating em dash. Less than a year later, Lissa and her mother stared at another EKG readout, this time for Ting. A living feline extension of the man they missed so much—the man they had tried, but failed, to save—she was diagnosed with a potentially fatal heart condition. The only option was to have a human pacemaker implanted in the cat—a procedure even the best animal hospital in Boston hadn’t performed in a decade. Thus they began a medical odyssey on behalf of the little gray cat who had been her father’s shadow—a journey that would prepare one of them for her own serious diagnosis. A gorgeously written memoir about grief, hope, and how pets both complicate and enrich our lives, The Good Luck Cat is a testament to the power of the human—and the feline—spirit. Today's show is brought to you by Eden Foods the most trusted name in certified organic clean food! Shop online at EdenFoods.com and enter the coupon code “ORGVIEW” when prompted during checkout to receive 20% OFF any regularly priced items (excluding cases). Tune in to this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, as host, June Stoyer talks to Lissa Warren, author of “The Good Luck Cat!

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    If your Good Luck Cat can do these things, you should write a book! INTERVIEW

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    For more interviews like this one: http://www.MrMedia.com

    Order "The Good Luck Cat: How a Cat Saved a Family, and a Family Saved a Cat" by Lissa Warren from Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1xW1pqG

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    Good Luck!

    in Romance

    When you are playing a sport do you really want to wish the other team good luck?  When someone is becoming successful are you really happy for them or are you jealous?  Would you let your jealousy go into envy?  Do you know the differnce between wishing someone "Good Luck!" or "good luck..." half-heartedly.   Why do we pretend?

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    How To Turn Bad Luck into Good Luck

    in Motivation

    "If it were not for bad luck, I would have no luck at all."Resilience is the ability to bounce back when things don't go as desired. Choosing to look for importance in everything helps us weather adversity. All experiences should be a catalyst for growth. “Bad luck” can help a person find strength.Living happily does not require the absence of suffering. We have the freedom to  focus on the meaningful parts of our misfortunes not wallow in failures.Aknowledge the situation, learn and move forward. Resilient people view a difficulty as a challenge; looking at their mistakes as teaching opportunities for growth. They commit to their goals and find compelling reasons to get out of bed in the morning:their relationships and their spiritual beliefs. Resilient people spend their time and energy focusing on situations and events over which they have control putting their efforts where they can have the greatest impact.

    The way that we explain setbacks to ourselves matter: People who are optimistic see the effects of bad events as temporary rather than permanent; Resilient people don't let setbacks affect other unrelated areas of their lives. They don't just blame themselves when bad events occur but look at the complete situation being aware of everything that contributed to the mishap. Resilient people have a positive image of the future; they develop goals and commit to  achieving those goals. Resilient people are empathetic and compassionate, however, but they don't waste time worrying about what others think of them. They maintain healthy relationships, but don't bow to peer pressure. Resilient people never think of themselves as victims – they focus their time and energy on changing the things that they have control over.

    How we view adversity and stress strongly affects how we succeed and it can change bad luck into good.

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    Good Night and Good Luck

    in Entertainment

    A radio show about the the movie "Good Night, and Good Luck" hosted by Albert Finkleton

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    The Good News of the Glorious Gospel

    in Christianity

    Hello everyone, I pray this message finds you in good health.  Well Teaching Tuesday is upon us, tune into hear a life changing word from God.  If you need agreement in prayer, if you would like to give a testimony, or just praise the Lord tune in Tuesday May 26, 2015 and give me a call at 646-649-1068 I'd love to hear from you.  Until then let the Lord God bless you real good.

    Blessings First Lady Doniele Wilson All in the Bodyof Christ www.allinthebodyofchrist.org    allinthebodyofchrist@yahoo.com.

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    Showcasing Bret Cooper Football on Never Had It So Good Sports Radio

    in Sports

    Bret Cooper and the crew will join me to talk about their coaches camps over the weekend. We will also talk about what's next with Bret Cooper Football. And, we will dive into our topic: Talent Trumps Character!!!

    Make sure to tune in and catch Bret Cooper, Marvin Chambers, and David Riley!

    Second hour will be Inside Basketball with Josh Rose and Crew!!!

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    Recording Artist Juliet Nichole Jones (J. Nichole) stops by Good Deeds

    in Motivation

    Juliet Nichole Jones -  known as Christian/ Gospel Recording Artist J. Nichole- and an Inspiring Contemporary Gospel Artist who has a love of ministry and music. She is the daughter of a musician father and daughter of an evangelist/songwriting mother (as her mother is a brain tumor survivor) J. Nichole witnessed the healing power of the Lord in her mother's life. This 1st Gospel Album Titled “No More Running” released on October 21, 2014. Her songs written by her and her mother, is a compilation of both of their testimonials - the Cd also includes a song written by Mr. Henry Harris, Founder of ECMA and SpiritCo1 Radio along with special featured artist, as well as the G.A.T. Choir of PA.   J. Nichole is the 2013 Newsome Award Winner, 2013 & 2014 Excellence in Christian Music Academy Alumni and Award Recipient, 2014 Gospel Blue Mic Award Winner for Best Female Independent Artist of the Year, and 2014 Prayzefest Gospel Award Nominee to name a few.  Appearances : 36th annual Festival of Black Gospel, Dr. Bobby Jones Presents - for the New Vision Productions on the Impact TV Network, and Baltimore's 2013 African American Festival to name a few. She is pursuing a doctorate degree, J. Nichole enjoys spending time with her family or doing volunteer work with her local church or the women's shelters. She also enjoys working with her mother Yvonne in expanding their two organizations called “My Spirit in Motion” - Have Faith Records LLC, and SMOG's (single moms on the go!) - which involves many outreach programs to help women and youth in need.  J. Nichole’s prayer is that these spirit-filled songs will touch the lives of millions of listeners through numerous appearances on radio, television, and concerts throughout the United States and foreign lands.


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    Through Bayous and Pine Barrens; The "Short Route" To Texas

    in History

    Custer's Luck Radio Show host Jean Barto reads from Chapters 3 and 4 of "Tenting on the Plains"; George Armstrong Custer and his wife Libbie deal with the oppressive, subtropical climate and more as they continue their journey through Louisiana to Texas during the summer of 1865.

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    Another Very Good Show Tuesday

    in Weather

    Another Very Good Show Tuesday.

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